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Ozito RTR-040

Ozito RTR-040

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OZITO RTR-4100 Great bit of gear.

So this is the same as CJAY bought, just has about 4 times the number of accessories.
I am really impressed with this also, saw CJAY's review and purchased one. Very easy to use, heaps of power and variable speed.
It has quite a well organised case and every thing that you could need including a flex shaft about 700mm long.
And 3 years warranty!!!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Amazing product. I am very impressed with the performance of this tool. I was going to buy a Dremel and found this at Bunnings. This is a deal!. for the price you pay you get value for money. The kit includes 42 accessories. Among these are tools to grind, polish, drill, engrave and many more. The tool has the option to regulate the speed which is suited for various projects. It also comes with a flexible drill shaft which is ergonomic and increases user control and accuracy. Will recommend.

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