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Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G

Latest review: Luvele has given me top notch and prompt service! I would recommend anyone to try their products. The vacuum sealer I purchased was securely packaged and arrived quickly. Thanks

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS7850

Latest review: So, I read reviews on this product before replacing my old food saver. I’ve always said that a brand name does make a difference and here I agree. The Sunbeam VS7850 may be a little bulky but I feel t

Luvele Deluxe Pro LDPVS140WAUS

Latest review: Brilliant, easy to use and lived up to all expectations. I had gone through two cheap brands and decided to spend a bit extra this time on the Luvele. So glad I

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS7800

Latest review: I bought a Sunbeam Foodsaver Vac780 and now it won't seal all the way across; it leaves 1cm unsealed. I thought I could purchase a new part or take it to a repairer but Sunbeam say there's nothing I

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS1300

Latest review: I went to not knowing what on earth FoodSaver was to owning now two of their products and using them on a daily basis. My fridge is super tidy now, everything in bags or containers. I now do meal

ALDI Vacuum Food Sealer

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS1190

Sinchies Squeeze’ems Reusable Food Pouch

Latest review: Sinchies are a terrific alternative to one-off food pouches you get at the supermarket fridge aisle. It’s pretty easy to make your own baby food if you have a food processor or stick blender, and r

Homemaker Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: I was skeptical about buying this but took the chance as other brands are quite expensive. To my surprise it works very well and does what is expected from it. It is easy to use and I have to say

FoodSaver VS4500

Latest review: I bought this vs4500 on ebay. The vacuuming is too weak. It doesn't vacuum at all. Plenty of air still in vacuum bag. I'm so disappointed with Sunbeam vs4500

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS4300

Latest review: Bought January 2018 from the Good Guys unused. Take it out of the cupboard first time July 2019 and it doesn’t switch on! made of plastic but can’t test the function of it as it doesn’t work.

Sunbeam Foodsaver VS9000

Latest review: Love the GameSaver. We had one of the home use FoodSavers first and that was great but it did struggle a bit when we had a lot of meat to seal. The GameSaver has no issues with a big batch at all, is

Russell Hobbs Seal Fresh RHVS1

Latest review: My partner and I were in search for one and decided on this one after reading reviews. This was our first food sealer and could not be happier with our decision! It's super easy to use and doesn't


Latest review: Works fantastic, and at approx. $100 cheaper than the Sunbeam VS7800, this is excellent value. Excellent even for marinating meat, chicken etc..... the marinade flavours really get drawn in to the

Campfire Cryovac Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: Have had one for several years and very disappointed with it as it intermittently will not vacuum the package fully despite having tried three different brands and varied sizes of plastic bag. It is

Kleva Seal

Latest review: I had trouble with mine ,then I read the instructions. lt said "use alkaine or recharable batteries" . I did this and it works great . I have two now and am taking one away with me on holidays to use

Sunbeam Foodsaver VS6100

Latest review: Purchased the product from Goodguys when it was on sale on June 2019. I was hoping to utilize sous vide cooking method to try things like Chicken breast, and Thick cut pork chop, ingredients usually


Latest review: Purchased on 8 August 2019. Does not work, have been emailing trying to obtain a refund. Still no refund. Asked for a reply paid return address, no response. Phone number to ring, no response. Read

Dometic Vacuum Sealer

Latest review: Purchased mine from Anaconda 6mths ago. Have been using weekly ever since, and it’s a nightmare every time. Doesn’t seal properly, it sucks all the air out, and then let’s the air back in before seali

Sunbeam Foodsaver Urban Series VS6000

Latest review: Right out of the box it would not work. The supplied manual (one sheet of paper with three large diagrams) was useless. I had to go to their website to download a real manual and all its

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