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Cant go wrong for under $14 a month!

Great streaming service. Loads of movies and tv series to choose from. Spoilt for choice. Easy to use. Love the kids section. I couldn't do without Netflix anymore. Love to ability to download content to watch when we go away camping or trips in the car. Netflix certainly shows in my opinion some of the best TV shows or all time. Definitely 5 stars from me!

Poor Parental Controls and Ratings

I wanted to give my older kids access to watch MA15+ but not R. You'd think this would be a no-brainer but not so for Netflix who only gives a choice between M or MA15/R, nothing in between. Stupid! I also noticed recently that some G rated movies should not be G at all and discovered by searching the net, that if a movie is not rated at all, it gets a G by default. It's about time Netflix took some responsibility for their content and provided parents with decent parental tools. I'm now looking for a new platform.

"After Life" on Netflix

This is a very moving and thoughtful 6 part series. I got teary and I laughed - the show had it all.
Thank you for this series - more like this please.

Love It! But...

I have had Netflix for a few years now and it has been great but yesterday one of my favourite shows was taken off it and I honestly have no idea why. The Vampire Diaries is a hugely successful show with 8 seasons so I don't know why it would be taken off. I and I think a lot of other people too, would like it to come back onto Netflix in Australia.

Fraudulent use

Someone has fraudulently used my email to access Netflix for six months Netflix has advised they have no account in my name at my address and my tv can't operate Netflix but they won't cancel the $9.50 each month on my phone account not fair.

Netflix is crap

There are no new movies on Netflix. There are loads and loads of adventure or action movies missing from Netflix. Vikings Episode 5 season 11 to 20 is missing.
I have tried to be positive and managed to look at a few Episodes of different series but man this Netflix is so bloody boring. Don't continue to waste your time and money with this crap.

Best Online Streaming Service Out There

Broad range of programs, easy to use interface and great 'suggested' content that keeps you up to speed with new releases. Especially enjoying the documentary content which was difficult to access in a cost effective way through Foxtel

$10 per month, you can't beat it

Netflix is fantastic.
I was signed up to Netflix even before it was officially available in Australia.
I just think it is an amazing deal, watch as much as you want for so little per month.
Maybe I think this because I remember the days that all we had was 4 black and white TV channels!!

Netflix crap

What has happened to Netflix. There is so much foreign crap that is not worth watching. Waste of money!!! Not worth subscription.

RV Traveling perfect solution almost.

2 months in and still finding enough good movies and documentary’s to keep me happy.
Disappointed that all my downloads expire before I can look at them!!!

So the negatives about downloads.
Whilst traveling in my RV not wanting to use mobile data so downloaded before leaving when on wifi.
All seemed perfect. But then they all expired at once and now I only have mobile data.
I used 30gb and topped it up - that then wasted at least 75% of mobile data because they then also expired.
My suggestion only download a couple that you can watch in the next few days when stuck on mobile data. However it is very annoying.
Also note that everything will expire at the renewal period. This happens even when you have no internet connection, because sadly it is built within the app.

80% Foreign language junk!

In my suggested movies and tv series over 80% of them are foreign language with subtitles... You should be able to opt out of this rubbish! I don't mind watching movies and tv shows that were originally in a foreign language as some of them are great if they have english audio dubbed over it... At the moment there is a huge lack of watchable content...

I'm going back to stan...

Netflix decides what you watch. Not you!

When initially registering, the choice and variety of movie selectios is grand and impressive!

Soon after short use, all the choices magically dissapear and i am left with only a few and quite soecific movies to watch.
Even when you type in search the title of a series or movie it will still not show it to you (even if you were watching it last week on netflix.

limiting availabe shows while promoting others (..you dont want to watch!) will do wonders for the company im sure.

Love my Netflix

Sure it’s not as good as the USA.
But I still love it.
It’s affordable and there are plenty of shows for the whole family.
Love binge watching my favourite shows and not having to wait a week.
Have found the customer service great.

Great Viewing.

Personally I love Netflix as it has a great variety from standup Comedy to Old Classics.
I guess my only concern is it can become boring because of lack of title changes and Mainstream movies take time to come out.
Overall though for the price its a bargain and leaves foxtel in its wake.
Well done Netflix.

Not bad, but not enough content to watch

I like Netflix, it has some good content to watch and it available to watch straight away, and also the price is good, however, would be great if they have invested in getting more movies and tv shows to select from

What happened

Use to love Netflix but all of a sudden their is a massive load of international shows without English so you are ledt to read subtitles. Come on Netflix happy to see these but at least have dubved it. Its just frustrating. Where is any Australian content. Alot now is Netflix originals and tgey are just so bad on watching. Bad acting and extremely cheap sets.

So over it

Not happy at all, so called new releases are shows I watched on free to air 2 years ago. New seasons of blockbuster shows are available on free to air long before Netflix has them, so what am I paying for? Nothing!!
Netflix Australia needs to lift it’s game big time if they want to maintain a consistent, strong subscriber base.

Some good shows but needs more

I have had Netflix for about 1 year now and at first it was very exciting to see what they had but as time went on i am having a hard time finding something great to watch. Netflix needs to get some better movies/ series to watch

Loved the service, hated the security issues

I have loved Netflix for well over a year, love the movies, had no issues with the service at all.

Price at AU$13.99 per month was great was regularly DD by Netflix Melbourne.

Upset with my Credit Card being compromised within Netflix.

Because of holiday and study leaving me no free time, I ceased the service in December just before next billing cycle. Just noticed today that I have been charged after that $19.99 December & $20 January by Netflix USA ($13.99 US) on the exact same billing cycle.

In a Chat with customer service, they told me my credit card had been compromised, when I asked them how that happened, all I was told was that there was another email address setup using my credit card, they wouldn't give me the email address, but they started a ticket to cancel my credit card so that no one could ever use it. When I pointed out the cycle was exactly the same and I would like that ticket to also note that this is a formal complaint requesting that this breach be investigated, he told me that the ticket would ONLY cease my card being charged. When I asked how to lodge a complaint, he said they had no information on how to do that.

I have the transcript of the full conversation.

I have contacted my bank, cancelled the credit card and am now looking for how to lodge a complaint about Netflix, any help is welcome.

I want to return to Netflix when I have time again, but only after I obtain a credit card with smaller uses just for Netflix and similar accounts IF they fix or acknowledge the security breach.


Cancelled 15 minutes after opening account

I opened an account didn't like much on there so closed account they had already taken 9.99 out of my bank. So much for 3 months free. I then spoke to them on their chat client there they tell me it will take 30 business days for a refund. Not happy

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