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Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports

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Extremely poor customer service - No email notification re: 14 days free trial finished - billing about to start

Tried out Kayo for 14 day free trial and could not get to stream properly. No email received regarding end of free trial period and commencement of billing. Attempted to contact customers support which is only available in online chat form. When asked to speak to a supervisor was blocked until repeatedly stating that they were not complying with my requests. Then was after lengthy delay passed onto "alleged" supervisor who just did the same thing as initial customer service contact who continually quoted that on initial sign up in terms and conditions billing was quoted at this point (initial sign up). Pitiful customer service not recommended.

Pathetic service.

Just a bunch of money hungry capitalists. Pathetic service not worth the money. Won't even let you delete your account or pay a portion of your money back. Only used it for about 4 hours.

Horrible customer service

As others have described I too incorrectly signed up for Kayo $5 for 2 months promo, I didn't read the fine print well enough and see that it was for new accounts only and not resubscribing (this bit is on me). However Kayo allowed me to apply the promo code to my account, this come up "Voucher accepted" and the price changed from $25 to $2.50. I didn't read the fine print that stated that if this is not for a new account you will be charged $25 when paying. So I was charged the $25. Mistakes happen I thought, so I got onto their customer support the next day to seek a refund and cancellation of my account for the misunderstanding. Kayo support refused to issue any type of refund, they accepted no fault in the misleading nature that a promo code can be applied to an ineligible account.

It seems really poor PR, it's obvious to see why customers would believe that they were going to be charged $2.50, no one is asking them to honor the contract but to refund the $25. And it's not like people are waiting the month while using the service to then ask for a refund, we have been asking for a refund straight away.

I will add that when I used Kayo a few months ago it was quite hit and miss regarding streaming. Some things it would stream great and others it would cut in and out.


Like many others signed up for 2 months @$2.50 per month.
This is false advertising and nothing during the signup process said i would not be able to use special offer and would be charged $25

false advertising, bad customer support service, streaming average

Like many other customers, I signed up because I saw an offer for $5 for 2 months, and during the sign up process it showed that I would be be billed $2.50 p/month. After full sign up I received an email saying I was being billed for $25, after checking my bank account it did show I was billed for $25. Contacted them and they said 'no, you were not valid for that offer' even though during sign up it never said I was not valid for the offer. They are not offering to refund aswell like other customers on here. I then asked why can't I get the 14 day free trial and they said 'no, because you didn't change your plan during sign up'. Seems like as it is a relatively new company, all they care about is making that profit and not really caring about the customer. Why offer a 14 day free trial to a new customer if you can't even amend the subscription because the customer 'apparently' subscribed incorrectly.
This company has promise and potential, but if the customer service is this bad and showing false advertising and not truly supporting the customer then why would anyone want to sign up.

Kayo qaulity issue

Enjoying the sport and the content is unbelievable. Just that it drops out sometimes. The picture breaking up and not clear. But when it working HD quality.
I’m with Telstra NBN and a good modem .
If the issue keep up I’ll cancel.

Kayo disregard promotional prices and charge full price

Signed on with Kayo due to their two months for $5 promo they had running. Throughout the entire stage of billing it was showing at 5 dollars, however after doing all this my bank statement shows they have charged me the full $25 per month. Contacted them to see if I could either get this moved onto the original deal (as I wouldn't have signed up otherwise, and would have at least gotten the 14 day trial to see if this service was for me) or cancelled and refunded, and they have essentially said 'too bad, you won't be getting a refund'. Will be contacting my financial institution to issue a chargeback due to this false advertising and borderline fraudulent activity by them.

Tried, didnt like, cancelled, but they still billed me!

Unfortunately the only way to try Kayo is to sign up with your credit card for a 14 day "free" trial.
But of course they dont notify you when they are about to bill you, or even advise they have.
I cancelled a few hours late, but they still billed me for a month, & refused to refund even though & didnt use it!!

Needs Work !

Kayo Sports have a great idea with a sports focused product.
It's disappointing when glitches spoil the moment, screen locks, sound out of sink, sometimes unable to navigate the interface due to downloading or locking up.
Was looking forward to Formula 1 racing but recieved an error will be available soon message.
Hope Kayo can fix these problems.

Trying to contact to unsubscribe is almost impossible.

Trying to contact to unsubscribe is almost impossible. They make it very difficult to contact. Just ring credit card and block them. They can get the message the hard way. morons

Once they take your money...

There is no recourse.

Signed up to watch an NBA game that was live, paid and logged in to realise they only have a few games. Hadn't streamed anything and had only been logged in for <10 minutes. Was told I couldn't get a refund, despite not using the product at all.

Kayo $5 for February Promotion

Signed up on link to Kayo’s add for a $5 for February deal, was charged $25 after 2 weeks as per their normal 14 day for free deal. When I queried it their chat line said I must have checked the wrong deal but I was never given an option. They refused to comply with their offer, I told them false advertising, considering I clicked the link on their offer. Not a good start!

The live Netflix of sports!!

easy to sign up.. easy to use.. HD quality streaming content.. a must for sport fans..

Basically fox sports streaming!! No longer is one required to subscribe to basic foxtel package just to watch sports.. there is a wide variety of sports to watch for the sports fanatic.. All aussie Cricket, NRL, AFL, A-League, NBL, Super Rugby and Supercars matches/races live. And a good selection of international sport with selected NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf and Surfing.

subscription cost is based on number of streams.. options of 2 or 3 concurrently!!.. save yourself the extra subscription for multiple set top boxes!! Also multiple streaming configurations available.. split screen.. etc.. enjoy being able replay sports that have already started, pause, fast forward etc..

Works well on chromecast, currently no android tv app yet..

For those used to foxtel, there is unfortunately no EPG yet.. hopefully one in the future..

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