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Natures Organics Earth Choice Pure Soft

Natures Organics Earth Choice Pure Soft

3.5 from 16 reviews

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Contains Pail Oil

DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS PEOPLE. There is nothing Earth friendly about the total annihilation of the forest in Indonesia and Sumatra - the last place on EARTH orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants coexist. Boycott until they change their ways.

Now Palm Oil Free!

I have used this fabric softener off and on over past couple of years because it was affordable, it had a great scent and it made my clothes feel soft. Like most of the products I purchase I try to get ones that aren't animal tested and 'eco friendly' but like myself and many others who posted reviews of this product in the past the fact that it contains palm oil is why I stopped using it. I have tried other fabric softeners that dont contain palm oil but I have found that they are too had to get and are a great deal more expensive. By chance I picked this product up today (16.12.13) because I had noticed that the label had changed so I read the back of the bottle and to my surprise the label had stated that the product contained no palm oil! According to the ingredients list Earth Choice is now using cotton-seed oil instead of palm oil. This is great news for me because im a student and Earth Choice products are cruelty-free and a great price, I hope they make the change to all of their products!
I have only used this a couple of times so its hard to tell if is the same or better then the old formula but so far it has done its job, my only complaint is the fact you have to measure it out and use a large amount compared to other products but I suppose its a small price to pay for the price and piece of mind.
Palm oil free, price, great scent, cruelty free, eco-friendly.
The packaging, it could be more concentrated, can be messy to pour.

Contains Palm Oil - No stars - A huge thumbs down.

The palm oil issue is growing, and will continue to until companies realise that people will no longer tolerate the senseless destruction of forests resulting in loss of habitat and eventual extinction for so many animal species. Manufacturers of products which use plant oil in their ingredients need to start looking beyond profits, take the lead in respecting our planet and source oils which do not harm our environment or the habitat of innocent animals.
Have used this product for a few years now with excellent results, but Will Not Use Again until the manufacturer ceases using palm oil products.
This product contains palm oil - Consider that every load of washing kills an orangutan

I found out it contained palm oil ...

Since i just found put your products contains Palm Oil will revert to vinegar and Bi-carb soda since palm Oil is destroying earth's forests and orangutan habitat. Some if this destruction I saw personally on a trip to Borneo last year. Hardly appropriate for something called Earth Choice. We urge you to find an alternative ingredient as this will help you stand out from the other cleaning products and provide a responsible environmental alternative I will then use again.
Inexpensive and non toxic
Uses palm oil which destroys orangutan habitat and deforestation in Indonesia.

Liked it

As good as any, find a lot of fabric softeners do not do much but this one worked as good as all others and a bit cheaper then the rest. Will use it again, Doesn't have a strong scent. No bad chemicals and grey water safe so can use on garden to save water usage.
Grey water safe so can use on garden to save water usage.

I really loved this product until I found out it contained palm oil

I have been using this fabric softener for many years. It is something that I saw as essential in my washing routine. I loved the smell, I loved the way it left my clothes and especially loved the fact that it didnt contain any tallow. No animal products.

I have just found out that it contains palm oil and I am truly disappointed. It doesnt matter that the manufacturers say that the oil comes from plantation/sustainable sources. Originally there would have been a forest to tear down.

Surely there is another vegetable oil that can be used in its place. I dont mind paying more. I would be happy to pay more in support. I am sure that there would be many people out there that would be willing to pay a bit more.

Finally, I am 58 years old. I have a sense of responsibility towards this beautiful planet. I dont want to support anything that is destructive. I want my grandchildren to inherit a beautiful world and I want to know that the animals and plants do not have to suffer because of me. This is a small thing but it all adds up, doesnt it?

The plastic bottle is disappointing too. Why not package in the milk carton style?
Great smell, fantastic results on my clothing, no animal tallow products
The use of palm oil and the packaging is not OK

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I would also like to see the packaging changed from plastic to a recyclable carboard.

Great for softening clothes.

Have used product for about 1 year. Works great at softening clothes and removing static. It smells strong in bottle but doesnt leave a lingering scent on clothes. Although a lot of people comment that it is a cheap softener, you need to use a lot of product, so it is not actually as cost effective as it first seems, though its still reasonabley priced if you work out $ per wash.
Better for evironment, Great at softening and removing static.
Doesnt leave a lingering scent on clothes when clothes are dry. Packaging is NOT user friendly. Have to use ALOT of product. Scent is limited to 1 option.

