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Kraft Oreo Wafers

Kraft Oreo Wafers

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Definitely doesn't compare to the fantastic original oreo. My first experience with the wafer stick was also my last. When I bit into the wafer stick I expected a light crisp texture followed by a melting sensation from the chocolate. Instead I got a tough, stale taste. The product was still within the best before date. Might have been a bad batch, but was definitely enough to put me off pruchasing the product ever again.
The taste of the chocolate was probably the only nice thing about it. Reasonable price.
The texture of the wafer was just not right. It tasted like plastic and frankly, quite fake.


This is worth a try if you like the original Oreo. I have taken these biscuits to work to have with a cuppa for my morning tea. They come individually wrapped and that makes it handy. They seem more like a chocolate rather than a biscuit. If I eat more than 1, I would feel a bit sick because its too rich.
I bought these to try and see how they compared to the original Oreo. They are a bit darker and a bit more creamier. I probably will not buy these again because they are too rich and naughty for me.
A bit too rich and sweet for my taste. A lighter variety would be nice.

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Kraft Oreo Wafers
Release dateJan 2011

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