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LED Lenser P Series

LED Lenser P Series

P2, P3, P4, P7R, P5 and 7 more
4.2 from 17 reviews

Bright! And my warranty issue was dealt with perfectly.

I was given this as a gift many years ago. It gets intermittent use, but every time I use it I am impressed with how bright it is. A few weeks ago it wouldn't turn on. Playing with the switch showed the problem to be the switch.
I contacted the local distributer by the web interface, asking what can be done to repair or replace the switch, and received a mail moments later saying they had received my mail and would be in touch(it was Saturday).
Monday I get a mail asking for the model number and serial number. I sent a picture of the detail. the next day I get another email saying that their stated warranty ran out in 2013, but if I gave my address they would send me another switch/battery holder(it arrived today).
I am impressed, to say the least. I understand that Australian consumer law now has 'implied warranty', but to not even have to remind them of this was a surprise. And I would have been willing to pay a reasonable amount for a new switch assembly, given that it is over 10 years old.

led lenser p 14

wow!! the brightest light I have ever experienced with a flashlight. We have two acres and this torch lights up the whole front yard. Boost function great! Have only just purchased this light but have several other model led lenser torches and have had no troubles with any of them.

Great when it works

Great features with 2 brightness settings and zoom focus function. Super bright with good battery life and small enough for the pocket. Unfortunately it is terribly unreliable. As a tradesman i was told these were one of the best on the market. Ive had 2 of them now and the swithes are pretty dodgy. Got to give the torch a knock after pushing the button to have it come on, even then its a lottery. As these are an expensive torch i wouldn't recommend buying one.


Absolute waste of money, owned 2 and both had switch failures early in their life. Great torch for the short time it worked but only got a 3 months of use. Warranty seems non existent and after the 2nd failure I didn't even try. I have collegues that have had similar experiences so I am baffled by the 4/5 star ratings.

Expensive, but a great torch

Picked this up online after buying the smaller P7.2 version to carry in my work bag. Nice and bright, beam is easily adjusted between spot and flood by sliding the head forward and backward. It doesn’t seem to generate much heat while in operation. It has 3 modes of operation - boost, which is achieved by holding the tailcap button in. Releasing it leaves it in high power mode, and pressing it again puts it in low power mode. Press again to turn it off. Anodising durability is dubious - it scratches easily. I also own the P7.2 model, which is virtually the same but approximately half the size. It has the same power and projection in all modes, but the beam is narrower due to having a smaller head/reflector assembly. The P14.2 & 7.2 both use 4 alkaline batteries installed in a cartridge which slides into the torch via the tailcap.

Awesome product and great customer service!

Purchased a P5.2 with a custom inscription initially but then decided I wanted to buy another smaller torch (the P3) to replace one I had lost last month. I sent an email to the company asking if I could make a swap and also cash in on the free shipping over $100 deal and they immediately cancelled the order and refunded the payment. I then purchased two torches on a Thursday and they were delivered via Australia Post on Tuesday.

BUT the small torch was missing its carry pouch on arrival :( Sent another email and they're now sending me a new one.

GREAT productand awaesome customer service to back it up. Couldn't recommend higher. Reading other reviews here it seems pertinent to buy only from the supplier's website (ledlenser.com.au). Awesome experience, very happy customer. Pricey, but QUALITY!.

Very Nice Torch P7R

I have several torches and this is the one i go to everytime.
love the magnetic charging base.
easy to change from spread to pencil beam.
pricey but worth it.

counterfeit products

ebay is full of counterfeit led lensar products,they look exactly the same, this would explain some bad reviews, only buy their products from re-sellers or distributors as determined from their web site

Poor quality

When I first used it, the torch worked very well, and threw out a lot of kit. However when it came to change the battery the screw cap on the rear broke under very little effort and I could not change the battery. When I attempted to get access from the front of he torch, I found it to be poor made with cheap/weak parts and glue.

