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Ariston FK617XAUS

Latest review: I very live this over. The most convenient for me is that the oven can be set for a certain time and it bakes itself and turns itself off. I advise everyone to the oven. Very convenient temperature

Bosch Serie 6 HBA13B

Latest review: Unfortunately, we thought Bosch were a good brand. We purchased oven/cooktop package. Seemed to work reasonably until now, with exception of some uneven browning. But only 3.5yrs later, the oven

Belling BR900DF

Latest review: I have had nothing but continual issues with this oven in the 18 months that I have had it. First the door wouldn't close properly and heat was escaping. The door was replaced. Then the rusting

Westinghouse WVG615S / WVG615W

Latest review: Overall I'm pretty happy with this oven the features are great easy to use easy to clean .It cooks food well with no problems the heat seems to work well the only bad side is i can feel hot air

Ariston CP059MDX

Latest review: We have had this oven in our home since new. It is now about 7 years old and in this time we have been through 2 oven fan elements (now on our third) at over $100 a pop plus an electrician to

Westinghouse WVE613S / WVE613W

Latest review: I have that fan noise in my amazing WV613S. Took the cover off to find the element spacers have moved & the fan is hitting the element. I have adjusted it once & I am doing it again today. Need a

Miele H 2661 BP

Latest review: The oven it self dose the job, in the beginning I struggled to understand how to use it with all new gadgets and what not, in saying this I felt as if for the price paid for the oven it dose cook the

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Single 11 Function Built-In - 90L

Latest review: I had to have the first oven taken back because the F&P tech guys didn't know what was wrong with it. A case of too much electronics - hard to work out where the fault is. The oven door "locked" and

Westinghouse WFE914SB

Latest review: We got a new unit with our brand new house and we have nothing but problems with this unit. The oven randomly stops working and specially when you have a house full of guest and your brand new unit

Bosch Serie 8 HBG672BS1A

Latest review: I bought this oven from Appliance Online and got it installed from licensed carpenter. We noticed that door is not aligned and oven does not sit properly in the cabinet. My carpenter showed me that

Westinghouse WVE615S / WVE615W

Latest review: The oven looks modern and sleek when installed. I feel that the temperature is a bit lower to the actual temperature as when following recipe times and temperature settings, it always takes longer in

Westinghouse WVE626S / WVE626W

Latest review: This fast heating electric oven is definitely my choice. The double oven allows me to cook multiple components at the same time resulting in everything being hot and ready on time. I love the extra

Ariston CP859MTX

Latest review: Gas top with 5 drivers is excellent. However, oven door HINGES and seal replaced twice in 8 years I've owned it(1st time-within a year) $400 each time. Both times didn't last longer than a week.

Belling 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100

Latest review: Have just taken delivery of new model richmond deluxe 1100 df. It is still in delivery carton awaiting a kitchen reno, checking it out ,firsty was impressed ,new colour ,beautiful match for the

Smeg TRA90

Latest review: Not only is this oven good to look at in the kitchen, but works amazingly. Great size oven that fits large trays (which are included). Very easy to use. Cleans well with a warm cloth. Oven works so

Smeg C9GM Series

Latest review: This oven is very spacious and cooks well. It produces a very even result. The hotplates work well and the area around them is easy to clean . Door is nice and wide to access

Bosch Serie 8 HBG633BS1A / HBG6767S1A

Latest review: Good little oven because It is soooo quiet. Preheats quickly and bakes ok. Trays are good size and clean easily. Oven gets VERY steamy and sometimes there is water dripping from the bottom shelf

Falcon Professional + FXP

Latest review: Absolutely love everything about my new oven. Has really lived up to my expectations, cooking has again become a passion of mine. My new oven is efficient and time saving, thought I would use my

Bosch Serie 6 HBA63B

Latest review: We are faily happy with the oven and it cooks well, however, the main element in the fan force section burnt out after only about 2-3 years service. We had to have it replaced and the spare parts are

Electrolux EVEP626

Latest review: After putting up with our very old gas oven for many years, this oven is a delight. The functions are clear (no interpreting symbols) and easy to use. Everything I have cooked in it so far has

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