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Australia Post Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid

Australia Post Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid

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Very Dishonest.

I recently lost my prepaid card, and per the information provided on the Aus post website on the Load and Go Prepaid Card ( https://auspost.com.au/money-insurance/make-payments/explore-online-payment-alternatives/loadgo-reloadable-visa-prepaid-card#tab2 ) I'm entitled to a free card replacement, yet when I contacted them over the phone, the employee tells me thats NOT the case and I will have to pay $7.95 to get a new one, DISREGARDING what they've already written on their website. When I bring his attention to the post, he mentions how they're "working on it".
How dishonest is that?

Hi Francis, I'm so sorry you had trouble with this. It sounds like they got the card types mixed up as the L&G Travel Card is $7.95 to renew: https://auspo.st/2vGG23s. I'm sorry that the agent who served you misheard you, though I can confirm that the reloadable should be free for a replacement.Thank you, Michael. I contacted them again, and thats not the case. They really don't want to honour what they have on the website. Never mind, because losing my card, is a good excuse not to use such a dishonest service.

Haven't had any problems

I have used the Load & Go card for years now and have not had any problems with it. I've never had issues with setting it up or putting money on it. I prefer to add money onto it at the P.O. as it loads onto the card straight away. Transferring online takes a few days to appear. I use it for internet purchases and it's been great.

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Hey Deborah, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us about your experience using the Load&Go card, it's great to hear! ~Sami

$400 missing from my card.

I loaded $400 onto my card at the Fairy Meadow Local Post Office today at 3pm. I checked the card's transaction records at 6.30pm and there is no record of the transaction. The $400 has simply disappeared. NOT HAPPY. Fortunately I still have the receipt. Should I contact the police?

Hey Tony, I recommend going back to the outlet for assistance with your receipt. they should be able to follow up further for you. ~SamiI did that this morning and the franchisee told me to go away. I have spoken to the police and lodged a complaint with Australia Post who say it may take up to five business days to investigate. A work friend has advised me to contact my local MP and it's possible I will also contact my local newspaper, the Illawarra Mercury.Hey Tony, Any censoring that occurs is done by Product Review, we have no control over this and I had no issues with your quote of what was said. My only issue is that it was said in the first place, customers shouldn't be treated like that. In regards to your Load&Go card, have you called Load&Go to make sure there are no other issues? ~Sami

Good for online purchases

Bought a Australia Post Load n Go Visa card, I use it for oversea purchases, it can be used for anything, also its reloadable and doesn't expire for 3 years, the only negative I have for this card are the fees, $0.09 fee per transaction expect for loading funds into card.

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Hey Angie, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It's always good to hear the positives and negatives to a product we offer. ~Sami

Card not reissued on expiry with balance!

Is it true you no longer automatically get reissued with a new card on expiry if you have a credit balance more then the $6.50 fee. The internet is giving mixed answers.

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Hey Shar, Communications started being sent in April to let customers know that cards expiring after the 12th of April won't be renewed. The FAQs on our website has some useful information about what options are available for getting your funds back. You can view this information here: https://auspo.st/2NTGRhq If you have anymore questions please call Load&Go directly on 1300 665 054. ~Sami

sold wrong product

This card replaces the Load and Go Travel Card, which has apparently been discontinued.
I am going overseas, and needed the wallet feature the travel card had. This new card does not have that feature and will take a transaction fee every time I use it overseas.
Short of spending the money, I have been unable to find a way to transfer the money out and onto a useable card.

Hey MemyselfandI, This card isn't the correct card to use for making purchases while overseas, that would be our Cash Passport or Load&Go China Card (depending on where you were going). I'm sorry that you were sold the incorrect card and can't imagine the added stress this is giving you while overseas. I'd like to pass on feedback about this incident so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~SamiThank you. Responded privately

What a waste of time

An absolute waste of time, I put money on card at postoffice with intention of going online and adding more to use overseas. Could not get account set up to even access to add more funds. Customer Service tried to help but we went around and round in circles and wasted nearly 2 hours! Could not access overseas and could have been left with no spending money. I took cash and lucky that I did.