This is a very powerful torch

Brought the P17.2 after buying 20plus chinese 18650 torch and this thing eats 99% of them.Was quite expensive at $157 but u get what u pay for. The throw on this torch is unbelievable,i can see foxes eyes at 300mtrs easily.IT is the size of a maglite 3d size torch so is a good size torch and have found battery life is good.Also own the P7.2 which is a fantasic torch that can fit in most pockets.

All this from a single AAA??!!

We are dyed in the wool Led Lenser owners, having a big X21, a P7 (with order just gone in for 2 more for kid's bike lights), and a H7 headlight. Love the quality of them, and their focus system is the best I've seen.

Bought the P2 to replace a P3 that some mongrel workmate lost on me. I use these things in my work ... and need to shine them in people's eyes a bit (healthcare), so didn't necessarily want the zombie-blasting power of the P7's.

The P3 was a beaut unit, but I felt that the P2, with its single AAA battery would be better for the application than even the P3 with its single AA.

The P2 comes with a battery, a pocket clip, a lanyard, a decent carabiner, and and a quality nylon belt pouch. Well presented. Battery easily inserted by unscrewing the base, which is protected by a rubber O ring. Switch is incorporated within a rubberised mounting on the base. I like the fact that the battery size is readily available. Very easy to always have a spare on hand, or to buy in some far flung speck of a town..

Switching for this model is simply on or off - there is no boost function ... and I don't need one. It also has the capacity to send morse or to signal by pressing the button lightly.

Focus of the beam is achieved with a one hand (if necessary) sliding in and out of the head - out for spot, in for flood. There isn't a whole lot of adjustment in the focus, however again, this isn't really an issue with such a tiny unit. It is amazing that one can buy a torch this small and efficient which actually has a viable focus function - great for the price!!

The light output is perfect ... and difficult to believe that it is produced via a single AAA battery. Indeed I have now replaced the P7 - which I had previously worn on my belt daily ever since I bought it quite a few years ago - with the P2. Much smaller, slimmer and extremely lightweight. One literally does not notice it there, and it does most of the things that the P7 would do in a general sense - useful for those odd times when you just have to have a quick light source.

For wandering around our 13 acre property, avoiding snakes ... and watching for canetoads (or even the odd hare/fox) to shoot, it is just fine. While the P7, on a new set of batteries, would allow me to reliably pick out a hare at 140 metres+, I would say that this little fella would do the same over around 50 metres .... which is still plenty for me. When out looking for targets I would normally have the rifle with a more powerful scope-mounted light with me anyway, so the P2 acts only as the primary detection unit. Obviously in larger areas one would use a larger torch ... such as the P7 or X21 ..... horses for courses!!

The other reason that this light is invaluable is as an emergency tool to assist one find one's way back to wherever if out hiking, and where one may inadvertently lose track of time (as has happened occasionally over the years by me at least). The unit, as I said above, is no load whatsoever to carry ... and if one forms the habit of simply leaving it on the belt, it will always be there for "those" moments!! I used to always carry a 2XAA cell Maglight for this task ... but these have been well and truly put out to pasture by the LED Lenser series.

The lesser points .... hard to really criticise - but I do wish they wouldn't put the light switch at the base of the unit. Terrific functionally, but a real pain when one DOES keep it always on the belt. Many a time while driving I have discovered the P7 switched on and busily heating up/wasting batteries - from having made contact with the seatbelt latch or the car seat itself due to the exposed position. Maybe if it had a function built in where you could choose to ... say hold it on for a couple of seconds, to make the switching on a very deliberate thing, or even relocate it altogether as in the X21. To be fair though I have not had this problem with the P2 yet - too small to become an issue so far ... but it could still occur under some circumstances.

