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Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G

Latest review: I did a good amount of research into all makes of Vacuum Sealers and this one came out on top by far. I was also really impressed with what others were saying about the support available. It

Luvele Deluxe Pro LDPVS140WAUS

Latest review: I bought a cheaper one thinking how bad could it be? Didn't last a month. This thing is amazing, works brilliantly. The only thing I wish it had was a power switch, where I have it set up makes it

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS7850

Latest review: I seem to be constantly throwing food out... so I bought the Sunbeam VS7850 a few weeks ago... along with a variety of their containers. I was a bit sceptical, but I thought hey, I'll give it a go.

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS7800

Latest review: This food vacuum sealer is easy to both use and keep clean. It folds to a compact size for easy storage. It produces consistently good quality sealing. Great for

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS1300

Latest review: I want to love this product but found my first effort of using the bags in the refrigerator a miserable fail. I've googled a lot but apart from blanching vegies for freezing, very little help on

Ambiano (Aldi) Vacuum Food Sealer

Latest review: Would have given 5 stars except for the fact that there is no mention in the manual that you must close the lid quite forcibly to get it to lock. I almost returned it to Aldi thinking it was faulty

Sinchies Squeeze’ems Reusable Food Pouch

Latest review: I bought 10 of these last year, 3 broke by the zipper coming away from the plastic, 2 got mould under the plastic around the spout, it is impossible to clean under there and there should be a better

Homemaker Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: Have had this 2 years and been quite happy with it. Works reasonably well (ok; doesn’t suck out all the air but good enough, sealed well) so for the money has been good value. But....after approx 5

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS4300

Latest review: Pretty typical of Sunbeam's poor quality control. I probably went through less than 30 bags over the course of a year before the sealer element failed. For close to $100 you should expect much better

Russell Hobbs Seal Fresh RHVS1

Latest review: I'm on a special diet where food preparation is key and this has helped me prepare everything and freeze my meals. The only problem I have is when I tried to track down the containers that are sold

Sunbeam Foodsaver VS9000

Latest review: Love the GameSaver. We had one of the home use FoodSavers first and that was great but it did struggle a bit when we had a lot of meat to seal. The GameSaver has no issues with a big batch at all, is


Latest review: Works fantastic, and at approx. $100 cheaper than the Sunbeam VS7800, this is excellent value. Excellent even for marinating meat, chicken etc..... the marinade flavours really get drawn in to the

FoodSaver VS4500

Latest review: It vacuums . It deals. But then if you store it in the cupboard that bag will let air in slowly over a day or so and you will loose

Kleva Seal

Latest review: I had trouble with mine ,then I read the instructions. lt said "use alkaine or recharable batteries" . I did this and it works great . I have two now and am taking one away with me on holidays to use

Campfire Cryovac Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: Have had one for several years and very disappointed with it as it intermittently will not vacuum the package fully despite having tried three different brands and varied sizes of plastic bag. It is


Latest review: Initially I was quite happy with the unit, it had its quirks but I figured out ways to get around them. A few months down the track and I started to have problems with bags that had been sealed

Sunbeam Foodsaver VS6100

Latest review: Ok for dry food, but not for wet. The seal is not good, and even after multiple sealing cycles, many times the seal is not perfect. Would have been better off with a more professional product. I used

Dometic Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: Used it 3 times. Lost vacuum and would not work. Turns out the seals are rubbish and do not form an air tight seal. Had to use an alternate home made seal to make it work. Pretty average for the

Sunbeam Foodsaver Urban Series VS6000

Latest review: Right out of the box it would not work. The supplied manual (one sheet of paper with three large diagrams) was useless. I had to go to their website to download a real manual and all its

Ezivac Vacuum Packing System