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Interceptor Spectrum Tasty Chews

Interceptor Spectrum Tasty Chews

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My dog has been on this product faithfully. He has heartworms now. So I have to spend almost $1000

This product isn't worth the money!! I won't ever spend $70 for this product!! I hate when they say a product works and it don't.My dog has been on this product faithfully. He has heartworms now. So I have to spend almost $1000

Interceptor - seizures

My border collie who is now 8 years old started taking seizures last year. After a MRI and spinal tap we were told there was no tumours. He was given Advantix which i thought may have caused it. Now all my 4 border no longer get tick or flea treatment, just diatomaceous earthand apple cider vinegar topically and orally. He has been on phenomav which has helped but in the last few months the seizures have returned. I gave him Interceptor on friday and he had a seizure on saturday and sunday morning so now i am thinking it could be the interceptor. I will be stopping this from now on and will be looking for a more naturopath option. He is already on healthy raw diet and gets tighter testing rather than annual vaccinations.


I started my dog on this one 3 months ago and have had two incidents where I think it’s causing him to have seizures. Calling vet tomorrow then will escalate with company !!

Bulldog hates it

My bully hated the interceptor chew. He acted like he had trouble chewy it (like it was sticking to his teeth). Also, he was drooling while chewing it (almost gagging); that was not normal for him. I quickly gave him his favorite treats to get the taste out of his mouth.

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Update: We switched him to HeartGuard and he gobbled it up :)

no problems

my rescue Greyhound has been on these for 3 years. No issues ever (health wise), and he happily eats them. No forcing or coating in peanut paste etc.
Greyhounds are very sensitive (due to their low fat), and as such this brand was recommended to me by rescue community and my Vet.

Not tasty ..

I have bought this product on and off for my pug. She eats anything at all, including wood, leaves and anything else EXCEPT for Interceptors Spectrum 'Tasty' Chews. I am thinking to forget about Interceptor, as it is just too frustrating, time consuming and she never gets all of the chew, as she prefers to spit.

She loves her monthly her NEXGUARD chew for fleas and ticks. I am wondering, what is the huge taste difference? I do know that Nexguard have just brought out a mixed tablet to cover all worms, ticks and fleas, in one handy tasty chew tablet. Interceptor you have lost me as a customer.

Product Does Not Work

One of my dogs, a 6 y.o. bull arab has just tested positive for heartworm after being on Interceptor his entire life. I have been vigilant with giving our dogs their pills. I have heard about quite a few other identical cases in Mackay. I am absolutely gutted to think that he has heartworm and even angrier that I have spent all that money on a product that failed. This is not a one off and the manufacturer needs to address this problem.

Puppy will not eat this

Our 9 month old poodle cross simply will not eat this, no matter what it is disguised in. Such a pain as once you have mixed it with food then it is wasted. There must be a better way. I would rather shove it down his throat but it is too big.

Using for years

I have been using this on all my dogs for as long as I can remember and never had a worm problem. Great product.

Bad Pill!

My lhasa apso eats anything but not inceptor plus. I put it in a meatball, hot dog, cheese she eats the hot dog & spits out the pill. She has been on heart guard for the last 8 years and she loves that bone. Then they gave me a send in for $15.00 it takes forever to get back and NO wants it. It is a charge card, have tried it for gas, restraunts, retail stores and it is rejected. I am going to get a prescription for heart guard.

Failed to prevent heart worm

I have a male Dalmatian just over 4 years of age who has been on Interceptor his whole life. I have been highly regulated in administering both his worm and flea / tick preventative medication on the 1st of every month. About 2 weeks ago I took him to the vet for his annual check up and vaccinations and was asked what worm treatment he was on. When I said Interceptor the vet said there had been an outbreak of heart worm in our Mackay region and a few dogs that had been on Interceptor had been confirmed with heart worm. I had both an indicative and full pathology blood tests performed and it has been confirmed that my boy is also infected with adult heart worm. He is now about to start treatment to eradicate the heart worm at a quoted cost of between $1100 to $1300. Needless to say I have given Interceptor the flick and have now gone with the 12 month preventative injection. My advice is talk with your vet and seek an alternative preventative treatment if you are using Interceptor. It failed to prevent my Dalmatian contracting heart worm and I would hate to see another dog be in the same predicament.

