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LDV V80 Questions & Answers

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Hi my LDV v80 van has gear and transmission issues its just 57,000 on the clock. In the reviews I have seen others having the same issue. Did anyone complaint to Australia consumer law about this ?? How did you resolve this issue as it's costing heaps to get it fixed. ?? Is that a manufacturer defect??
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hi Sree, Ours ended up having a faulty flywheel, as explained by the dealership the flywheel had play in it, LDV covered the cost of the flywheel and removal of the gearbox and labour, but we still had to pay for the clutch ($600 out of pocket) even though the clutch was most likely damaged due to the faulty flywheel. We did speak to Fair trading regarding this and they have advised this should be covered by the consumer guarantee and we are in process of following up on this. Best of luck mate it took a lot of pressure on LDV to have our repair partially covered by them, in my opinion they know there is issues but they won’t admit it.Hi Rcw, who was your first point of contact and how did you even convince LDV to cover for gearbox removal and labour??

Are the vehicles having gear shift problems all serviced at dealers?
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I have no gear shift problems 10,000 on the clock , the only real problem I have is the reverse gear shift lift and across when the cup holder is out, its in the way ! and difficult to engage otherwise the van is greatThe LDV v80 comes in manual and Amt gearbox . The Amt is dual automatic or manual . The Amt will only change gear from reverse if you have foot on break . This is a little annoying if you reverse into traffic and want to make a quick take off. If you forget the break you need to stop , break, go back to neutral then re- engage drive . If you hit the accelerator with out lifting the foot off break quick enough the forward gear will disengage . You then need to lift the foot off the accelerator and press it again to regain power.

What would cause the cruise conttoll to turn off mid driving, have t60 ute cab chassy
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Cruise control should not turn off unless the driver accidentally touches the dash control or the brake or accelerator pedal. If any of these are touched then the cruise automatically is programmed to return control to the driver

my 2015 ldv v80 van has the Dash lights (speedo tachometer lights) Failed to turn on when the ignition is turned on does any one know what causes this problem? Andrew
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Fuse box passenger side dash., is upside down from factory and condensation drips into it. Easily solved by turning upside down facing down.. Check your fuse and replace is your best bet.

Does the heating in the rear only come from the floor and not the vents on roof?
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Only passenger bus has air vents in the roof.

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