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I have IT luggage, I dont have any warranty, I am very satisfy with luggage but two out of four whills are damaged, I would like to ask where I can go to replace them or buy new Im happy to pay for all 4 and keep my luggage as I have not use it a lot Thanks
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I emailed the customer service of my broken wheel at UK head office. customerservice@itluggage.co.uk. They asked which country I brought the case and directed me to the service team in that country. In my case, Australia. What they ask you to do is take photos of the case upright, case laying down showing the broken wheels, label on the case. Then they ask you to unscrew the wheel (they give you instructions), showing the mount on the underside of the wheel. they fixed me up within a weekContact the company & I'm sure they'll replace the wheels no problemContact their customer service here in Australia they are very helpful . customerservice@itluggage.com.au

Where can you obtain replacement parts here in US. My handle failed to survive airport handling after a dozen trips. Plastic connector cracked and handle came apart exposing the cable. Unless there is an easy to get parts, appears its heading to the dumpster. I think the extra wide handle is part of the problem it goes from corner to corner and is sort of flimsy. Anyway if any one knows of an online source for repair parts that would be helpful?
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Email customer service.

Where can I buy the Megalight carry on bag in Australia? I couldn’t find it except in Amazon America. The postage is prohibitive.
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Today I purchased your LITE 103litre case with TSA lock. Having had a bad previous experience with these locks (arriving in UK from Australia the lock had 'jammed' and I could NOT access the contents). Can you assure me that... If I set a new combination correctly... It will always open for me using that combination.... Or should I just leave it at 000.... Or not use it at all? Thankyou...Jan
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Hi. We are going to fly to another country next year and I just bought IT luggage VIRTUOSO OMBRE 28" and 21" in a hurry because it was pretty and seems durable. It is our first time flying and owning a suitcases. Now I am worried if the suitcases are durable for an international flight? I read all of the negative comments about this product and I am doubting it now as I am about to buy another luggage set of the same model before our flight. How well can you honour a 10 year warranty? As everyone was claiming that you don't actually honour it? The luggage I bought have a bit if scratches with it but its ok. I am worried about the major ones like wheels being broken, zipper broken and or the shell is splitting into 2. Can you send me all the details on what are the acceptable points that we can use the warranty on? Thank you so much.
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Anything that happens to your luggage while traveling, this company's warranty/Guarantee will not cover, they say its airline or mishandling, you need to take it up with airline. Buyer Beware Guarantee is pretty useless!

I'm looking at the IT luggage The Lite 2 Trolley Case bag soft shell travel suitcase or the IT luggage Megalite Bold soft sided lightweight luggage. Can anyone recommend which style is better or pros & cons to help me make the best decision? Thanks:)
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I have just purchased a large silver grey Pagoda range it case yesterday. 6.9.18. It has a 10 year warranty which attracted me to it. Please could you explain just what i am covered for? I won't be using this luggage until next year. I do look after my property well but unsure of how robust the case is.thank you.
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How do I change the combo on my It suitcase?
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It depends on your particular model lock, as there are so many with different instructions. You can see this link for the most common ones in Australia https://itluggage.com.au/warranty_tsa.html or contact your nearest it luggage customer service team.

My IT case is about 2/3 years old and ive used it 2/3 times. In June on my holiday I was having problems with the wheels and they were not gliding smoothly in the airport. It has 4wheels and worked great when new.What can be done, I live in Scotland.
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Hello There Contact IT Luggage google closest location to you Forward them email with photo of bag and wheels explaining your circumstances with bag wheels. I am confident they will forward you new set wheels for your bag , there easy to instal yourself, just unscrew inside bag then place new set in position screw back up. Most likely only the postage you will need to pay for Hope this info helps you. By the way Scotland is amazing country, I visited few years ago. All the best from Australiathank you for your question your nearest contacts are in the UK at reception@itluggage.co.uk or customerservice@itluggage.co.ukContact your closest IT Luggage customer service centre via email. Because there are so many different makes, they will ask you to photograph ( use mobile ) your suitcase with the damaged trolley wheel. Be sure to make multiple images just the way your case is scanned when you travel by air so they can identify the right match.

Hi there, I haven’t got the receipt but I have the warranty card attached to the bag at the moment, if I wanted to claim warranty do I need proof of purchase?
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Hello There Send It Luggage a message address attention to BRETT he is one of staff team that assisted me, very helpful, I am sure he will try his best to assist you Have great day

The extendable handle on my IT carry on luggage snapped on my recent trip, as it is a carry on piece that never really leaves my side and it has only travelled about a 1/2 dozen times, I am quite sure this is not normal wear and tear but more of a defect, do I deal with the place it was purchased or do I deal with IT luggage?
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If you have your receipt I would take it back to the store. If for some reason you cant get to the store then call IT direct.Hello, In Australia you would return it to a store, if the date purchase within first 12 months. After that you or even during this time, you can email our customerservice@itluggage.com.au where we would be glad to assist or you can go directly to your nearest Authorized repairer. They will assess the cause, noting any damage is not warranty, if it is a defect we will gladly repair or replace. It is different in other countries and you should check wit your local it luggage customer service team.

