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Moxie Scanty Panty Liners - Ultra Thin

Moxie Scanty Panty Liners - Ultra Thin

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Scanty panty liners

I thought I had found the best secret liner, BUT after 6 attempts, I could not remove adhesive strip off liner only to have adhesive rip with it. Yes i did instructions by the letter and no success. Packaging very nice but I am not a fan such a waste of money. I bought them in coles supermarket and no they were not out of date.
They are so small and neat
They tear to pieces when trying to remove backing


These are amazing, best pads I have ever used, very thin so you can't feel them when you have them on, absorbs everything and doesn't move through out wear

Very cute box, don't get embarrassed buying them, cheaper then the leading brand and every pack comes with a cute tin that you can put in your bag
Everything, cute box, cheaper then the leading brand, absorbent


They come in a cute wrapping and if you like that kind of thing, you will love these. They work well and are ultra thin, so they do what they say they will.
These panty liners are so feminine and cute. The packing is cute and they come in a carry tin too. They are very pretty to look at on the outside.
They are a bit more expensive unless they are on sale at the supermarket or pharmacy. They are a bit hard to find too. If the liners could have been pretty on the inside too, or maybe the inside could have been scented or coloured, that would have looked nice. But naturally ofcourse.


these are fabulous liners, they are quite thick but also long. Great priced and lovely packaging. Always at supermarkets. Very feminine
these panty liners are fantastic, the box is so cute and feminine. I also love the packaging. well priced and available at alot of supermarkets
they arent indivdually wrapped


It's a great product & I especially love the handy tin it comes in. The liners don't bunch up like some other liners. It's thin, so it's very comfortable.
It comes in a handy tin box which is handy to keep in your handbag. The liners are individually wrapped. It's comfy and it's cheap.


i love this product a lot. the packaging is lovely. it comes with an adorable tin for carrying the panty liner. it is great to put it in handbag. the liner is individually packed and it is very thin.
the packaging is lovely. the panty liner is packed individually and it comes with a lovely tin box.

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I have been unable to find this product which I have been using for years. Where can I purchase them? Woolworths, Coles, Iga, Priceline do not have them!
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How well do they work like can u wear them all day with no changing and how well do they absorb?
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If you are on your early days of your period, these things can only soak up so much, they are not magic pads You still have to change them when needed...

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