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Jamie Oliver Hard Anodised

Jamie Oliver Hard Anodised

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Exploded / cracked lid

Got the Jamie Oliver pots as I thought it would be good quality.
Lid cracked on the food. I cooked the food. When it was cooked. I heard a huge noise, it turned out the lid was cracked. It ruined our whole meal.
Very upset customer

Hot Handles While Cooking Yes
Even Heat DistributionYes
Non-Stick LongevityStill Works

FRYPAN PEELING 2nd time round

I absolutely love these frypans and we have several but I have just noticed that another one of my pans is peeling this pan plus another has already been replaced and now it is happening again. The first two were replaced after 6 months and now this one is 9 months old. Considering the cost one has to ask why???? For the money I think I will look at an alternative brand. Such a shame because I really do like them but I can't be going through this on a regular basis. Just shows $$$$$ don't always meet quality. This seems to be a problem with Tefel and they seriously need to address this issue.

Purchased in July 2017 at Myer.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hot Handles While Cooking No
Even Heat DistributionYes
Non-Stick LongevityStill Works

Love my pan

I love my JO rack baking pan. It's Light weight, fits in my small oven but can make a large roast & veg for a family of 4 big eaters. It's like new after 9 months. Be careful not to scratch in the bottom of pan from the rack. Easy to clean if cooled down & soaked 1st. Lightly oil pan & place paper towel between rack & pan before putting away, must read instructions on how to look after. I always use oven gloves, handles get very hot, I always do with anything that goes into oven. We also have a frying pan my son bought over a year ago, the handle never gets hot, ONLY if placed into oven.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Lifetime warranty? I dont think so!


Tefal, your Jamie Oliver Cookware is great! They have been my favourite pots and frypans for years. However the "LIFETIME WARRANTY" is not worth the paper it is written on.

After a couple of years of regular use the surface on our non-stick frypan and pot roasting pot is failing. I am a chef by trade and have taken very good care of our cookware. I follow all the care instructions; I only use olive oil (no Spray oil) and only silicone or plastic utensils. These have not been used in a commercial kitchen. These are what we use in our family home. The surface of the pots is not scratched or damaged but is failing and it is UNSAFE TO HAVE TEFLON FLAKING OFF INTO OUR COOKING. We use these to cook with most days and the surface of the pots is DEFECTIVE.

I contacted Group Seb through your Tefal website regarding the surface of our pots failing. I sent photos of the pots and eventually had to post the pots to Group Seb to be physically inspected.

I received my pots back in the mail with a letter from Group Seb agreeing that the pots are failing due to “NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR”

Your product comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! If NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR is enough to make your products FAIL then DON’T OFFER A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

I am extremely disappointed in the lack of integrity from Tefal. The pots are great while they work but you should not offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on a product that can't handle a couple of years of normal domestic use.

I will no longer be recommending your products to anyone as you are not prepared to honour your LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the product fails, that’s ok, Stuff happens. But the very least you could do is honour the LIFETIME WARRANTY you offer on your expensive and high quality products.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Teflon lasted less than a year.

Really poor quality. Teflon around the bolts has peeled off. Avoid. Given to me as a Christmas gift but as I don’t know where it as bought from (and don’t like to ask my friend who bought it) Jamie Oliver online won’t replace it. Terrible service.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Pricey but works great!

So far the non-sticking is holding up even after heavy (daily) use. The warm up heating does seem slower compared to other brands perhaps due to the hard anodised feature. Price is expensive due to Jamie Oliver's branding but hopefully it lasts long enough to justify it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

I have loved my Jamie Oliver pans and pots. Throughout my cooking life I have learnt that sometimes

Very easy to clean. Excellent product. I would recommend Jamie’s set to anyone. Particularly love the large deep pan. I love the versitily of going from stove to oven without using a heavy casserole dish which makes a dish super heavy to move.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Lifetime warranty only covers workmanship faults not the non stick coating

I was given a large frypan as a replacement for my original purchase as the coating was flaking off due to faulty coating. It has now been about four years and it is no longer non-stick. When I asked about the "lifetime warranty" I was advised it only applied to faults such as flaking or spotting not the non-stick coating. As the frypan has darkened with use, they have advised that I have left the pan on excessive heat empty for too long and I caused the thermo spot to burn and this is why my pan is no longer non-stick. Only thing is I have never done this! Keep to the cheaper pans and keep turning them over when they are no longer non-stick. I am sure it will work out a better deal in the end.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Loving it!!