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Hey Lyn, It's disappointing to hear about this happening, no one wants to be in a spot of having no money while away from home. Once you have returned from your trip, if you would like to still set up the card please contact Load&Go for assistance. If you don't wish to continue using the card and still have funds one the card please take a look at point 7th point in our FAQs for steps on how to proceed. https://auspo.st/2NTGRhq ~Sami

Waste of time and Money!

Purchased at local P/O with two forms of ID which I don't mind, get home to make an online account to access the check balance feature and what not. I put in the details it is asking for to be told the card is already linked. Call the number provided to then hear it will charge me to check balance over the phone. It is a rip off and have spent so much time trying to fix this. I would not recommend this. Wish I would have seen the reviews before I had purchased.

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Hey Not Happy, Do you have a MyPost account with us that is linked to the email you provided at the outlet? If you do please use those details to sign in and your card should be there. If it's not please contact Load&Go for assistance. I know it's annoying but I unfortunately don't have access to the systems needed to look into what is going on. ~Sami

Purchased a Visa Load and Go Card but can't use it when on WEB,"BBBBB" useless.

Last night I tried the same to use my card on the web to buy a product but my card was declined??? I then was told by Auspost customer service to that I needed to authenticate myself by activating VBV through auspost web. I tried for hours last night to do this, all went well except when I tried to type in card expiry date, it would not show up what I typed. So how can I activate VBV when it won't alloy typed expiry date to be entered. I'm not the only person having this problem, its auspost visa load and go web site, so please please please fix it. If these are the issues I am going to have using this type of card I will not purchase it again and will warn others of my experience by mouth, web reviews, this will be my life long mission, may as well use my time doing this then trying to activate the cards VBV where the web site does not work.
From a very very very very unhappy customer.

Hey M Carswell, It's disappointing to hear that you haven't been able to use your card due to issues authenticating yourself. I'd like to look into this further for you so I've sent you a message for some more information. ~SamiHi Sami. I did receive your message, thank you, where you said that someone soon was going to contact me regarding this matter, its going on a week now and still no contact. Is that a long soon or short soon?

Locked out of my Load n Go account

I'll try to not use aggressive language, but due to my having complained about the appalling lack of service and functionality and also support while travelling...now I am locked out of account and so cant see my statements nor my balance to transfer the remaining money into my bank account. I am trying to work on my tax statements but cant when I'm locked out of my Load n go account.

Hey Mars, It's concerning to hear that you are still having issues and haven't had much assistance. I've just sent you a message for some more details so I can pass it onto Load&Go who will contact you and help further.I got back in today.

Must be owned by china! You get the third degree when you buy the card, then it takes weeks to activate then cant login

Must be owned by china! You get the third degree when you buy the card, then it takes days or weeks to activate, then if you want to login on line to check a balance or transaction they send you to an add card address which will take yo in a never ending loop until it blows your mind. About time they privatized it, could not be any worse

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Hey Technician, I'm sorry to hear that you have had this experience. When cards are purchased in store they are activated instantly there so it's concerning to hear this wasn't the case for you. I've just sent you a message for some more details about this so I can get this and the login issues looked into further. ~Sami


I have bought numerous cards and they all end up with fraudulent purchases! They say it’s iTunes U and it’s Pos signature....?..... I loaded my daughters card and gave it to her but it had already been spent!!!!!! How dies this happen! Unimpressed to say the least!!!!

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Hey Bek, It's extremely concerning to hear about this. There isn't much I can do to assist in this situation but I would like to grab some details and pass it onto Load&Go so they can look into this further for you. I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Absolutely Bloody Useless!

The whole point of obtaining and "Loading" this pre paid card was to use online and limit any potential security issues not wanting to use our normal credit card online.
On more than one occasion we have been unable to complete a purchases on various sites, using this card for the purpose it was intended has become a complete exercise in FUTILITY, even after completing the "verify" process on the load and go site . TWO thumbs down VISA and Australia post, very poor show!

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Hey Andrew, It's a shame to hear you haven't been able to use this card as much as you would like, I know this is frustrating. I recommend checking with the store you are buying from first to make sure they accept pre-paid Visa transactions. Even if they accept Visa they might not accept pre-paid cards. If the store does accept these transactions there could be an issue with your card. To have this looked into you can either log a case via your Load&Go app or call the number on the back of your card. ~Sami


Cannot login to check account balance, all login directions take you on a merry-go-round that results in "requested denied"in every instance. Account balance unknown & no way of accessing anything. Biggest ripoff ever!

