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Mobotix MX-M22M-Sec-D43

Mobotix MX-M22M-Sec-D43

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Unsurpassed build quality, completely German made.

Compared to some of the Chinese made CCTV systems on the bay, it is difficult for most people to justify the cost of Mobotix products (given that Mobotix is from first inspection, 3+ times the cost). There are varying versions of the same products, with varying amount of features and capabilities.The Allround is probably one of the more basic cameras from Mobotix, with only a single removable lens system. In Australia, as always Mobotix suffers from the usual Australian mark-up. At the time of writing, this model is $1,469.00, compared ~300-400 for a no name Chinese CCTV camera.

Everything is made in Germany. Mobotix refuse to compromise quality. Each camera is provided a unique serial number, and similar to Apple's warranty service, each warranty is linked directly to the serial, rather than the customer. All cameras sold by Mobotix are at least made out of a Poly- butyleneterephtalate with 30% fiberglass, and it is extremely strong, light and durable - you will definitely not find anything else like this. The camera, once setup, contains no moving parts. By default, this camera is vandal proof. The lens is also made in Germany, but the aperture of all their lenses are limited to F2.0, which is reasonable for night imagery.

Pretty much any feature available in the CCTv market, is available from MObotix. There are no features, which I have found are not available. Mobotix doesn't only match the market, but is the (if not, a) market leader in CCTV feature set. Mobotix cameras work on Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and consume no more than your usual CFL bulb.

All software packages are freely available via Mobotix's website. Their camera's standalone, and do not require any additional PCs to be online during its daily operation.

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I could go on and on about these cameras, but the price is a difficult to justify for the home user. Though, the nature and design and implementation of Mobotix CCTV systems ensure their systems are relatively future proof, and comply to technological standards. Mobotix have also been installed in federal government CCTV.
Reliable, energy efficient
Expensive, all after sales service is provided by/via distributors.

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I have found the Mobotix software to be totally user unfriendly, ridden with bugs and a waste of time and resources. The cameras are fine but the software is a nightmare: be warned.

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Release dateJan 2012

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