Try it

Good product. Does what it is suppose to. Very budget friendly. I think it's the cheapest on the market. I wish Earth Organics would come up with different packaging for there detergents and other cleaning products. I don't find it practical and I tend to find the products leak too easily. This would have to be my only major downside. This products fragrance is a little too strong for my liking. It would be good if they brought out other with different fragrances. Overall, good product that works and I like how it's mainstream and readily available at most supermarkets

This is a great low priced product.

This is a really nice smelling fabric softener. I have tried most of the Earth Choice products because they are very low in price and they seem to work pretty well. Plus, they are usually very low in scents. This one is no exception. The bottle is a bit smaller than the 2 litre bottles you usually buy with the other more expensive softeners. However, this one works just as well and it comes in a lovely shade of light blue. It is very low in smell, however, I feel that it can be lower than this because this smell is a bit too much for me.
This is a great inexpensive fabric softener which is supposedly more naturally made and contains less chemicals than the other ones on the shelf.
I wish they had another variety which has even less fragrance than this one because once you start using this one, you can really smell how it is a bit too strong. Its not as strong as others, but still strong enough.


I used to use comfort softener which you can not buy anymore and have searched around for an alternative and this is the only one that didnt make my clothes stink of fabric softener.Great price too at coles I think it's only $1.90.
This fabric softener is low scent and very cheap (less than $2)
container is a bit flimsy and can be hard to handle. Very soft plastic that when you get half way through goes out of shape as you try to pour. but if this is because its environmentally friendly then fine with me.


Finally a fabric softener that I can use without harming the environment! I only found this a few months ago and haven't looked back. My husband has very sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate his skin which is great. Not only that, it works. Clothes feel softer and smell lovely. Noticed it said not to use on children's bed clothes as it lessens the low fire rating.
Love this product! Smells nice, makes fabrics feel softer, better for the environment and cheap, cheap, cheap!!
A larger bottle and an easy to pour bottle would be handy. Refills would be good that would save more plastic being used.


Considering this is one of the cheaper products on the market, and it is a brand that puts emphasis on the environmental aspects of it's product, this is a great buy! It does what it is meant too without reminding you forcefully through smell, you don't need much for it to be effective so it lasts well and the packaging is recyclable. Great product.
It doesn't have an overpowering smell which is fantastic for allergy sufferers like me. It leaves the clothes soft and fresh smelling, without smelling perfumed. It is also one of the cheaper softners on the market.


I love it. Been using it for more than a few years now. Started when I was looking for fabric softener that is cheap and doesn't smell too strong. I have a feeling that if laundry agents leave the smell on your clothes it means it leaves traces of chemical too and that can come to contact on your skin. Earth Choice doesn't. I use both laundry detergent, woolen detergent, and fabric softener. My washing smells great out of the washing machine, and usually smells nothing chemical but a fresh clean cloth when it is dry - which I like!
Cheap, smell right for the clothes (not too strong).
should come in a bigger bottle


I really love the Earth Choice products because they are better for the environment than a lot of other products and can be used on both front and top loading machines. You do really feel they are doing everything they say they will. The cost of this product is a lot cheaper than others.
Earth Choice is one of my favourite brands for cleaning products. This softner is affordable and you know you are doing something good for the environment while saving money at the same time. The softner is not harsh on clothes and comes in a nice scent.
There is none.


I use eco balls (which are scent-free) to wash my laundry and Earth Choice Pure Soft gives a hint of fragrance without being overly perfumed or chemical smelling. This product has all the ethical considerations I require and its performance is equal to or greater than its competitors.
I love Earth Choice products because I want everything stringently cleaned without perpetuating negative environmental impact. Recycled PET packaging, not tested on animals, competitively priced.


I started buying this as it was one of the only ones that is marked as cruelty free (and I had heard that softners are often made from animal fat??) It is supposed to be more environmentally friendly although I have no way of really knowing. The price point is pretty reasonable given that usually if something is organic, environmentally friendly or animal friendly etc the price seems to jump whether thats because the choices are limited and the companies can make more or because the production costs are actually more I don't know but I had been buying one from the health food shop that was double the price of this - this item is prety much inline with its competitors. It is readily available at IGA, Woolworths and Coles. Only con is that it doesn't come in a larger bottle or have refills available but hey maybe there is a reason for that. Happily recommend!
Cruelty Free - Environmentally Friendly - Price Point - Readily Available
That it doesn't come in bigger bottles

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