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Hey Juls, It's concerning to hear that you are having issues logging in to check your balance. I recommend contacting Load&Go directly using the number on the back of your card so they can take a closer look into this for you. ~Sami

First Timer

Just got my first pay and load or whatever it's called. Brilliant. Took half-an-hour to figure out -including the 5 minute queue to buy the thing. Activated and registered beautifully. Had the first purchase wrapped up within the half hour too. Haven't had a credit card for 15 years - limited my online purchase activity a bit - but stiff cat. Will probably turn into a consumerist now.

Only bad thing was the bloody expiry date on the card. Gave me 16 months instead of 36 months! Poor annoring Australia Post. Now I've got another $6.95 fee coming up 05/20. Apart from that - day one I'm pretty impressed. Waiting for the so called "conference high" to wear off. Wonder how long that will be?

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Hey Glyder Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it's always great to hear. We hope you have an awesome weekend. ~Sami

Pointless product, even more useless call centre

A tip for everyone, (and I preface this by saying I am in the design industry not a bank chat-bot); I was so appalled by Auspost 'load and go' that I got a ST GEORGE and an ANZ TRAVEL CARD for a recent five week trip to Europe. Exactly the same type of pre paid/top up product as load and go but these actually work. No issues at all, worked like a dream in absolutely every place I used it in Europe. Plus you get two cards in case you lose one and you don't have to bank with them and I got mine instantly over-the-counter. Watch out they don't charge you fees when you're dead though :D

meanwhile here is Australia....

I was a few dollars short to make a purchase using my load and go online so I went to the post office to top it up with $5 to cover the additional cost. Guess what?? The minimum top up is $20... so in order to be able to use up the last of the money remaining on this card I am expected to put more money onto it than I want to. I am told by the call centre it is because that is how the client (i.e.
Australia Post ) designed the product.

The customer service at the call centre is appalling and the staff are either indifferent or just stop talking when they have had enough of talking to you.... great training there Australia Post!!

If this is where the cashless economy is leading us then I am very concerned and am of the opinion that Auspost is poorly equipped to offer these services.

UPDATE, I get a call at 8.30pm on New Years Eve from the call centre to discuss the matter... hardly what you would call a sincere attempt to contact me at a time when I could discuss the matter with them. Then '[name removed]' contacts me and does't address what really concerns me, i.e. the minimum top up amount; only interested in substandard performance of the call centre staff Australia Post uses in north america....

Hey Miesling, I understand your concerns and frustration with this situation. Please refer to my last message for options on how we can get this addressed for you. If you have already taken these steps just reply back to me there with the case number so I can get this passed on for you. As Load & Go enquires aren't handled by us we will need to pass on your feedback to the Product Manager who will ensure this is addressed for you. ~SamiNo point wasting more time with Auspost load and go; I don’t feel Auspost has the skills to provide services such as these. How sad is it that I would rather deal with a bank than Auspost.

Wish I hadn't wasted $56.65.

I too have spent the last hour trying to activate this card. I purchased it this morning (Saturday) from the local Post Office. It was to be for my son who leaves on holiday tomorrow. The woman who sold it to me took all my personal details and ID and said that my son would be able to change all of this to use it for himself. Well so far, I haven't been able to Register it and let alone find a place where son can make this card his. I'll be visiting the POST OFFICE first thing Wednesday morning to get my money back. It is the most un user friendly PrePaid card I've ever bought.

Hey there, It's disappointing to hear that you are having issues activating this card. If staff at the outlet are unable to assist please call the number on the back of the card so the Load&Go team can take a closer look into this for you. ~SamiI have spoken to Christine at Customer Services who at length looked into the situation. She has arranged for the cost of the card plus charges to be reimbursed. I need to go to an ATM to try to withdraw the amount that was loaded on to the card at purchase. According to someone at Central PO I was given the incorrect information at Hampton PO. The details of the card cannot be transferred to someone else. Nevertheless, this card is not worth having on your shelves. There are much easier to manage travel cards around.

