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Nestle Starz Space Food Sticks

Nestle Starz Space Food Sticks

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Bring them back!

My whole family loved them! We need them back in our life, I remember raiding mums stash of these, or she’d buy them for school lunches & they never made it to the school lunch... Please I beg you bring them back.

Missing you daily

Space food sticks chocolate or caramel, didn’t matter which flavor were always a favorite for my kids lunch boxes and would love to see them back in supermarkets. I am still hopeful.

F u Nestle

Nestle why can’t ya bring them back everyone is begging you for it so why don’t you bring them back


These were the absolute best!!! It sucks so much that they got rid of them! What I would give to try them again! :((

Can't believe this product is finished!!!!' Surly there some somewhere?!!!

A fun and tasty memory of my past. Now wanting to share with my son Wondering why I hadn't seen the product so decided to use the net and find the closest store that stocks my favourite product. Now I'm really disappointed !!!

Listen to your market. Bring back Space Food Sticks

Your audience has been crying out for 4 years now for you to bring back a family and Australian icon - Nestle Statz Space Food Sticks. Don't you think it's time you listened and acted?

Nestle please bring them back!!!

So many of us fondly remember them from our childhoods. You have a market there. Even if you were to trial their return as “ for a limited time.”
Please please reconsider.

Caramel were my favourite. I’d like my kids to have them. :(


I miss these soooo much.
I wish that i knew i didnt have time to eat one more. Please try to think of bringing back the chocolate ones


That is not fair

The ladies in the school canteen referred to these as "Caramel Cardboard!!"

But I would buy them over and over! These were great! My mate used to eat the chocolate ones but I liked the Caramel. Bring'em back for sure!

Brings back old memories

Who hasn't had this?! I could remember sneaking around my mum because I couldn't stop eating them! love love love!

Bring em back

Whats the reciepe? I know it wasnt made to serve six give us all ingredients... the whole batch info and let us work out the math. Or bring em back

Loved them as a child also.

I would love a few boxes of the stuff right now to eat. These things were very addictive and tasty too. Bring them back! Any confectionery Company who starts making Space bars again will make a good deal of money.

YUMMY - Space Food sticks

i'm in my mid 50's and have eaten Space Food sticks for as long as i care to remember, i could never stop at one bar.........Nestle, you need to bring them back, here's a hint how to reap more money from bringing them back ...."sack the mongrels that wanted to get rid of them" - you'll save a fortune!

What the

Bring them back chocolate great flavour not cheap to buy, so if we the public are willing to pay the price way can't they come back

Bring them back

Can't believe another childhood staple has gone. Disappointed and disgusted a regular growing up and with my own children. School lunches, road trips, camping trips and now due to more corporate misjudgement they are gone. Bring them back,

Space food sticks... Come back !!!!

I am gutted. I have searched the shelves and the Internet. No Space Food sticks anywhere... Bring them back, please!!

Very disappointied Nestle.

I am gutted that you (Nestle) have ceased production of Spacefood Sticks.
Don't patronise us, by saying "you are sad when iconic products are deleted"
Just like Arnotts, no loyalty to your customers, and surely not for profit, (as they weren't cheap) but that must be your bottom line, save a few fractions of a cent at the expense of loyal customers.
Pull your heads in and re-enstate Spacefood Sticks

5 Sars for the sticks......................... 0 STARS CAUSE U BUGGERS TOOK THEM AWAY

Please bring the Space Food Sticks BACK :( all the good things get taken away this is the pits. Why the heck did u take them off the market.

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Can Nestle provide the recipe for space food sticks if it is truly not interested in producung them. Will Nestle give the brand away if they are sure there is no profit to be had?
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I miss them as well.. im thinking they were high in carcinogens and extreme trans fats ... They where soooo good lol

This Was the first thing i ate as baby and you take it away . Any person I talk to and mention space food sticks everyone knows what they are and are sadden that you cannot buy them anymore I think as a brand in this day and age it would be a smart business move to bring them back and see the popularity for the Australian loved Space food stick in chocolate/caramel come back
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I just had a "Musashi High Protein Low Carb" milk choc brownie purchased from Woolworths. First bite in I thought - 80's Spacefood sticks! They are a different size and shape, but texture and taste is almost exactly like I remember.

where can i buy these
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Hi Paul Sorry there is nowhere to buy space food,however if you type in space food into Google you will find a recipe hope that helpseven if you do find the recipe it is for Peanut Butter flavoured ones..... yuk, Caramel & Chocolate were the best!


Starz Space Food Sticks
Release dateJan 2011