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Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

K400 Plus, K400r and K400
3.5 from 13 reviews

There are much better keyboard than this one

I had Microsoft's version of this keyboard before a guest spilt water on it, I should have just bought that keyboard again because it worked a treat.

This keyboard has bad range, i cant use it on the couch... where it need to be for a HTPC. And using it in range is extremely frustrating, the top left button for left clicking only works if you push on it with force. it will make a "click" but not register a click unless pressed hard. So you think you've clicked but you haven't. It makes the button useless. Without that button it then becomes difficult to click with the track pad and use the track pad to move things at the same time, turning this whole keyboard experience into a chore.

All in all it feels like a wireless keyboard I bought at a dollar store and works like one too.

All good, except up and down arrow keys size compromised

Remember that this is a compact keyboard, I do not have large hands still find it a little bit squeezed to find the right keys, especially when I have to use the up and down arrow keys which are half the size of the rest of the keys. Moreso, pg up and pg dn are again sqeezed into these already half size keys with a Fn key combo which is a pain for me as I do a lot of work in excel. But then, again this was not supposed to be a full function keyboard!

Its best for using with your smart tv where in you won't be doing in a lot of typing.

Great for Android TV

Great connectivity, easy to use, just plug and play. No issue with distance, have a physical power button to turn off when not using. Standard AA batteries easy to replace.

Worst remote keyboard ever

If you dont actually need the trackpad, this keyboard works perfectly. If your house ever gets over 20% humidity though, it will not accept any trackpad input. If you have had any sweat/oil or grease on your fingers in the past 24 hours this trackpad absolutely will not work. I've had the white one and black one and exact same issue (the updated white model is actually significantly worse).

Also, there's no trackpad options in the mouse device settings so you are unable to ever turn off pinch to zoom. Ever. Any time you try and use multi touch to scroll up and down it will misinterpret this input as you trying to pinch zoom about 50% of the time.

Another issue is that it will just randomly stop taking any mouse inputs at all and you'll have to turn the keyboard power switch off then on again to reset it. Expect to do this multiple times per usage.

If you ignore this message and buy one instead due to people reviewing the device before proper testing, when the EXACT issues i explained come up, dont be surprised.

Light, compact and responsive.

Very compact and responsive, both keyboard and trackpad. Battery lasts reasonably. The 10m wireless range is quit handy. it features low-profile keys and an on/off switch which is a good power saver and dramatically extend the battery life. It was plug and play on Win 8, no drivers were required

Needs a scroll wheel.

I've owned one and used it every day for three years. It lacks a scroll wheel in the upper right corner. Scrolling by two finger touch requires you to let go of the keyboard with the right hand. A corner wheel would make this one ideal (for me).


MUST sit within a few feet from my computer for wireless to connect.. Might as well have a wire and completely defeats the purpose of a wireless keyboard..

Limited keys as well.

Compact and lightweight

I do not use the mouse pad on this keyboard that often but I really like the click button on the upper leftmost part of the keyboard in which I find very useful along with the logitech M570 trackball mouse that I use. However, I find this keyboard very useful whenever I use it on smart TV because it's very lightweight and compact. This keyboard may not be useful for people with big hands and fingers due to closeness of keys. Overall, I like this keyboard and I would buy again If I would need another one.

not so good.

I can only get a 2-3m Maximum range. Direct line of site with no obstacles. Extender makes no difference. Disappointing, and useless as a HTPC keyboard due to poor range. Can't use it from my couchas touchpad becomes unresponsive and keystrokes are missed.Less than 3m (9ft) it works fine.

Average size keyboard with good range and convenient touchpad feature

Bought the touch keyboard as a replacement to my son's MS Surface keyboard.
While not as convenient - it also didn't cost an arm and a leg ($40 vs $140+).
In time I've taken this keyboard for myself and I'm using it with a smart media player & my TV.
It has worked flawlessly at a range of 6 meters.
Still using the original batteries supplied (nearly 8 months now) albeit I do switch of the power to this every evening.
I'm recommending people use this when working at home with their laptops - setting the laptops at an appropriate height and using this keyboard as the main input mechanism.
I'd suggest this is another quality Logitech product.

Excellent. Ideal for devices with USB ports

Works well with my Western Digital Live Hub. Also has a compartment for the Unifying Receiver. If you lose the receiver, you can buy spares via Logitech/Ebay/Amazon. Details on modifying receiver are here:- http://support.logitech.com/en_us/software/unifying
I think I paid @ $70 @ 3-4 years ago.

Works Like A Treat

It works flawlessly with my Windows Machine.

The mouse trackpad comes in so handy.

The best, low cost investment one can make on a multimedia device. I use this keyboard as my laptop is connected to the big TV Screen at home!!

I have never had any issues with this product.

Unbelievable bargain for people with HTPC's

I bought this keyboard/mouse hybrid after seeing it on-line for $50 delivered. I thought "Why not, How bad can it be?" I am flabbergasted that such a quality item is so cheap and so usable. The keyboard uses logitechs "Unifying" dongle for wireless connection to the PC. This dongle is fantastic, it protrudes a mere 3mm out from the USB port and has excellent reception for up to 10m from the PC. The keyboard is a small form factor about the size of a small laptop and does not have a number pad. The number pad area contains a touchpad which works well and is very responsive. I use this keyboard on my HTPC and it's small size and complete mouse/KB functionality make it a must have, there is no keyboard lag and all key presses are accurately reported on screen. The keyboard uses 2 AA batteries which are inserted into the top edge of the keyboard and there is an on/off switch top right with which to turn off the keyboard when not in use to save the batteries. The logitech drivers are full featured and allow the sensitivity of the touch pad to be adjusted to your preferred response level.
the size is a real plus, it's much smaller than a normal desktop keyboard and yet is fully functional. Looks great two tone casing adds flair. Reception and setup are a breeze, true plug and play installation.
on/off switch is a little fiddly and stiff. Otherwise it is a great product.

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