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Kraft In A Biskit

Kraft In A Biskit

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I have tried a couple of the flavours, I think there is a potato one, which is pretty nice. I have only bought these when they were on sale to eat when I was hungry. Unfornately, I have to eat about 15 -20 of them to feel full and then I feel a bit sick too. Not a healthy snack option, you may want to try them just to see if you like the flavours. I don't know of any health benefits from these. If I am sitting in front of the t.v., it is easy to eat about half the box just watching t.v. and then I don't feel too good. something to try, but not on a regular basis.
I always see these in the cracker section and there are so many varieties. I have tried a couplf of them, but do not buy them on a regular basis. I don't think they are too healthy and they seem to have too many flavourings in them.
I do not think there is any nutrition value in these and if you read the label, not sure if you will buy them. Maybe if they reduced the fats in them, they may be attractive to the consumer.

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Love the Potato In a Biscuit flavour but unfortunately they don't seem to be available anymore? They are great with dips

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Kraft In A Biskit
Release dateJan 2011

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