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Le Creuset Buffet Casserole

Le Creuset Buffet Casserole

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Superb cast iron casserole buffet pan.

This review is for the 30cm casserole buffet pan, coffee colour.

I love this pan, I love it a LOT. I used to use a 24cm french oven for most meals but this pan is much better suited to most tasks due to the broader base and shallower rim. That's not to say I could live without my cocottes, but they are semi-retired now.

I use this pan for just about everything that ends up cooked in a sauce: casseroles, soup, stews, pasta sauce, curry, baked beans etc.

Firstly, it is cast iron. If you don't know how to cook with cast iron then you will have to learn or you will be in for some pain and disappointment. Low/medium heat only. Preheat the pan. Use some oil/fat. Choose the right pan for the job. I wouldn't try to make an omelet or pancakes with this pan unless I was willing to use a lot of oil/butter. A non-stick pan is better for these tasks. There is a small hint to be found as to which meals are best suited to this pan by looking at its name.

Enameled cast iron is not non-stick. If you use the pan properly you will have very few issues with sticking, but it does take some changes of bad habits brought about from non-stick cookware.

But if you do know how to use cast iron, then the Chasseur casserole buffet pan is a must have. It is much shallower than a dutch oven/cocotte but it is better for making casseroles assuming you don't need more than 2.5L capacity. The broad base increases the heating area and makes cooking more efficient. It also reduces the number of batches required for browning meat etc.

It can go from the hob to the oven to the table and look damn fine on each leg of the journey.

The coffee brown enamel finish is superb and the matte cream-coloured cooking surface performs well and makes a beautiful backdrop to the food. It cleans up easily, assuming you haven't used too high a heat, and anything that is slightly stubborn will come up with a good soak.

I used to have a $30 Aldi, Chinese made buffet pan and it was alright to use. There were a lot of imperfections in the surface and the pan wobbled on a flat surface (causing inefficient heat transfer on electric hobs). My sister also has a chinese made cocotte (a celebrity chef branded one) and it has a terrible cooking surface that didn't wear well. The fit and finish on the Chasseur is flawless, the French know how to do enameled cast iron better than anyone..

If you are going to buy cast iron cookware, save yourself some headaches: avoid the cheapies and grab a Chasseur. I rate the Chasseur buffet pan very highly, but not quite as highly as Le Creuset (if you have enough money) or Staub (the best I have seen, superb value when it is on sale).

I'm guessing my Chasseur products will last a few decades, and LC and Staub will last a few lifetimes with their extra enamel coatings. Very worthy investments if you know how to use and look after your pots.
Great performer, beautiful, excellent fit-and-finish.
Can be pricey, get it on sale.

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How much is this product at Myer?
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Let me Google that for you: https://www.myer.com.au/search?query=Le%20Creuset%20Casserole As of writing it's $619 at Myer. Which is why you should check out places like Peter's Of Kensington or Teddingtons or anywhere else your Google Fu takes you. Note: The item I reviewed had a phenolic (black) knob which could only withstand up to 180°C in an oven. The newer versions of this pan seem to have metal knobs ... which can go higher. This is good but realistically you probably shouldn't be cooking things that hot in this pan. Note 2: There is a new phenolic knob available that can withstand up to 250°C.Oh, and a further note ... check out Staub pans. They are the best cast iron pans I've ever used and the only ones I will consider moving forward. I have a review here: https://www.productreview.com.au/reviews/b2484d75-8471-3d85-a582-709889cf84b1 Update since review ... Staub still going strong: perfect condition. Has not missed a beat and has never let me down (unlike Chasseur et al).

So this review is supposed to be on Le Creuset Buffet Casserole - but you say several times you are referring to your Chasseur buffet pan? Which do you have?
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Hi, I wrote that review a long time ago ... it was for a Chasseur pan and I don't know why it's on the LC product page. Weird! LC is much better than Chasseur (better construction, more enamel layers etc). It's also "premium" branding so it will murder your wallet. My tip is to look for Staub pans. They are top notch and you can get them on crazy discounts if you look hard enough (hint: Peter's of Kensington). I've had a red Staub 24cm cocotte nearly 18 years. Used it 700+ times and it still looks brand new. This is not the case with my Chassuer pans. I have had other Staub pans 10+ years and all are still magnificent but the 24cm is the workhorse. I would replace it in a heartbeat if it were stolen.


Buffet Casserole
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