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Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream

Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream

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this is a bunch of crap!! I want to sue !!

I am going to head office with this !! I used for the first time nair sensitive skin for face with almond oil for moisturiser. I have it on my side burns, cheeks, lip area and eyebrows. I had it on for 3 minutes. My eye brow immediately started going red and so sore. parts of my face tingled up ! This product said I could leave it on my face for 7 minutes max !! If I had of waited that long my face would have burnt away !! Im furious. I have an engagement party to attend this weekend and my eye looks horrendous!!

Purchased in June 2019 at Chemist Australia for $6.50.

Nair face and body hair remover crap me up!!

Dangerous on face even if stated otherwise

I will literally ban this product if in power!!!! I left nair sensitive face hair removal cream on my side burn hair, upper and lower lip for only 3 minutes as directed.

I felt nothing while cream was on skin, but As I was washing my face it was as if someone poured acid on my face, skin tingling and burning sensation, skin feels extremely sensitive and still in severe pain.

It was made for sensitive skin and effed me up!!! Using 1% cortisol cream from pharmacy it helps with pain, if you accidentally buy this crap, I’ve pack on face, don’t apply any lotion with perfume alcohol etc !! Then apply cortisol cream immediately, skin irritation 45/55% gone. Crap nair!!!!

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Burning Face!

Used completely as directed on my face this morning. Right after I washed it off my face started burning and hasn't stopped 9 hrs later. Made sure ALL the product was completely washed off, even filled the sink with cold water and immersed my face, to wash it thoroughly AND to try to relieve the stinging! Have used fresh aloe vera with no effect, cool washers, ice packs...tried SOOV on a small area but that just stung like all hell so I washed it off immediately. Hope this doesn't end up blistering...not sure what else to do. Will never use again.

Thought it was good

I used this cream for my upper lip at it was fine. However when I applied it to my cheeks it feels burnt and hot. I'm not sure why it did that but dont use on cheeks. My cheeks are beginning to break out.


Honestly, i have used this product for years.(usually get tingles when i first put it on), but just used it today and ouch!! my face is burning, it looks burned.. don't think ill be using again... :(

Burnt my face!!!

Did exactly as described and burnt my face!! I am in so much pain. Do not buy. Do not use. I’m so worried about how my face will heal. It is hours later and the burn is still so strong.

Burnt my face :(

Ugh. This is a terrible product. I used it as directed - and within a couple of minutes it had burnt the skin on my face. Still healing 2 weeks later. Not recommended AT ALL.

Never Again

Never again, followed the instructions left for 5min and have the worst pimples and rash every. Face is so red and itchy and getting worst each day.. it's been 2 weeks and still no improvement. So not happy and would stay clear of this product. Even if you did a test on your face the pimples and rash took 24hrs before the rash and pimples surfaced.

Never recommend. I burnt my skin

I applied the cream and 30 seconds later I felt my skin was burning. How ever my legs had red and white bubbly pimples and and the skin. I burning and 24 hours later the bubbles had broken and the they are bleeding and skin peels. My legs are still burning and I can’t even wear a dress since it sticks on to the dress. So please do not use this cream.

I was wary but this is so good

I originally was skeptical of this cream because it's so cheap in price. However, I've been using it for upper lip and it's so good. I read reviews before buying it so I did a patch test first after hearing people complain about how it irritated their skin and how it smelt bad, but I did not experience anything of the sort. This left my skin feeling even smoother than before. I would definitely recommend this. You might want to do a patch test first though, just in case

My skin was left burnt, dry and in a terrible stage

This was my first time trying out this product, the results were TERRIBLE. I thought it was alright at first but after a few hours my skin started burning really badly and I had no ideas what to do, I was truly terrified. Now I am left with a patch of dry, damaged skin and I am constantly being asked: "what happened to your skin?".


It definitely got rid of the hair, but it also burnt my face really badly. Only left on for about 3 minutes. Nearly 48hrs later, and my face is still red, itchy, weepy and dry - feels like I've been badly sunburnt!! Will not use ever again - what a waste.

It destroyed my skin!

I don’t even know what to say. I feel so terrible. My skin is burnt and I only left it in for 4-5 mins. I’m in so much pain. I’ve been applying aloevera gel to calm it down but it’s just so bad. I don’t even know how I’m going to go out!

Not the best feeling but does the job

I have super super sensitive pale skin. I also suffered from acne as a teenager and also get pimples and bumps from waxing.
I've used this twice now. The first time I just did my lip. It stang and was red for about 24 hours after I used it. I also put lots of cold water on it and then moisturised. I was sure I would wake up pimply and red but I didn't. The hair was definitely gone.
I used it again tonight but also applied it to my chin and neck area. Again, same red, stingy feeling, applied lots and lots of cold water and moisturised. Still very red and a bit sore so will see how it is in the morning. My chin however feels alot more sore than my lip and this is also my acne prone area so I'm not so hopeful this time.
I think I'm going to look into laser hair removal because this is too painful.

Okay I'm scared

My face is tingling and slightly burning, but of all it did remove all my hair off my face so for that I give it 3 stars. I applied some cold argan oil cream to my face which calmed it down .

Currently waiting to see my Dr Due to burns on my face ! Only left on for 2/3 minutes!! DONT BUY!!

This product should be banned it has taken a layer of my skin off currently waiting to see my gp as my face feels on fire and has broke the skin and weeping concerned it will scar! This produce is awful burnt like Hel!


Put the cream on for the directed Time It left my face feeling burnt and stinging horrible product never again i feel like sueing the company completely outraged never again


Using this product has left my skin very blotchy and red with some very painful stinging feeling and numbness in my face also pains me to open my mouth or to chew food I only left it on for the suggested 3 minutes but still had this painful effect on my face

Removed hair easily, slight warmth and numbness.

Left it on for about 6 minutes for long thin blonde hair on my chin, sideburns and upper lip. Definitely removed 100% of the hair, however my face feels warm and numb, nothing that you wouldn't get with waxing. It's a lot faster and cheaper than waxing, And waaaay less painful, I'll use it again!

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Questions & Answers

Does your hair turn back after the use of it?
1 answer
Yes it does a week later

I just used it, my skin is burning. In sooo much pain. It burnt my skin and took a layer of skin off. My skin looks terrible and it didn’t even remove all the hair. Worse experience
1 answer
Obviously some people have more sensitive skin and this product may not suit. I do know if u leave it on too long will be quite red for couple hours but cant say it burnt me.

I used this product and it left me with horrible flaky dry skin, and now a little are on my upper lip is turning black. It's been a week that I have had a black patch on my face , how do I get rid of it?
1 answer
You must have sensitive skin and maybe should have tested a less sensitive area of your body. I have used it for many many years, I am fair and have had no reaction except if I leave on too long skin goes red but that goes after awhile. I just put on some very plain moisturizer even sorbeline after using it. Cant offer any advice about going black sorry.

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