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Long Life Grout Cleaner

Long Life Grout Cleaner

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Amazing- it works

Brought my white grout back from grubby grey A looks likes it just been grouted again - was sceptical it would work as pure bleach never did it as well as this product- got it from Bunnings - best $10 bucks I’ve ever spent!!!

Purchased in September 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $10.00.

Excellent results . minimal effort.

I used the 2l bottle from Bunnings in a spray bottle. Worked amazing!! Light scrub with broom ( I used a deck broom with shorter ,firmer bristles) then mopped up with with hot water! Grout is like new. Very happy.

Purchased in September 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $21.95.

What once was an amazing product, now no longer... grrrr

Well I have one old bottle of this tile and grout cleaner that was running low, it was working great, I decided to get another bottle in the 2 litre, exactly the same and well it was disappointing to say the least. The initial older bottle was amazing and the grout came up white again perfectly, however I can’t say the new formula however. So far nothing. Majorly disappointed

Purchased in June 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

An AMAZING product.

I have white thick grouting between small white tiles which were extremely dirty, tried various methods of cleaning with no success, read reviews after looking on how to restore whiteness and read about this product, so thought I would try and it's absolutely amazing,the grout is sparkling white and the product is so easy to use, 100% happy.

Purchased in March 2019 for $10.00.

Excellent product

After 20years of heavy traffic on off white tiles and cream grout. Most of the grout was black with dirt. I sprayed this stuff on, left it for 5-10 minutes and then used a little round scrubbing brush that I attended to a battery drill, each tile took 10 seconds to do then wiped over with a mop and water. Instant as good as new. Have pictures of before and after.

The only grout clearner that works.

After years of trying everything from bleach to supermarket cleaners to elbow grease I have finally found a product that not only works but is easy and quick to use. This product was recommended to me for dirty very stained white grout around white floor tiles. I poured the solution into a clean, empty squeezy bottle, squirted it quickly along the grout lines, (you could use a spray bottle with an ajustable nozzle too), left it for 20-30 minutes, then brushed the grout lines with an ordinary household nylon broom, and lastly mopped the floor with some warm water. The floor looked like new, no exaggeration. I bought my Long Life grout cleaner at Bunnings in a big 2 litre bottle and I think if you are doing floors you need this size not the smaller spray bottle. I need no other product now, this one works perfectly.

Excellent product

Like all the Long Life products, their grout cleaner does the trick. Spray on, scrub and come back 10 minutes later and the dirt is gone .Very happy customer indeed

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I wrote this review on the 22nd. My bottle was finished so I went to Bunnings and got another bottle. What have they done?? With the original cleaner my grout looked wonderful and clean, I missed a couple of spots so went back and tried with the new stuff. All it has done has spread the dirt all over the grout again!! Why oh why must manufacturers fiddle with a formula?

The only product that works

I have black tiles and black grout and so the grout and tiles become white with calcium build up from the water. I have tried EVERYTHING with no success until I used this product. Spray on scrub with a brush and the calcium build up is all gone. Love this product.

Excellent cleaner

I have tried many things to clean my grout (bicarb & vinegar etc) nothing worked but thought I’d give this product a try and wow it’s excellent product would highly recommend

Finally found a grout cleaner that works

Just spray on, leave for 5 to 10 minutes then give the grout a quick scrub with a grout brush. Wipe over then mop when finished. This product worked great for me. Did the whole house in one day, turned black grout lines into a clean grey colour. Will definitely keep this one in the cupboard, love it !

Waste of money

I love Long Life products, but this one is just a waste of money.
Did nothing for my grout.
2 litres binned.
I tried 2 times in different areas both fail

Great product

I have very light coloured floor tiles and the grouting is also very light coloured. The grout was very grubby (black in some places). Prior to paying $400 to have the tiles professional steam cleaned I decided to give this product a try. I bought a scrubbing brush with a long handle so I didn't have to bend too much. I applied the product, waited ten minutes then scrubbed with the scrubbing brush. I then mobbed off with a clean mop. The result is amazing. Tiles look almost brand new!

Did the job easily

Easy and quick to use. I used a small nail brush and dishwasher brush to get into corners. I wore gloves. The fumes were quite strong in the confined space of a shower but I just worked quickly.

Waste of money

Spent $20 on a large bottle from Bunnings. It did little to nothing on the grout in my kitchen. I had to put in A LOT of effort to see such a disappointing result. The small toothbrush & large scrubbing brush did nothing to lift any dirt. I ended up using a steel bristle brush just to see the slightest change in cleaning the grout.


Great results for me. I sprayed it on the grout, scrubbed grout lines with a stiff broom then mopped several times and it's worked perfectly. Made my matte terracotta tiles look new again.

Long Life Grout Cleaner

This product is fantastic. I bought it from Bunnings for around $10.

