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Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G

Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G

5.0 from 124 reviews

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Excellent Service

Luvele has given me top notch and prompt service! I would recommend anyone to try their products. The vacuum sealer I purchased was securely packaged and arrived quickly. Thanks Luvele

Purchased in July 2019 for $168.00.

Love this thing.

Had this sealer for about 4 years and love it. The cutter broke but for under 20 bucks they can send you the part! Definately not a throw away item.

Purchased in June 2015 at Ebay for $120.00.

Great machine!

Am very pleased with my recent purchase of a Luvele supreme Vacuum Sealer - well packaged, well made and works superbly! I've been looking to get a vacuum sealer for a while and the Luvelle had consistently good reviews - am pleased I decided to go this way and purchase a Luvele as it seems a little better quality machine.

Grant S.

Purchased in March 2019 at Luvele appliances for $167.00.

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Great Customer, thanks Grant!

SO organised now. Love it.

I did a good amount of research into all makes of Vacuum Sealers and this one came out on top by far. I was also really impressed with what others were saying about the support available. It certainly has not disappointed. My freezer is stacked neatly in our dinner size portions and I have found there has been less waste in frig product as any left-overs are kept to optimum condition and still fresh to re-use as needed. We are preparing to doing the big trek around Australia and joining the Grey Nomads as our permanent living style. This Vacuum Sealer will be a tremendous asset, as I'll be able to buy in bulk, cook up and store systematically in the frig and freezer saving on space and time. I went crazy the first week and Vacuumed sealed everything in sight. The spin off from that was, my husband got so many of the little jobs around the place done as he was afraid to sit still for too long in case he got vac sealed too! Thank you Luvele for a wonderful product.

Purchased in March 2019 for $167.95.

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Thanks Sue!

Best available

I researched vacuum sealers and bought the Luvele Supreme even though there are cheaper ones. The Luvele had the best features and follow up service. Very happy with it now I have it, easy to use and not too big to store.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Great news :)

Wish I'd bought one years ago

I use this machine every week for freezing leftovers, pre-packaged meat, saving space in the freezer and pantry. It is great for when we go camping as it reduced bulk on pre-packaged foods such as cereal, biscuits, frozen foods and pre-cooked meals.
It is easy to use and sits on the kitchen bench top for ease of access.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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♥ Cheers Leanne ♥

Great for snags

I purchased this machine primarily to vacuum seal sausages which we make in fairly large quantities. Previously we stored them in tightly wrapped freezer bags and the end result was always a bit of a raffle as to the quality of the thawed product, with freezer burn being one of main issues and general deterioration of the product.
Now, with this machine, the thawed product comes out just as good as the original and, in fact, I believe we are getting a better tasting product as the flavour seems to be enhanced considerably and things like freezer burn are a thing of the past.
Some of the sausages we make are very moist and this machine, with its moisture setting, handles anything we throw at it.
Even though the machine is marketed as a domestic model, I have no hesitation in recommending it for anyone doing large runs of meat products with moisture content ranging from high to almost none.

In summary, a great buy!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Cheers Jim

The Best!!

Great to see a vacuum seal machine do what it should & claims to do.
If your in the market for a domestic vacuum machine, this is the one.
It definitely gets a workout and hasn’t missed a beat. I Re order their bags, when I am low,
The service is prompt and the bags are faultless too.
Bravo Luvele!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks Adam :)

Fabulous support

I purchased one of these, albeit a smaller one, a few months ago. There was a hiccup which I let luvele know about.
They sent me a Aust post docket which enabled product return at no cost to me.
They kept in touch.
They were protecting their brand and supporting me as a consumer.
I had forgotten what it's like to be the recipient of fabulous support.
They could not fix mine, it happens.
They replaced it with this model and sent it to me at no extra cost to me, including meeting the delivery cost.
Outstanding in every way.
And as for the new machine, I put it through its hoops today, all afternoon and it didn't miss a beat. I processed and pa led a full side of pig.
It's a purler.
Well done Luvele.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Fabulous Review!

Best kitchen appliance I have ever bought

As others have done before me I investigated and researched all about vacuum sealers (VS). I’m so glad I did. I have tried my new VS out on several different products and its a breeze to use. Coleslaw, biscuits, meat, all very easy and sealed perfectly. I’m going to be self supporting at Ningaloo Station next year for 2 months and this will give me fantastic fresh food out of Bushmate fridge. What a great product. So glad I took the time to research. I’ll keep using and give any reports but at present everything INCLUDING OUTSTANDING SERVICE is superb.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Amazing feedback!

A 'must-have' for the bushwalker!

We’re extremely happy with our Luvele vacuum food saver. We use it mainly for our home made dehydrated bushwalking meals, so it works a treat. The machine is very easy to use.
The plastic bags were thicker/heavier than I imagined, but that’s not a bad thing.
I’m sure it will gets lots of use for when we dehydrate the apples this year!

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thanks Rebecca, we appreciate you sharing your story :)

An Excellent Sealer

Have used this sealer a few times for sous vide cooking and it has performed perfectly it has a very strong vacuum
and excellent seal. Also have started to seal meat and store it in the freezer lately and it works perfectly. Will be back to buy the storage canisters as we make a lot of food that goes to waste and the canisters would prolong
use time. Regards,

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Great feedback, thanks Roy!

Smiling, all the way to my freezer!!

