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Kosciuszko Pale Ale

Kosciuszko Pale Ale

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Bad Brew

I bought a 6 pack of Pale Ale from Dan Murphy’s brewed by the Kosciuszko Brewing Company. Went on their website – Banjo Paterson In Jindabyne to send them an email re a bad brew. Guess what no email address only one those stupid web pages with small amount of limited text for a message. I asked them to send me an email address so I could email them and than was weeks ago, now with no response. Well I wouldn’t buy any more of this beer as it is always off. Six months ago another 6 pack was the same, now another batch is also bad. I used to make home brew and was pretty good at it, but occasionally I would open a batch that had gone super fizzy, no it wasn’t too much sugar in the bottle when capping it was some sort of contamination of not being properly sterile and it always came with the same offish smell and offish taste. It was drinkable but certainly noticeable. Well this commercial brew from the Kosciuszko Brewing Company has the exact same problem. This is a Boutique Beer and you pay a premium price so it’s not right that it is no better than some of my home brews when it comes to this contamination problem. Anyway I wanted to let the Banjo Paterson Inn at Jindabyne know about this, 2 batches 6 months apart and the same problem. But it would seem they are not interested as they ignore people when they contact them. The brew and each bottle in the 6 pack had the same super fizz when the cap was released and I knew straight away there was a problem. I then smelt the top of the bottle sniffing the beer inside and yes it had that same distinct odour I know well from Home Brewing. Then when you poor this commercial Pale Ale into a glass it froths up so much there is like 20 percent beer and 80 percent froth and it then the head overflows the glass. Some less experienced beer drinkers might just think this is normal, good to have a super fizz when opened and good to have a massive head and the taste well it might just be the way the beer is meant to taste but to an experienced beer maker and drinker it is far from it. The off smell also leads to the same off taste as well, it’s like an acidic taste, sort of like drinking plain soda water, you’ll know what I mean if you have ever drunk plain soda water. Anyway I certainly won’t be buying nay more beers brewed by the Kosciuszko Brewing Company as it is crook beer with poor (nil) back up customer service.

Beer is always OFF

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Kosciuszko Pale Ale
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