Doesn't work

Our dogs has been on this product since birth. Unfortunately it doesn't work and he has been diagnosed with heartworm disease. Don't use this product.

Not reliable for Heartworm prevention

Both our dogs have been on monthly interceptor spectrum since puppies and both have been diagnosed with HEARTWORM. 8 year old cattle & 3 1/2 rotti - Cattle has a severe case of heartworm and has had spend 5 days at the vets & has to have treatment over the next 4 weeks. Very Expensive experience. Have been advised that the yearly injection is the way to go for heartworm and just use interceptor for tummy worms.

Expensive and "non tasty" chews more so

I have a French Bulldog pup who is a pig - eats absolutely everything...but not this "tasty" chew. I would think that a product with such an expensive price tag it would actually live up to its name.
Pay the extra to get a chew, that he spits straight out and its too big to put at the back of his tongue or hide in food so I am wasting time cutting it up to put in with his dry food.
Ill be going back to the cheaper option of the tablet. Unsure what tests they did in order to have the label rights of "tasty chews" 1. Not tasty 2. No chewing happening.
Not recommending this product to anyone. No stars

my dog loves it!

My maltese x loves the taste, he thinks its a treat ^^ its the only thing he will take willingly from my hand. he hasnt had any issues with worms so i can only assume its doing the job.


My beagle eats anything from dead flies to bits of plastic and rocks. These "tasty" chews taste so bad, we can't even trick him into eating little cut up bits covered in gravy or rolled in ham. He simply eats whatever it is covered in and spits the chew bit back out.

Expensive, dog hates it.

Great Product!

Both of my dogs love the taste of these, and one of them is usually a fussy eater. They are very easy to give to the dogs as they will just eat them out of your hand like they would a treat :)
Also includes heartworm protection which most other brands of allwormers don't have.
Dogs like the taste, includes heartworm, easy to administer.

Tasty chew to prevent heartworm

A quick and easy treat that prevents worms in your dog. Once tasty chewy treat that your dog will eat out of your hand. They used to be a hard tablet form which my dogs refused to eat but now that they are a chew they eat them without drama. They are quite expensive but it is worth it for the peace of mind.
Reliable, easy to administer

Very good product

Seams to do a good job of getting rid of worms and preventing heartworm very good product. Dogs seam to like the taste of it. Fairly cheap and easy to read dosage instructions. I would trust this product over most of the supermarket brands. It doesnt do fleas but a once a month dose is all you need to keep nastys away!
Reliable products, dogs love it , trusted brand
it isnt availble in supermarket

Questions & Answers

We have been giving these tablets to our shih-tzu X Malties since last yesr and resently notice he is infected with whip-worms. I wonder whether these "all-wormers" type tablets are effective for whipworms. Any openion/advice is highly appreciated. Thanks. Keith
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Hi Keith. I'm not an expert or anything but it supposedly is meant to be effective against whipworm according to what's written on the packet. My pug hated these tablets so wasn't being controlled well with worms. Good luck.

was told my vet today that it DOES NOT control heart worm??? Is this right??
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Well the one I have says on the packaging says it controls worms and controls heartwormDon't rely on Interceptor to prevent heart worm. Failed in my case and I was so regimented in making sure he got his preventative treatments on the 1st of every month. Now about to start treatment to get rid of his heart worm and my vet switched me on to the 12 month injection because they had also treated a few other dogs at their surgery with heart worms that had been on Interceptor.

where is this medication manufactured?
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Hi i think its made in germany not sure though but you can buy it from vets or produce stores and pet stores...you could also buy it cheaper online


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