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MLC Income Protection

MLC Income Protection

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Early release of Superannuation funds

I can't believe the run around we are going through just to get early release of my super due to permanent disability! Too many departments to deal with! No one actually listens and then gives you the wrong forms to fill in and submits them to the Trustee who takes 3 months to tell you that you are unable to claim TPD? What on earth? Early release of funds people!! So now that they hear that it's early release of superannuation, I now have to wait 5 business working days to have someone phone me back about my enquiry?? "DUMBFOUNDED"
My last superannuation with another company took 3 weeks and money was in the bank. The process thus far, from speaking with MLC trust claims, MLC insurance, and then having the MLC trustees looking at a claim that I wasn't asking for, took nearly 4.5 months and still haven't got a claim in that I originally was going for!
I hope they sort this out.

Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

MLC Income Protection troubles?

Claim made after waiting the 90days waiting period. Heart attack and stents put in. Any way. Took a couple of months to receive first payment and of course it wasn't what was expected. Plead my case as I work for myself business expenses don’t stop just because I have and made a call to a top Law firm. Within 3 days, back pay and current monthly payments made to the dollar for premium paid. So far so good.

Insurance claim madeYes

MLC are criminals

Submitted claim March 2017 through my super company, MLC spoke with my doctor 3 times, he has specified in writing i cannot work, they call today to say it has been declined, no reason given, nuff said.

Insurance claim madeYes
10 months have passed, still waiting on the official letter explaining why my claim was denied, multiple promises, "yes the letter has been mailed" "oh it's still in draft format" "i will walk down to the manager today and have it emailed to you" still waiting, any help here appreciated....still waiting multiple calls, emails no response

Income Protection is Rubbish

Paying for 30 years into 3 in 1 business super was a stipulation of NAB to give us house loan. Sole owner of lawn mowing business. 2017 had aneurysm/stroke. After 7 months MLC have declined payment still haven't heard why...response is always "in due course" They decided to put 3ish thousand back into the super ???????? Not income for us to live on... apparently we have been paying into the wrong coverage for 30 years....solicitor said MLC worst company to fight with as they will drain everything from us . MLC WINS

Insurance claim madeYes

MLC Income protection

I have a serous neck injury. I have had my MLC policy for over 14 years. I have been receiving the insurance payment for 5 months. I have been lied to by the claim consultants several times the most recent last Wednesday when she said it was being paid that day. I had to chase the payment as it was again overdue. They always say sorry, sorry only goes so far when you have bills including medical to pay for. I asked are you sure as I have two medical appointments one Thursday and one Friday which will mean my funds will be extremely low if this doesn't come through. Do I need to cancel the appointments ? I was told no its being paid now today. I was also told she would call me if any problems. no call....... At usual nothing arrived and by Friday I had to chase the payment AGAIN. I called my consultant as as usual she wasn't available as she was out of the office. I insisted on staying on the phone until the supervisor would talk to me. In the meantime they found my consultant who said she was out of the office but took my call anyway. She said that my file was still on her supervisors desk. I asked why did she say it was all ok ? no answer and said her supervisor would call me in 24 business hours ???? this is Friday afternoon. I hung the phone up and called MLC and wouldn't let them hang up until I had an answer. No more pretending to call me back....... I asked about the paperwork... Is all ok ? yes she told me.. the problem is that my consultant put in for two months of claims as it was late as a sign of good faith and they were not happy with that..... I said but ive put in for a month. Why can you not pay it and why have I been lied to ? they replied my consultant can explain and they will pay the month claim that day being Friday. Surprise surprise....... nothing has come through AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think they actually understand that the people they are dealing with are not well and have reduced income and medical expenses. plus they lie to you.

I'm taking this to FOS as Ive had enough..

Insurance claim madeYes

MLC are very poor, but the rest seem to be as bad/time for external controls

I have made a complaint about MLC, a \ [Nik Foorde]. Having been in contact with Senator [name removed] who was interviewed on the recent four corners program regarding Comminsure he has suggested a submission the select senate committee into the financial services industry. The terms of reference have now been extended as follows:
the need for further reform and improved oversight of the life insurance industry;
whether entities are engaging in unethical practices to avoid meeting claims;
whether a life insurance industry code of conduct is required;
the role of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in reform and oversight of the industry; and
Any related matters.
The link is:
I'll see you there.


Insurance claim madeYes


I have had an mlc income protection policy for 14 years. I have made 1 claim 11 years ago for 2 months off work. Knee injury. I recently received my premium notice. A 20% increase from last year, add another 10% increase from the year before. That's a massive 30% increase in premiums in 2 years, yet my cover increases at a mere 1.5% cpi aligned. Bloody rip off. And the explanation I get...... to quote mlc call centre staff member.. " it's a base rate increase to make sure there is enough money in the pool to cover the increase in claims." My question to her. "Why not penalize those who are claiming instead of those who haven't claimed". Very annoyed and can't recommend mlc. Gold diggers!!! So much for looking after loyal clients....bye bye mlc

Insurance claim madeNo

MLC have made my financial future much better

I've been with MLC income protection for about 20 years, and had accident 5 years ago. Will never work again. MLC have been fantastic. Usuallly doctor reports are required each month, and MLC now have changed this to annually. They pay on time. No problems. The initial claim process was quick and simple as well

10 years of frustration

I have been with mlc for over 20 years and last 10 years on claim. They have been terrible and would not recommend to anyone as you will end up worse after dealing with the claim - constant pathetic administration by the majority of claims consultants and continuous attempts to get you off your claim. No support and copious amounts of money spent to discredit you and your claim
A few claims consultants were reasonable to deal with but turnover is very high so they dont last
they hardly ever meet their own kpi's, often dont pay on time or right amount. just dont care as want you off the claim. your own doctor is feels pressured by their actions.

MLC are a poor excuse for an insurer

Well, I became disabled, totally at first and then partially. After 4 months MLC attempted to avoid my policies from inception due to them saying I had not disclosed certain information. I took MLC to FOS and won. MLC paid 1 month and then stopped paying again. I now have taken MLC back to FOS but due to FOS having a high case load there has been a delay, almost 1 year now. I met another lady on this website, unfortunately for her she developed breast cancer and guess what they did the same thing to her. Lucky her problem resolved not without her nearly losing her house. MLC rate poorly in the industry standard rankings are considered expensive and now my adviser tells me they no longer recommend MLC due to high levels of claim denials, she stated it is a real problem.

Don't go with MLC, I suggest one path or BT

I have three policies of insurance with MLC.
When i made a claim for income protection they decided to deny my policies from inception.
I took my case before the Financial Ombudsman service. I won.
MLC still have not paid my claim.
They have asked for information and when it is provided they ask for further information, primarily accounting. The final straw came when they asked for the end of financial year reports for 2010/2011 and that period had not even finished yet....
So back to FOS to force MLC to assess and pay my claim.
Over 2 years and I am still waiting.....Fortunately I am only partially incapacitated, I would hate to think how MLC would behave if this were a totally disablement claim........goodbye house.
I have a One Path policy and One Path have been great. I have heard BT are also good.
I hope this helps...

Claims handling or rather the lack thereof...Very unprofessional, Appear to have a very high staff turnover.

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