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Miele DG 6010

Miele DG 6010

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Product never worked and Miele would not fix or replace it.

We bought this Miele steam oven over two years ago through their authorized dealer in Atlanta. It never worked. It repeatedly showed a fault code. We have contacted Miele numerous times since then. Miele sent out their authorized services techs twice. Both times the techs told us they advised Miele to replace the malfunctioning oven, but Miele has not done so, and they have not given us any explanation.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Great Product and makes life easier

Youtube has been playing the commercials for this steam oven a lot, at the beginning I wasn't interested, after a while I become very interested and decided to go to the experience centre to take a look, then I decided to buy one. Placed the order online and receive the product pretty quickly.

The main reason I wanted to buy this is I like cooking steaming eggs but can never control the temperature and time well, therefore the cooking result is not very good most of the time. This product does extremely well in cooking steaming eggs and vegetables. And it is safe too, in the morning I just simply chop some cauliflowers and put them in this steam oven, then in 10 minutes I have a hot meal and can go to work with full energy.

However have to say this product doesn't work that well doing slow cooking for soup, if you put a lid on the things you cook, it takes way too long. Therefore I don't use it to cook soup at all.. But it still works well heating things.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Surprisingly versatile and I just love it

My microwave is very jealous of this machine. I love all machines Miele but this is my first piece of kitchen cooking appliance from them. It is just so great I am in love and use it everyday.
We steam all veggies, reheat meals (as they turn out all pumped up and steamy and yummy looking), I steam dumplings, fish - many ways, cook Hainese chicken, reheat frozen food - that comes out looking better than the original, cook rice, couscous.
The bench top model is not as big as built-ins but we had no other space and it was really affordable ( and I had a sale offer) compared to built-ins. We are a family of 4 with 2 teenage boys and it fits our food perfectly but would probably not be big enough for a larger family.
It is super easy to clean - and stays clean (it's only steam) no smells, no grease, and healthy !
I highly recommend using it to get a feel for it and then attending a Miele steam cooking class so you can get better ideas and ask all the questions. You will be surprised at its versatility.

Slow Service. Great if they dont break down

We have a freestanding model steam oven. Absolutely love it, steralising baby equipment, vegetables each night, coffee custards, steamed buns, fish, not something i can easily live without in a busy household. Initial problems were it didn't come with the trays on delivery however this was quickly remedied by Miele and a faulty jug was also replaced not a problem (this seems to be common in the freestanding models). Now 3 years on we have waited nearly 4 months for it to be repaired, despite many calls to customer care and state managers we go from one diagnosis to another (faulty jug, pc board, faulty jug and back to pc board!!!) and each time another week goes by and no one is any wiser. A house full of Miele with no other problems over the years. A now 4 month old baby, working mum and husband away and having to chase up where we are at every fortnight. Doubting the twenty years of usage testing that Miele products are promoted as having in this new range so research carefully especially customer service. Expect to treat it like a car trading in every few years. All care but no responsibility! Lucky we have a good local dealer as this at least provides a contact point.

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It took 5 months however after they still could not remedy the fault, Miele replaced our oven with this model. The state service manager finally made a decision and I am glad it didn't drag on longer. We again use this for 2 meals a day and it takes the hassle out of dinner and makes for cheaper and healthy grocery options as quick convenience foods aren't requied any more. This does it for us! Perfect for young families of you can make the investment as can cook meals without attending to when toddler throws a tantrum or baby needs a feed and food will stay warm. Also we have used for reheating meals with steak etc for husband when he arrives late from work and is not dried out and chewy like in the microwave.


Moved into a new house with all Miele kitchen appliances so thought we would go to a Miele experience class to make the most of them. When there the chef demonstrated the steam ovens and they seemed to be quite useful. After some thought we bought the benchtop model as we couldn't fit a built-in one.

A little concerned at first that ths would turn out to be an expensive substitute for the microwave so went along to a Miele steam oven cooking class. We have not looked back since, the microwave has been consigned to heating milk for hot chocolates.

So far have cooked medium rare roasts that fall apart in the mouth, incredible medium steaks that are succulent, pink and only require a quick browning in a fry pan. Quinoa, rice, pasta and grains are a breeze. Planning a meal is easy, just need to time the placement of the dishes in the oven.

A downside - the benchtop is not as big as the built-ins. So while being able to do almost everything I have been a little limited in the total range of meals I would like to cook. Second downside, I want anther one which warrants an explanation. Roasts are slow cooked at 60 which you then need to put in the main oven at 60 while you cook the rest of the meal.
So far everything
Would like a larger oven

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There is no rack in the oven. Where can I get a rack that fit into this benchtop model?
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Mine came with them in there for this model however our previous model didn't and I had to chase up with our Miele Shop/Rep and it was quickly provided. Good LuckAs per last answer, however, we also wanted additional trays. After looking around there are a lot of good kitchen shops and discount places that sell trays considerably cheaper than Miele.


DG 6010
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