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Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports

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Very poor Customer service

I was given a misleading and deceptive information about the price, even after I have provided the details and request for refund, I was told the information which I have been provided has typo mistake in it and Kayp sports won't refund the extract money I have been charged.

Just awful!

It just doesn't work. Constant buffering and very rarely do you get hd. The site is difficult to navigate. There is no tv guide for the live channels. And finally there is no customer support. I have been trying to contact them for over a week through the only available method "live chat". I have been unable to chat with anyone live or otherwise. Just appalling!

Just not ready

Over promises and under delivers. Constant buffering and pixalation, drop outs and the online chat bot is woeful and not ready for public use. Kayo just isn't ready as a product but with no alternative what do you do ?


Can't accept the dropouts. Resorts to 240p resolution when more than one streaming service used at once on my NBN. My kids can youtube while I watch Stan or Netflix no probs. If I want to use Kayo all other internet must be no streaming.
Will cancel once the trial is over.

eg watch a from start

Works very well for me.

I have been using Kayo for about 2 months now, watch various sports ie: AFL, NRL, Golf, IPL, other cricket matches,Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, so far, no problems whatsoever, I have the app on my iPad and cast the picture too the TV.

Poor quality

Picture is virtually unwatchable - buffering, drop outs, freezing. I can't believe they think it is okay to charge money for this. I would recommend that any anyone think very carefully before subscribing to Kayo (in fact, I would strongly recommend they don't).

Inflexible, appalling support

I decided to try $5 for 2 months through Telstra. Had been told previously by a Kayo customer rep that I could do this as a returning Kayo customer. Went through the credit card option and was charged $25. Contacted Kayo who, despite acknowledging that their rep had made a mistake, refused to refund my money, even after speaking to a supervisor. ACCC is next.

Very ppor

They deducted my $25 despite saying it is a free trial. Customer service also didn't reply anything. That was just fake advertising telling free trials but they deduct from amount from your account.
Very poor please don't subscribe.


Took Telstra up on their 2 months for $5 trial of Kayo. I love my Supercars but could no longer justify the price of Foxtel purely to watch the Supercars. I figured this Kayo offer would be a great option. Sadly I am finding after just 2 days of using Kayo on my Telstra TV box I am very disappointed. Constant drop outs of the telecast ....every 10-15 minutes. Then when you log back on the buffering is terrible takes a bout a minute before you get decent
Picture quality. Live is not Live it’s about 1 minute behind the FRee to air telecast. 2 devices should be able to be used with the trial plan but the second user keeps getting kicked off everytime they try to log in because there are already “too many people logged in?”. Definitely won’t be paying $25 a month for a sub standard product.

This is a joke!!!

Well... I saw lots of adds and billboards all over the places about this service and decided to give it a try. It worked okay on my AppleTV. And I was happy to pay the $25 a month to watch AFL and Aleague games. Yesterday Adelaide United played a home elimination final. Usually I go to the game and I've decided to invite my friends for dinner and we were going to watch the game from my place on TV. Just before the game I tried to open the app and I was presented with a log in screen. I've logged in and the subscription screen popped up. But I was charged for the subscription last week!!! I tried to subscribe again and it says I've already paid a subscription. I've changeded my password and tried every possible options with no luck. I was embarrassed and frustrated as my friends were getting nervous as the game started.

I tried to find a contact number to get some customer care and there is no number to contact them. There was a silly chat option and it was some Ai had no idea what was my problem. I had to write an email explaining my issue and we waited and I never heard from KAYO. I will cancel my service today as I'm more than unhappy customer about this service.

I'm paying $25 a month and if there is no customer care available over the phone. It's a joke.

Poor customer service

I did not subscribe nor authorise the transaction and on the day a charge appeared on my card I contacted kayo to reverse the charge and they refused to.....very poor customer service will be complaining to consumer affairs and contacting my bank to get the transaction reversed. Avoid at all costs as their customer service is absolutely deplorable it is non existent.

Good - when works. Good luck - if technical problems!!

Have Kayo with Herald Sun subscription. Has been pretty good when working, although has some annoying glitches. However tried to log in to Kayo yesterday (Saturday) and got an error message that w'ere no longer subscribed, which is incorrect. Found out there is no help line, can only contact Kayo via email or online chat. Online Chat didn't work so sent email however as it's a weekend it can take 48 hours for a response. Rang HS who confirmed our subscription was valid but they can't contact Kayo although they have a deal together! Still waiting. There goes watching the weekend's AFL games (only reason we got it). Won't be continuing Kayo after our deal is up as just too hard to resolve any issues.

When it works it's good. the other 99% of the time...

It's great when it works. But I find more often than not trying to sit back and relax and watch some motorsport just makes you angry because of all the drop outs, buffering and definition loss. Also not having a smart TV app is just madness. I have a 100/40 connection and Chromecast Ultra. Everything else works brilliant and this is twice the cost.

This is garbage

If you can put up with the dropouts and the other interruptions or the Not HD it is fine, Just another Murdoch money making scam. You will be better off just watching the Live Timing on V8 Supercars .com

Crap, Crap, Crap

Gave this benefit of the doubt. MY mistake, unwatchable. huge disappointment. You would think you could watch on smart TV. NONONO. you need apple TV, Telstra TV, EXtra hardware. Do not sign up on any deal. $5 for too months is a rip off, Wish i could give minus 5*

A total SCAM

The concept is great, but the execution is poor.

Plus, they refuse to honour the 2 months for $5 deal and overcharged me by $45 and won't issue a refund. They are deceptive and misleading and their support is arrogant and useless.

Avoid- Cancellation not processed

i tried to cancel a day before the next pay cycle.
the app was having issues but i did manage to cancel
however i still got charged the $25 and when i contacted them to explain the said you were too late and they don't refund.
Terrible dishonest company

Cancellation not honoured

Tried to sign up for kayo sports but our tv wasn't suitable.
Cancelled and was told everything ok.
Noticed $25 charged to our bank card even though still in the free trial period and we hadn't accessed Kao Sports .

Poor Throughput, Unwatchable

Have had the service for two months. It started off ok in relation to video quality except it would crash out randomly saying my browser was not compatible even though it is in their list of approved applications, Windows 10 and Firefox all up to date. Also randomly it would drop its bandwidth feed to around 150kb. I can Speedtest my Internet at the same time as Kayo is running and get 20mb consistent.
I complained and they came back telling me I was using an iPad with an old application version. Not sure whose account they were looking at but not mine.
Now after two months the bandwidth is non existent from Kayo. 150kb is all they are feeding on live or replays. Totally unusable. I have cancelled the service.

Kayo take no responsibility for their product and blame apple

Tried to renew Kayo subscription, charges went to credit card all good with Apple but product won’t work. Kayo refuse to help me, Kayo support are blaming Apple and showing no ownership

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Questions & Answers

Have the issues been fixed , and why does it work for some people and not thers ?
2 answers
I’ve never had issues, my download speed is always around 47Mbps.So the issues people have are internet speed related ? Mine is always 47 Mbps aswell. I don't want to pay for a service that doesn't work or will rip me off.

can i stream when overseas
No answers

Does this work on Android TVs without having to cast or HDMI input from another device?
1 answer
The Kayo app is on the Sony smart TV and it’s working fine.

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