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Makita RP2301FC

Makita RP2301FC

5.0 from 2 reviews

Great Quality

I've had this router for over a year. Very smooth operation. Build quality is awesome. The router may be abit heavy, however its very stable.

I have no hesitation in recommending this router to anyone interested.


This is my first router and I bought it after a lot of research. The LED lighting may be seen as a bit of a gimmick by some but it is a fantastic feature. The soft start and electric brake work well and it has variable speed for various bits and materials.

It is very very powerful and the plunge action is very smooth. It's made in Japan and I got it for $450 from Sydney Tools.

Very pleased with this router and would recommend it to others.
Power, LED lighting, soft start and electric brake, lock-on trigger, smooth plunge action.
A bit heavy?

Questions & Answers

I have purchased this router and I am surprised by how much it sparks and kicks when it stops. Is this normal behaviour or does the brake need to wear in?
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Hi Papararchi, Yes, I've found this to be normal. The sparks are a result of how the brake works (electromagnetism). The kick is the result of arresting the inertial force of the armature in the motor in order to slow it down faster Hope this helps put your mind at ease. Cheers.

Does the Makita router need to be removed from the table to change the bit? The Triton doesn't, but it's unreliable (choosing not to fire up occasionally for no apparent reason).
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Not an answer to your questions specifically, but have you checked the brushed on your Triton? Can cause that kind of problem.Yes. That was the first thing I checked. Thanks.

Can this be used in a router table (i.e. switch remains on hands-free and have a way of adjusting the bit height accurately?)
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Yes, this router can be mounted on a table.As for the height adjustment, it comes with a screw which installs through the base of the router to the plunge mechanism. Once installed, the screw can be used for height adjustments via the base of the router. You'll need a small hole on the router table to access the height adjustment screw.Hi David, As Kris has already advised, yes - you can use it with a router table and it has fine and ultra-fine depth adjustments that will work with the machine inverted. How best to mount it is something that would depend on the router table itself but you should be fine. The machine comes with a lock-on switch so you won't need a trusty cable tie around the trigger. The only thing I would mention is that this router has an electric brake that rapidly decelerates the bit once the trigger is released. This releases a reasonably powerful twist in the motor body, however if it is remotely switched off and on (i.e. not the trigger on the machine), this electric brake does not function. Not sure if that matters to you but thought I'd mention it and best to ensure the machine is securely fastened just to be safe. Hope this helps and I still love this router.I've currently got a Triton MOF router and the motor has been playing up, so I was looking around at other alternatives (less bells and whistles - more reliability). It seems like this is definitely one alternative.


Release dateJan 2011
  • GTIN14: 00036011000050

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