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MetLife will deny your claim, then advise you that you are a fraud

My policy was part of a group insurance policy for NSW Police officers via First State Super. I made a claim in 2015; for TPD. MetLife denied they were the insurer for two years. Once the Government Overseer became involved they admitted they were the insurer, then denied my claim as I travelled overseas. Despite the fact I had to purchase business class tickets and get special permission to travel with restricted pain killers.four years and still counting looks like we will have to go to court.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateOctober 2015
Claim ApprovedYes

Premiums Doubled

After holding insurance with CareSuper through Metlife for a number of years I get a notice from my super fund advising the premiums have doubled. They are using the change in super legislation as the excuse to gouge.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Do not waste your time!

Paid dead money basically, had them continuously take out on the wrong day even though fixed countless times, go elsewhere! Will never recommend or use again, hope they can sleep at night.

Insurance claim madeNo

Metlife certainly will not help you through a difficult period and fails in Customer Service.

Emotionally ruined by Metlife Staff. I like to begin by saying that each case is different for each person who submits a claim to Metlife and this is based on my experience with the Customer Service of Metlife and the process of the claim’s final decision.
Metlife quotes on their website the following:
“Income Protection can help get you through a difficult period, without having to eat into your savings or rely on outside help – so a temporary setback doesn’t put you behind for years.”    This is not true at all and is a false statement and needs to be known by anyone wanting to take out income protection with Metlife.

From the first day of making contact with Metlife, there were delays in a reply back from their staff. Once the official claim was submitted and then follow up information required to assess the claim, there were delays in reply’s from Metlife and when you attempt to call them to ask for an update ,you were told that you will be called back in 24 to 48 hours.  This did not happen and no one called back. After a week of not hearing anything I had to make contact again to find out the progress. The first case officer who handled the claim was collating all the information and providing updates, but then when I made contact to find out the progress another time I was told that the case officer is not available and another case officer will be dealing with it. This happen after 2 months of the claim being processed.  This was very poor of Metlife as Customer Service is key in any company to build a reputation of understanding to help the person through this difficult time.  Instead they hand balled it to another case officer who asked me to explain everything again instead of having the case file read by them or to have the phone recordings listen to.  This caused delays as I was now out of work for 2 months at this stage and now eating into my savings.  Remember what Metlife has written on their website: “Income Protection can help get you through a difficult period, without having to eat into your savings or rely on outside help”  This statement has now been proven to be a lie.
With the constant delays during the accessing of my case, the total time to wait for an outcome was 5 months and $10,000 out of pocket by using up my savings. So also when Metlife say that “ A temporary setback doesn’t put you behind for years.”  Well it has put me behind by $10,000 I will never get back.

All I can suggest when you think about Metlife and Income protection, Don’t Trust them, they are not true to their word and fail in providing customer service.  Their staff do require more training but most of all the main outcome that Metlife strive to provide, is to, not pay you as it’s in their best interest for them to not approve your claim.

To give you an example of why I believe they can’t be trusted, one of the questions that was asked by the case officer was and I quote “Do you think in your mind that you had Breast cancer before taking out this policy even before you were diagnosed?    This was the question asked by their staff.    You can be the judge on this question asked by Metlife to determine if they are the company to protect you during a difficult period.

Metlife is not a company that can help or provide you peace of mind. I hope that the Management of Metlife read these reviews to see how bad they really are and how much suffering they caused to us during this time. Another statement by Metlife in their website is “ Take care of what’s important and protect your family’s future.” This is another false statement proven by my experience with Metlife.

As you can see my overall rating is Terrible with a rating of 1 Star and should give you a reason to look elsewhere.

Insurance claim madeYes

Judgmental, awful time-wasters who take ages to do anything

I'm a finance professional taking out income protection insurance to protect my family if I have a car accident or something. I started my request for income protection insurance in May. They pulled my full medical file. Then, in August, they called to 'interview' me (I was going for a walk at the time). Turns out they won't cover me because I'm overweight, despite the fact I am young and healthy. I said they were welcome to exclude weight-related issues (because it's not fat) and they said they won't do that. So here I am, fit, healthy and going for a walk in my lunch break, literally no one I know would describe me as obese (I'm very healthy, perhaps jsut a little more muscular that your average person), but because of my BMI, even though it's not fat-related, they can't insure me.

I knew my weight in May when we initiated the request for cover (I monitor my weight and fat% for training purposes). If they were always going to exclude me based purely on my BMI, it would have taken a 5 minute conversation then. But no, they needed my medical file, 3 months, and information about my wife and I struggling to conceive from the doctor, too.

Honestly, they should have said "your BMI will exclude you" the second I called them, not pulled confidential medical files that are totally irrelevant and not wasted more than an hour of my time on the phone.

Not only that, but the lady was quite defensive and judgmental when I was trying to explain that I'm muscular, not fat. I don't think she believed me. I wish I could send that awful woman a photo of me!

Anyway, their loss. TAL signed me up in half a day and were much less judgmental, their premiums are cheaper and they cover more.

BAD experience with metlife. They cover me for TPD and Death as well but I will be immediately moving my cover based on this experience.

Insurance claim madeNo

Discarded like trash.

It's only fair to fellow consumers that I share my experience with this company to ensure they make an informed decision. I applied for life insurance via my superannuation provider and on the application form I did the right thing and mentioned the fact that there was a family medical condition as required, however not that it's impacted me. After clicking submit I was rejected straight away and now blacklisted by the company, very poor business morals, no follow up, no medical, disgusting.

Insurance claim madeNo

worse insurance company ever

Declined to pay out on IP & TPD claims. Took 1/5 medical reviews and used it to decline. Even ignored medical review they arranged themselves. Statewide super also supported Metlife in declining. They did offer 30% of claim value to settle while denying liability. That was refused. Of course everything is offered on a confidential, nil liability basis. Suggest if you have a settlement conference you tape record it.

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