The other thing I have noticed about this particular light is that the beam seems to have a purplish haziness about it. This doesn't detract whatsoever from its brightness or usability .... it just seems a little surreal and unnatural. The other LED Lensers we have all display just a crisp white light.
Lastly, like all other LED Lensers (as far as I'm aware) the light isn't "regulated" - which simply means that as the batteries lose power the beam gets dimmer. I would prefer a regulated light ... but in my experience the models on the market tend to have weird batteries that cost nearly as much as the light.

Overall, terrific value for the money, well made, surprisingly efficient, and a potentially very valuable addition to anybody's kit.
Soooo light and easy to carry around, genuine one handed operation, great light from a tiny package, quality build..
Not much ... would prefer "regulated" light

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STOP PRESS ... The head of this unit eventually worked loose to the extent that it could only be operated by holding the head at an angle that became more and more exaggerated until it became almost impossible to maintain. Returned to the importer - warranty honoured under their 5 year commitment, and a brand spanking P2 mailed back to us in short order. PLEASE NOTE ... the current P2 is NOT the same as the model I reported on above. The new one is a little longer, and has a very different focus system .... labelled the "blue moon" system or something equally romantic. Although it claims to focus to a spot or a broader beam this is NOT the case - it simply focusses from a round fuzzy beam with a tiny patch of dirty yellow light at the centre to a round extremely sharp and concentric, clearly defined circle. There is absolutely no spot, "zoom" function with this new model. i like it .... but it ISN'T as good as the model I reported on above.

Lenser Head Lamps H7 / H7R series

I've used 2 of the expensive LENSER head lamps. The worst was the H7. The actual LED lamp is very bright and the dimming function is handy but the build of the head lamp as a whole is very cheap. The battery case which sits on the back of the head band has cheap tin parts that quickly corrode. The AAA batteries don't sit properly in the case and after a few uses the cheap thin lead conductor failed and repair is not possible. The cheap elestic head strap stretches and rots from your sweat. The second older model LENSER head lamp I have also has a cheap elestic head strap that rots. Whilst the LED lamp is fine, the head lamp soon becomes useless as the parts that make up the overall headlamp fail. My advice is to buy a cheap version and carry a spare or use a professional head lamp not a LENSER.

unreliable, cheap components that corrode, cheap elestic head strap that rots, cheap conductor lead that breaks.

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I fear the same fate for my head strap to be honest! I have some cheaper offerings from Energizer and they have far better / thicker head straps than the H7 - and also I found that the actual light part unclipped from the head strap twice when I was putting it on which was very disappointing!

quality issues

We use these torches on daily base. We have 2 of them including the h7 (which is a head torch)
We love to work with them they are tough and provide long Battery life (we use rechargeables as cost of AAA batteries is high).
The only issue is the on/off Switch which stop functioning every couple of months. We send it back to "zen imports"the agents. And receive it back couple of weeks later.
For this reason we bought an "eagle tac " torch for these times the p7 is "off duty".
(The eagle tac has lower run time and lower lumens incl it does not focus).
battery life. lumens . company warranty service.
on/off switch. changed every couple of months

Nice and bright!

These torches are expensive for a reason - they're fantastic! I have a P7 and it puts out an unbelievable amount of light. Great for spotlighting if you forgot your big torch, and is guaranteed to impress friends. From fresh batteries you can get about 10 mins of seriously bright light, a good 20-30 mins of still very bright light, and from there the light gets dimmer and dimmer.

Don't get one as your primary torch for camping as it will eat through batteries fairly quick - although I used mine camping for a couple of nights (about 20 mins continuous use each night) and the output was still pretty good at the end of it. But that first spectacular light that you get from fresh batteries is worth buying a cheapo head torch and then using the Led Lenser for 'extra' activities.
Light output = spectacular
Relatively short battery life, will do a good couple hours continuous use, fine for this type of torch!