I have had these pans for two months so far and LOVING them! They cook and wash up incredibly well. I think the key is to heat the pan slowly and let it cool down before washing.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Amazing pans

It's only early days but so far I'm thrilled with my Jamie Oliver Tefal Premium Hard Anodised Induction Frypans. Tired of spending money on frypans that no matter what I did everything sticks to them. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on cook wear in the past. After watching Jamie Oliver cook with these pans on television, I thought it was worth a try. Not cheap but I managed to get them under half price in the Myer sale- $369.95 to $169 for two frypans.
So far, worth every cent. The sales woman suggested not having the heat too high as this ruins the pans. Wait until cold to wash. They are different to the normal Tefal frypans. I love them and now want to purchase more of this range of cookware. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Jamie oliver anodised and stainless steel cookware by Tefal

Excellent cookware i worked in myer and tefal is one of the top brands of cookware ive had mine 12 years and it looks like the day i bought it. Very happy with purchase as i used other brands but nothing compared. Med to low heat the baked on surface does not flake off very easy to clean well worth the money as ive bought lots of pans cook every night. There is no chemicals that can make u sick only heat being to high which causes the baked on surface to bubble. Highly recommend jamie by tefal in my opinion best cookware on the market. Jamie oliver knew its an awesome product which is why his name is on them. They r true to their word. One very happy jamie oliver by tefal fan as a mother wouldnt use anything else and oven safe up to 260 degrees

Date PurchasedMar 2005

Dont waste your money

Probably non stick for first month or so, now everything sticks. And super hard to clean. Cost a fortune and so over rated. Surprised Jamie Oliver would put his name to this crap. Soooo dissapointed

Date PurchasedDec 2016


Within first three months the frypan didn't sit flat on the cooktop. I took it back and it was replaced. Now 12 months later the non stick isn't non stick it's like ALL STICK . I previously had BESSEMER COOKWARE which lasted 15 years. I am not sure if all induction non sticks only last this long but for the price I paid this is disgraceful. I will never buy this brand again. JAmie Oliver should be careful about endorsing this project.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Good Stewpot

I have bought this stewpot and I am really satisfied with its quality. It is big, easy to clean, dishwasher safe. The only one bad thing about this item is its high price

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Is it dangerous

I enjoy cooking with my fry/wok hybrid pan just the non-stick issue leaves me worried. Can I continue using the pan once the non stick has all but disappeared or does it become a toxic hazard to cook with once the protective surface has disappeared.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
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as a follow up from my post last year - I removed the entire non-stick surface from the pan with vinegar, baking soda and sand paper. I detoxed the pan then cooked chocolate porridge (which I discarded), then cleaned again before seasoning with oil. The now shiny stainless steal pan was seasoned once and three weeks later remains non-stick. It's well worth taking the time to carefully remove all traces of the old coating and now that it's a stainless steal pan it's by far the best pan I've seen anyone use.

Terrible waste of a lot of money

really the only positive I could write is that they were great to begin with, but after approximately a year everything stuck and my food had bits of Teflon in it, I can not express how utterly disappointing this has been, the set cost me around $600 on special and for a single low income family this is a LOT of money, I felt I was buying a set that would last me 20 years, it’s now been almost 3 years and I can not use them any longer and need to purchase new ones, and despite many attempts at making a complaint I have been ignored over and over again, I guess in the hope that I will just go away, I can’t even use most of the pans I purchased and the one I do still use which is the large frypan sticks like crazy and needs to be soaked for hours prior to being able to clean, I can see the silver shining through underneath the Teflon coating.
I would not recommend these to anyone nor would I recommend this company, as they fob you off and the life time guarantee is worth nothing at all!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Review of baking dishes

I bought the enamel covered roasting dish, both small and medium size. Both lasted about four to five months. Both developed cracks. I consider this product is not fit for purpose.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Poor Quality

I purchased 8 Jamie Oliver Wine glasses - they're pretty expensive, so I took care to hand wash and dry. However, that wasn't good enough the the bowls of the glass cracked down to the base. I would not recommend paying the high price for such poorly constructed glass, however attractive. I've replaced some of them with Riedel glasses and not a one has broken - even when my child put it in the dishwasher!!

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Update - the last wine glass broke and the manufacturer actually sent a replacement for all 8 wine glasses - my assessment of the company is now that I would recommend them, perhaps not for quality products, but for quality customer service!

Favourite Pan

We received one of these pans as a gift when we bought our air fryer. The pan is by far the best one we use. Non stick, easy to clean, cooks great! no complaints here. Too often you see bad reviews on good products like this one.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

saute pan peeling

within a year of purchase the saute pan has peeled to the point I can no longer use it - waste of money and they won't cover the warranty even though it states lifetime (I know this would be limited to prob 10years ) disappointed as I have the frypan range and none have peeled - thinking they were a faulty batch but who do you go to ???

Date PurchasedJan 2014

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Questions & Answers

I have Jamie Oliver's frying pans just bit over 12mths and tefal is peeling off all around when handles screw in not lil bits but big flakes of it in side the pan
No answers

Hi. Can you use the stainless seel tefal Jamie Oliver range on a ceramic cooktop?
No answers

Can you put them in the oven? I seen cooks on tv with the round one I use and they do. Tia.
1 answer
Yes, you can put them in the oven but you can only go up to a certain temperature. I can not find my instruction book but I am sure you can find it online.


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