My tiles look brand new. I sprayed the grout and left it on for 5 minutes and then used a dish brush to give the grout a good scrub before wiping away the excess residue with paper towel and going over it with a wet cloth a few times. The whole bottle cleans the bathroom, hallway and kitchen tiles' grout and there's still a bit left over to use next time. The job is a bit time consuming but totally worth it. You could spend ages regrouting your tiles but this is much easier and the results are as good.

Do try it!

Best tile grout cleaner I have used.

I have tried many commercial products including internet recipes such as baking soda and vinegar etc with disappointing results. After reading the review on this product I went down to the local Bunnings store and found this product in the cleaning section rather than in the tile area where most of the other tile grout cleaners are located. I bought this along with a Sabco grout brush. Sprayed it on left it for a few minutes then scrubbed a few times with the brush and the results were amazing ! My previously brown looking grout now looks clean. Some really dirty areas required a second application. I can recommend this product highly. It work very well and not expensive to buy.

This product works.

I am one of these people who do not trust positive reviews but this product works.

We bought a house with tilled kitchen, lounge, dining, two bathrooms, separate toilet, separate laundry and two hallways (in other words a lot of tiles) that was a rental property since 2003 till 2015 so you can imagine, even the best of tenants do not clean the grout. I wish I could post photos.. the tiles were white with literally black grout lines. There were spots where, we speculate, a child must have taken a black marker and painted the grout black.

First, I tried the baking soda paste and vinegar as per internet wiki instructions - not even the froth would get dirty meaning the dirt was not dissolving at all. Then, I tried peroxide (from hair products), then cloudy ammonia, sugar soap, bleach and lastly I tried using a curtain steamer - I was achieving very little effect. I was scrubbing with one of those nylon dishwashing brushes that are shaped funny.

Finally, I lost my patience goggled the reviews and drove to Bunnings. At first, I got the small 750mil spray bottle to try. It’s March’16 the small bottle costs $10 something and the 2 little one costs $20 something. Since then, I have gone back to get more. The effects are great. You need to wait till the grout dries to see it fully. My bathroom and laundry have a half-height of the floor tile kinda edging along the bottom of the wall – this gives me an idea what colour the grout should be and I have achieved it with my floor grout using this product. You still need to scrub once or twice and when the dirt comes out it is messy (specially if it was very dirty). I used the garden hose through the house down to the bathroom and laundry floor drains, not sure how will I go about the living area, you can definitely wipe it but it’s quite frothy and I have no patience.

I used gloves and face mask and I recommend the plastic glasses as my eyes were burning a bit, saying that I did not have any skin irritation and my knees where fully emerged in the solution for few hours.

Awesome stuff

Used this after my sister used in her house and was very impressed. It made my floors look like new, so I couldn't be happier. I did in small increments and used a dish brush which made the job very easy. Will definitely use again.

Does Not Work

This is rubbish, actually made the grout dirtier. Another bad bunnings product. Just wasted 4 hours of my life and a sore back for zero results. Will go back to gumption and a scrubbing brush.

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Questions & Answers

Does it work on porcelain titles grout..
2 answers
My floors are white porcelain tiles with regular bathroom/kitchen/laundry grout. It works perfectly for me. The first time when the grout was almost black, i squirted the grout cleaner onto the grout lines with a plastic sauce bottle, ( or you can buy it in a spray bottle) left it twenty minutes then brush over the grout lines with a soft nylon bristled household broom. Then I just mopped over the floor with a microcloth flat mop. The floor was sparkling white, no scrubbing, almost no bending. Now I do the floor occasionally and leave the cleaner on for a shorter time as per instructions on bottle. I have tried many cleaners but none work so effectively or easily.Mem E. Thankyou for your wonderful reply.. Sure will going to try.. Thankyou very much..

Hi! I have recently used Long Life Grout Cleaner and was very happy with the results. My Grout cleaned well however it has left a film/cloudiness on my titles that I am unable to clean. I have mopped my floors a number of times and the cloudiness remains, how can I clean this? I urgently await your response. Many thanks, Steph
2 answers
Hi Steph and thanks for your question. I am just an end-user and have no association with the manufacturer. I have not had the problem you referred to. I have tracked down the phone number of the manufacturer which is 1800 065 326. Maybe try giving them a call. Hope it is resolved for you.Hi Steph, Sorry to hear you have had a problem with your tiles. I too am an end user & have no association with the manufacturer. I followed other gleaming posts on product review. When I first tried Long Life on my grout, I made sure that there was 'hardly' any over-spill on my tiles. My tiles & grout are 32 years old with a (ceramic) shiny finish. After waiting for a time, I moped my tiles with hot, hot water & methylated spirits. Over & over again until every bit of Long Life Grout was completely mopped up. It worked for me. I am by no means recommending the use of Metho to anybody. I only know what has worked for me for eons. I don't know what type of tiles you have & as previously suggested by nbc, call the manufacturer. All the best.

where in mackay can I buy this product bunnings don't have any?
2 answers
Try a hardware storeBunnings should have it on the shelf ask them to order it for you for future use; FL 4470744 750ml or FL 4460496 2l


Long Life Grout Cleaner
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