As soon as I saw this torch wash away the light from my big LED mag-lite I wanted one. I paid a little too much for it, but I don't care. I haven't picked up my mag-lite since I bought my P7. That's not to say mag-lites are no good. They've just been superseded by new technology from Germany. Kind of blown away in fact.
The P7 is just so much brighter and lighter. Don't look into the light though!!! It's like looking at a welding arc. I love mine and take it with me always.
Light weight, carry it in your pocket. Ultra bright light, spot to flood with one hand. Runs for 120 hours on 4 x AAA batteries. Tough and water resistant. Out shines any other torch of it's size or even much bigger torches.
Not cheap. You get what you pay for though. Will not float.


We have a P7 and also the H7R headlamp. Like the person before me said, the P7 certainly matches the light output of a great big MagLite (I had the maglite rechargeable) and really yes the P7 is expensive but if you consider the fact that the rechargeable maglite sold for something like $360 then perhaps it's not so bad. Besides the batteries last you a lot longer (maglites run time I think is around two hours) and you have equivalent or better light output from something that is a hell of a lot smaller. Also you don't get the shadows, dead spots or whatever they're called when you go from spot to flood.

I know we will certainly be getting a 2nd headlamp from LED Lenser. I have put some electrical tape near the bottom of my P7 for those times when one needs to hold the torch in their mouth!
Yes there are a few small things I'd change just for personal preference but overall I think it's a fantastic product and well worth the money. It certainly lived up to my expectations of being a replacement for the big old maglite.
Great light output and duration for the size of the torch and batteries!
I would prefer if the on / off switch wasn't at the bottom.

Also would find it better if it cycled through the settings from low to high to off rather than high to low to off, but I guess it depends on the circumstances it's used in, not so great if you use it to go from bed to the toilet but it would make sense if you were a policeman or something ha ha. I find that with the low setting I have to double check that I've turned it off rather than left it on low.

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It was a bit disappointing that the button on both head torches ended up failing, it would malfunction so sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. Something I also noticed is that the led headlamps would get quite hot sometimes, but that's just due to the nature of LED lights that offer such brightness I guess, the wasted energy (heat) has to go somewhere. Anyway I ended up buying a couple of M7R torches and we have had them for at least 3 years now. Very happy with them, they seem to last quite a long time, I have mine set so that it uses the battery offering consistent brightness and just does a warning flash when it's about to run out (compared to gradually losing brightness as the battery runs out). The charging connection being magnetically coupled to the on/off switch is brilliant. And it can be charged by 240v or usb (usb charging is a definite must have for camping). Only real negative is that it's pretty bright to have as a bedside night light haha. And perhaps it would be nice if it had some faces on the body (so it doesn't roll around), although that problem is solved if you put the clip it came with on it. I don't keep the clip on it and it's probably not it's intended design but I did manage to mount it to my bike helmet so that if I need to ride at night I just clip the torch on and go.

Big output in a little pouch

I bought mine on Ebay and was a little unsure as to what to expect. I was surprised at the quality of everything from the packaging to the build and the optics.
Zoomed out the light throw is incredibly even, zoomed in I can easily make out detail on the house, behind the house across the road (over 75m).
I work as a building supervisor and carry this with me in the tough little belt pouch all day every day. Every time I use it with a tradie I am asked what sort it is.
Well worth the $50 spent.
I bought additional batteries for it, but after 2 months am still using the originals.
Really easy to zoom, great quality feel, easy to carry.
It's hard to fault, but giving it a flat end would enable it to 'stand up' and illuminate a room by reflecting off a ceiling.

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I am from KL, its with me all day long 365, just like it, previously mine is LL7732DUV and it too is still a working unit after 3 years and six months. LED Lenser is great with reasonable price.

Questions & Answers

need the measurements of the P17 to make a pouch as the original pouch is stuffed , 320 mm long with a 31.5mm shaft but my question is what is the diameter of the lamp end and length of this?
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Hi Rob, I have the P7, which has a narrower shaft but flares 10mm extra for the reflector. Looking at the photos of the P17, It looks to have the same flare shape and would possibly increase on the shaft by 10-12mm.


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