Dismal assistance and communication with stolen load and go visa

My wallet was stolen in late November 2018. After ringing Load and Go, police etc I received another phone call from Load and Go. I was asked if besides stolen could a friend have used it! The stress of having my wallet stolen to be asked this question....?!? The person preceded to ask how the situation had happened. I informed the rep that this was discussed with a rep on the night my wallet was stolen. He said I spoke to him on the night it was stolen. Why wasn't this information recorded on this night?

I asked for a reference number during another call and I was told that was not necessary because notes have been written up and I didn't need one. I persisted and received a number. Also the person kept asking for my card number - I repeated the number over and over and over. He blamed my phone because he heard 1 not 8!

I received information with a contact email address but it kept bouncing back!

I am was told that the dispute can take up to 120 days This information was given late November 2018. 120 days though?

Tonight (16/11/2018) I received a text message and email about the old stolen blocked card. It has had money put on it. Some money has been reimbursed but not all - including a purchase and 9 cent transaction charges. The text message and email has only that money has been put on the card etc. There was nothing to state, Dear ..... The money placed on your card is a payment for... or other details of for example when our investigation is completed you will......

With tonight's phone call I asked the representative for a reference number of the call. He said that this didn't happen. I informed the rep that previous calls I had been given one. He asked what were the first and last numbers for the other references. He said it 'could' be for the investigation. He gave me his name and four number ref.

I asked if in his notes if he typed about one transaction not being recognised etc. The reps response was that his notes included that I was following up about the investigation. Actually I wasn't planning on 'following up' tonight but receiving a random text and email I decided to give the service a call to find out what was going on. I have already informed this service on how they have missed one transaction but it appears nothing further has transpired. Tonight this rep didn't put this information on his notes - stating for instance transaction info. Consequently this means I have to send an email to general enquiries because the email contact I was given doesn't work!

Oh and I had issues with my login for the app.....Apparently it was also Ubers fault for a transaction not going through.

The one star is more for being able to have a 'prepaid' visa.

All the best fellow Load and Goers!

Kind Regards,

Apologies. This review is for the Load&Go Reloadable Prepaid Visa.Hey Mel, It's really disappointing to hear about this experience that you have had when contacting Load&Go for assistance. I'd like to pass this feedback on for you so that it can be looked into and addressed. To help me do this I have sent you a message for some more information. ~SamiI have been refunded 'some' of the money. However one purchase has not been refunded. I informed Load and Go what was fraudulent and what was not. Now I have to wait another 120 days for them to review my original claim! Oh there is no reimbursement for each time (9 cents) the card was fraudulently used?? Imagine how much this could add up to with a general public whose card is stolen. What would be profit that the Load and Go Services make from these transaction fees not used by the owner of the card in the first place. Also sorry Jimi, but I have spoken to different people. How can contacting you make any difference?! It shouldn't have to reach this point to begin with.

Cancel my load and go card

My grandfather recently purchased a load and go card which he hasn't used yet. When he got the load and go card he had to give two forms if id that was recorded on the computer. He is very worried about his privacy. He wants to know if he cancels the load and go will all his private information ( driver's licence number, address etc) be deleted from the system.

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Hey Grace, Thanks for taking the time to contact us about this, I completely understand your grandfathers concerns. I recommend contacting Load&Go directly about this question as they'll be able to 100% confirm if all information is delete from the system or not. Their contact number is located on the back of the card. ~Sami

Not "in a timely manner" at all

When I've found out that payID is not an option, that the only way to use this up is as Debit Card, that transfers from my other account to the post one take the same amount of time than any other.... I've asked myself why.... why to have such card?

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Hey Andrew, Brilliant question! The Load&Go card is for people who don't wish to use their personal debit card for transactions or maybe are looking to limit their spending or the spending of a family member. We're sad to hear that this card didn't suit your needs and thank you for giving us a try ^_^ ~Sami

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I need to change my pin but I've forgotten my access code, is there a number I can call to reset this?
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I have been looking at getting a prepaid visa card can i go to a post office to obtain one?
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Hey Danno, Yes you can ^_^ ~Sami

My card expires 06/20. Will I still be able to put money on it and use it until then
2 answers
Hey Helen, Yes you can. ~SamiThank you

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