Happy to let you know my vacuum sealer is a joy. I have been taking advantage of sales,cooking up a storm and now my freezers are full of good healthy meals. I brought an inferior machine from another company and regretted the waste of money. But no regrets with my Luvele vacuum sealer. I will recommend to family and friends. Thanks Again!!!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Appreciate the feedback Patti :)

Don't know how I used to put up with freezer burn!

Preventing freezer burn is only one point that I like about the machine. So easy to use with the bag cutter, storage for the roll, plus the options available for the type of food being vacuumed is brilliant! Thank you Luvele for creating such a great product! And I highly recommend getting this machine for your kitchen!

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Great feedback! Thanks for sharing :)

A game changer for food storage!

I bought the vacuum sealer to do a heap of meat that came from my dads farm. I spent a few hours sealing everything and it worked perfectly. No hiccups. It’s a quality product and I’m very happy with it. I highly recommend it.

I’ll be buying the dehydrator next.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks for your support Brock!

Sweet setup

Awesome product no issues. Probably the most relevant purchase specific for my home needs aswell as work. I like the fact that my chest freezer is organised and stacked neatly.
Additional as I'm traveling frequently I've been able to vac seal and freeze meat which has been an additional bonus.
The product is super easy to operate.
I wish I bought the 1 with more power.


Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Luv it, thanks Kim!

Wonderful Product and So Easy To Use

We did a lot of research on Vacuum Sealers before choosing the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G and we are so happy with it. It's our first vacuum sealer and I don't know how we have survived so long without one. The Luvele Supreme is so easy to use and it is so quick to pack meat away. Just love the way you cut the bag to what size you want and the cutter is so easy to use. Even the husband thinks it is brilliant and he loves using it because it is so easy. We have had the vacuum sealer for just over a year now and it has not missed a beat. Purchased it from
Luvele on eBay.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Thanks for the great feedback!

Fantastic, great product

I`ve had this sealer for over 5years and can not speak highly enough of this product, it has literally done thousands of bags ( I know this as I Buy bags 500 at a time ). It never over heats and is quick, simple and hands free.
Compared to other brand sealers I've used this one leaves them for dead.
I recently got in contact with the company to request a replacement seal as it was finally beginning to leak. They responded within 30min and are sending me the parts I require.

very happy

Date PurchasedApr 2013
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Thanks for sharing your story Dean!


Having never owned a vacuum sealer before I did a lot of research before purchasing one. I chose the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer (LSV130G) based on the reviews I read and having a bag roll system rather than being locked in with pre cut bags. I'm so impressed. Visiting the local abattoir and then markets for seasonal vegetables I now have a chest freezer which was once empty full and it didn't miss a beat.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks Kate! This is most apprecaited

Luvele Vacuum Sealer is perfect for our needs

We have the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G and we currently use this product for Home farm butchering. We have a mobile butcher who comes and does the home kill from our property all the way to cutting up and packaging. We save money by packaging ourselves and the best way by experience of 8yrs is to use the Luvele vacuum machine. We purchase the Luvele rolls of plastic and we make our own bags. We then package the meat on the day non stop all day using this machine. The latest beasts that were done was 2 recently weighing approx 400kg each, so 800kg all up packaging. The machine is fantastic. We have tried previous ways of packaging but find the Luvele products to be by far superior. We use to use freezer bags but found they were terrible as the blood would leak all through the freezer before it could freeze, we would have to rotate all the meat which is a task in itself just so it would freeze properly. This product saves time and money in my opinion and the meat lasts 5 times longer than a freezer bag. We also find by using this product we are able to grab dinner out of the freezer and place the vacuum sealed bag into luke warm water to defrost the meat within 10min. I have had no issues with this machine and we have the butcher come every 3 to 6mths. I have owned my machine for a very long time. I purchased mine off Ebay from Luvele so my purchase history doesn't go back that far!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2011
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Thanks for the kind words and support. Sharing your great story is a huge help to us and others. All the best, Tim

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, can smooth\clear bags be used instead of the rippled rolls?
1 answer
Hi there, thanks for your question. No, smooth bags will not work. Only the Luvele designed channel bags are suitable. Cheers.

Is this an Australian product? Are bags readily available? Where? Are bags biodegradable? What size do bags come in? Is there a small size? How often do you expect to have to replace a part on the machine?
5 answers
The bags are reusable, (but get smaller everytime). I wash them and reuse. Don't know if biodegradable. Come in two sizes, have not had to buy anymore yet, but expect no problems getting via internet. Also expect no problems with parts but have not had to get any.Thanks for the message, Yes this is an Aussie brand, but we manufacture in China. Our office is in Sydney Mona Vale, where all design marketing and customer service is based :) Bags can be found on eBay, Amazon, & Luvele.com.au The bags are not biodegradable Widths and lengths are 22cm x 20m and 28cm wide x 20m You should have to replace anything as long as the lid is stored unclipped and the gaskets wiped down if needed after each use. Hope that helpsThank you. Would consider a purchase but the amount of non-biodegradable plastic used is concerning.

Where can I buy a new bottom sealing gasket for a LSVS130G?
3 answers
Hi Travis, Thanks for your message. You can buy through our website here: https://www.luvele.com.au/products/supreme-gasket If you want to replace the upper gasket you best email us first at: support@luvele.com.au Here is a video on how to replace the lower gasket: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPoPTgLat48 Regards TimWhy would you need to replace a gasket? And how often?Thanks for your message, You shouldn't as long as they are gently wiped down if any food gets on them. Also if the lid is stored clipped shut this over compresses them unnecessarily. If you follow the basic user recommendations they should last 3-5 years no problems

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