Hi, Is the warranty valid for a it luggage bought from any retailer in Australia? Also if I move to US will I be able to claim for warranty there?
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Thank you for your question. Our warranty is not retailer dependent and valid no matter which retailer you purchased from. Along with that, you also have support in many other countries including the USA.

Has anyone used IT bolero hardside medium checked luggage? If so how has it held up?
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Are these ones IT Luggage Lightweight Spinner 4 Wheel Suitcase catching fire?
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The China Southern flight I presume you are referring to was a cabin bag, not a suitcase. No brand mentioned that I saw. Customer claimed there were no batteries in use in their bag, but it may have been one of the Smart Luggage bags with built in wifi, which will use a battery and has the potential to catch fire. Not sure what brand it was. These have been banned to my knowledge by a lot of airlines.The only way a normal suitcase will catch on fire is with a flame thrower. I'd be more concerned with the E cigarettes people are bringing on board and not removing the battery, although they are requested to do so.Nothing in my IT bag that could catch fireWe haven't had any of our trolley case, spontaneously catch fire ever...! We also don't manufacture any Trolley bags with any batteries of any description built in that could lead to this type of event either. We cant answer for what products/batteries travelers may have had in their various luggage that led to or started any fire. Some mobile phones where banned because of this.

Hi i bought IT luggage in Canada and am trying to get a hold of costumer service i tried the Customer Service Team toll free at 888 392 8800 this was for the US and this # does not even ring. Can you tell me who to contact. My piece is new just used last week and a wheel has fallen off. Frustrated as hell now that i read other reviews with wheel problems. Thanks Lise McNeil
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Hello, as we are in Australia we googled and it shows +1 317-865-8800 or go to the web site http://www.itluggage.com/customer-services and send an email to HO in the UK. Wheels do stick out and can suffer a lot from impacts and knocks causing damage for all manufacturers. But The US team will be able to help you out.

any reviews on the hard side luggage?
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Yes, it was the hard sided luggage that I bought. Already had several other brands of hard sided luggage too, and more than happy with the IT brand. I bought the Apollo 79cm Spin Case Silver from Strandbags while it was on special. Very happy with the bag itself, and have not even had to use the expandable section, as it holds more than enough (read that as too much ;) ) already. It is classified as Duraliton, which I assume is the plastic or process of making them. Don't be mislead by how soft they feel on the outside, they stand up really well to knocks and abuse, but take into consideration, when I have things that are glass like my cologne, I always keep the packaging box it came in to store while travelling, and try and place it in the middle of my luggage with clothing either side, just for added safety, as I know how rough baggage handlers can be at airports.

We used our new luggage once a.d it arrived at our destination with a large crack in it.Does the warranty cover this?
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Dear Sir/Madam, Unfortunately this is damage. But always contact our customer service teams to see how we can help you. Kind regards It Luggage.

Need to replace 4 sets of wheels on two pieces of luggage. How do I go about this? Luggage is only 3-4 yrs
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Thank you for your question please contact our customer service team and provide as much of the below information as you can. Due to the number of various style s and different wheels we have, the more you provide the easier it will be for us to quickly confirm back to you any part requests Don't worry if you don't have all documents requested, but certainly send images of your trolley case. A) Copy of your proof of purchase or receipt. B) Photograph of the Range Name & Number from the Rear of warranty card. C) Photo of the whole case from the front on and upright. D) Photo of the fault/issue(s), with wheels lay the case down to take the photo. E) For any issues with rear wheels, lay the case face down onto its front and take the photo of lower half of case including the wheels. Of course your delivery address and contact phone number.

I brought two cases 4 years ago. We have just come back from holiday and the stitching has come away from the corner of the case. The number on the case is 6832104000006. Line code M6A32104. I took it into Matalan today, but they said I had to contact you. Can you advise me how we can get this case replaced as it came with your ten year guarantee? Many thanks Lynn Stigwood
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Hi Lyn, Thank you for your question so we can identify the bag can you please contact our customer service team on customerservice@itluggage.com.au with the following information A) Copy of your proof of purchase or receipt. B) Photograph of the Range Name & Number from the Rear of warranty card. C) Photo of the whole case from the front on and upright. D) Photo of the fault/issue(s), with wheels lay the case down to take the photo. E) For any issues with rear wheels, lay the case face down onto its front and take the photo of lower half of case including the wheels. F ) Your address and contact phone number.Thank you for your question. It appears you are in the US and the product is from the US, where as this is an Australian review site. I am sure our US counterparts will be delighted to assist you but you will need to email them directly. You can email them at sales@itluggage.com or the US website for itluggage.com

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