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Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar

Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar

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    Has very outdated and highly toxic active ingredients


    just want to add to my initial review of this product. Although it is effective, I was recently advised by my vet that the chemicals in it are from the 70s and are highly toxic pesticides which are outdated and that there are new and more effective and much less toxic flea and tick preventatives on the market that are available and that wont wear off during swimming. He advised I dont use the Killtix collars anymore. That is all I want to say. Talk to your vet about new and advanced flea and tick treatments and research the active ingredients yourself.


    casey13Western District, VIC

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    Fantastic product


    This summer has been a breeding frenzy for fleas in Victoria. I will not waste anymore money on useless spot on treatments. My puppy was riddled with fleas so i decided to get him a Kiltix collar. Can i say after i day he was flea free. The night we put it on him the fleas went mad, next day none. My older dog suffers skin irritations i believe the collar has given her some relief. My dogs are a female American Bulldog x Sharpe and puppy is a male English Staffy x Kelpie. Highly recommend these collars.

    works amazing against all ticks


    Work great.


    The reason it's not work on flea is because it's ment for tiks only... I use advantage or frontline plus topical in case I see some flee.

    Terrible flea collar


    I purchased this for my dogs and they are useless still has fleas. I do not advise anyone to purchase these flea collars.

    Didn't last


    Put collars on my two puppies. Living remote cost me 44$ for the both of them. They are only 4 months old and both collars are missing. They must of chewed them off. Not strong enough for my puppies. Soft and waste of money. Have no idea if they actually work. They were def on tight enough as instructed on the packet.

    Barbara Lingman

    Barbara LingmanTownsville, Queensland

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    no longer works?


    Have been using the kiltix collar for 5 years and 6 months...worked fantastic, but the last 2 collars I have used in the last 5 months!! have been useless. Have they changed the ingredients or something as our dog is always lousy with fleas now, with the occasional tick, which he has never had before??



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    Tick Collar that works for my Great Dane


    This product has saved me from spending ridiculous amounts of money on Frontline or other drop methods of overcoming Ticks. I use Kiltix whenever I take my dog out to the country (which is often) or if there is any chance he will get Ticks, it does have a slight odour but nothing that bad. When he is at home, because he is mostly an inside dog we just take it off and put it in a baggy. The collar lasts forever this way. Awesome product I recommend it to everyone with small or large dogs like my dane.
    Onexpensive, easy to use, long lasting, convenient, not harmful



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    Odourless doesn't stink !!


    Much better than the stinky Preventic brand. Is odourless and waterproof, costs a little more but well worth it. Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it l i l i l i l i l t l l t l t l t

    Notches on back of half the collar meaning u can't cut it in half to use on 2 toy dogs

    Questions & Answers

    Larissa L.

    Larissa L.asked

    Will this be effective for use on a 10 pound cat? Thank you.

    No answers

    Preet S.

    Preet S.asked

    Hi.my dog weighs 25 kg.can i use medium size as it fits perfectly on his neck?

    No answers



    For all purpose, don't laugh, is it possible to use insect spray, like mortain, or surface spray for cockies on the dog to keep the ticks away.
    The staff is always on hand, would it work and on which insects?

    3 answers

    It is concerning that you would actually even consider that. But good you asked at least before you used anything like that.
    Answer- NO Way. you would be spraying toxic fumes near your pet and its highly poisonous if they lick it off their coat. Its also a nerve toxin.
    Tick collars have a chemical used in them but its nothing like insect spray and works in a totally different manner.
    Using a tick collar can save your pets life because paralysis can occur after just a few hours of having a paralysis tick latched on. I have experienced this with my dog and had to get her on an anti venom drip from the vet. She recovered very well because I caught it in the early stages.
    Id rather use a tick collar than risk that.
    So NO WAY under any circumstances should anyone use insect spray like mortein on an animal. That would just be insane.


    Hi Nicky!
    Thank you for that info!

    im also have a giant african cockooroach Zumba as a pet.
    He's very strong and keeps tearing the collar off.
    I've ordered an alloy harness, helps keep him in check.
    I wonder if i can boil that collar in vinegar to fully dissolve and made a spray out of it?
    It would be great to keep the ticks away from them.
    Please advise.
    Thank you kindly.

    Edith F.
    Edith F.

    Bayer makes a product called Bayticol which is a tick wash liquid for cattle and farm dogs. It should work fine on your insect pet too if it doesn't kill him as well. But it's expensive, last time I checked. Try farm or rural suppliers.

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