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Comfort Fabric Conditioner

Latest review: Comfort used to have a Rainforest Green version that I just loved and they discontinued it. I hated every other fragrance Comfort had , too strong, sickly, headache inducing. Nothing fresh. I have

Natures Organics Earth Choice Pure Soft

Latest review: DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS PEOPLE. There is nothing Earth friendly about the total annihilation of the forest in Indonesia and Sumatra - the last place on EARTH orangutans, rhinos, tigers and


Latest review: Fluffy fabric softener only use it if you don’t care about your things getting bleached. Leaves big orange stains on my towels, bed linen etc from using the coconut and vanilla range. Also the summer


Latest review: Cuddly bottle products in end of April 2018. At that time, we firstly saw the quality issue on Cuddly 450ml bottles. The quality issue description is too thick (condensed); water doesn't dilute it;

Natures Organics Purity Sensitive

Latest review: I tried this with fleecy sheets in my front loader and then sun-dried. The sheets were really stiff when dry an seemed to be covered in something waxy. It's taken a number of washes without the

Huggie Ultra Concentrate

Latest review: This smells really good and makes clothes softer and brighter. Available at reject store and Big W. got the yellow one. Recommended. Gonna stick to this for a while

Anco (Aldi) Soft Ultra

Latest review: Picked this up in a hurry on our way to vacation.good price 1 litre dilutes to 4 litres so saves a lot of space and vey easy to mix 1 cap softener to 3 caps wayer. Left towels and clothes soft and

Coles Fabric Softener

Latest review: I used to buy this product from Coles in corrimal when I used to shop in corrimal and found it pretty good as it does a good job softening the clothes and smells alright / if I shop at Coles I would

Woolworths Select Creme Concentrate

Latest review: I am using this one at the moment (Jojoba Oil). At this time I am adjusting my family budget by trying different types of home products. I do not think I would come back to this product again because

Earth Choice 4x Fabric Softener

Latest review: Bought this product after smelling in the supermarket seemed to smell ok and was on sale for a lot cheaper than my usual cuddly fabric softener ..... my clothes came out smelling ok from the machine

Caribic (Aldi) Concentrate

Latest review: I pour it into my mop bucket with hot water and gives my tile floor a wonderful scent throughout the whole day. Make sure to put some laundry detergent in the bucket first. Give it a go. I always get

Woolworths Select Fabric Softener

Latest review: Very, very disappointed with this fabric softener. Used this particular product for the first time, placed in fabric dispenser as usual but has left ghastly greasy looking stains on the sheets and

Anco (Aldi) Soft

Latest review: Most of the Aldi products I rave about but this one is a shocker. If you have sensitive skin and prone to irritations this item is bad news. Since using this I have scratched myself mad.

Vanish Preen Oxi Action Trigger

Latest review: Back In May 2017 my partner and I bought a new dooner cover & pillow cases. I have always wanted white ones I begged my partner of 8 years to have them. Finally he agreeed & I found the perfect ones,

Coles Ultra Sensitive

Latest review: this so called 'Ultra Sensitive' Fabric Softener has the most poisonous smell. It smells worse than the inside of a dry cleaners shop. Seriously I had to find a place to review this product because

Vanish Press Gold Oxi Action

Latest review: This product has left very visible yellow stains on the collar and yoke of an almost new business shirt. I am horrified with this result and will be taking it up with the manufacturer. I see I'm

Method Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener

Latest review: Fabric softener was supposed to be lavender. Smells like rotting flesh. Total waste of money. Cost $16.00. Four times more than my usual