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Is this all there is?

Netflix Oz is clearly buying too many foreign non english speaking movies and the choices are bad for english speaking tv shows and movies. They take way too long to post series and are buying inferior not good the first time old movies. There should only be one international netflix or aus and american having access to same shows. And the selection is depressing and nazi movie oriented. Really?

Crap movies

Too much garbage, not enough latest films ... some good dramas like Outlanders and Bloodline and Riverdale, but the good dramas are few, most of it is crappy American cheap crap, how they even get to get on the screen is beyond me.

Really thankful to Netflix

Apart from all the other great shows on Netflix they saved my favourite show Lucifer thank you! just watched season 4 brilliant. Please Netflix tell us you are doing season 5 !!!! Netflix shows are great quality

Needs new things to watch

About the other good thing on netflix now is trailer park boys its pretty what netflix has become if your thinking of trying a streaming service id recommend stan its got a lot more to watch

Love Love Love

So much to view, series updated on time and always new movies and shows. The kids also never miss out, there’s plenty for them including so much wiggles, bob the builder etc

Really need game of thrones on netflix

Netflix can you please host all seasons for GOT? I have been a subscriber for 3 years on Netflix and never get content in demand on it. The least you can do is host GOT. You don’t want your subscribers to move to another online channel to find the more in-demand content.

Christian movie category

Just wondering why you have LGB movies category but no Christian movie category.. I'm very disappointed and as a Christian I would like to watch Christian movies...and is there an option to remove this from my categories.. thank you. And God bless.

Great Variety Of Movies And TV Shows Always Something To Watch

Me and my partner Love Netflix. There is always something to watch. We are currently watching lost in space which is a amazing TV series! Great amount of movies and tv shows for all tastes. Highly Recommended Better Than any other streaming Provider. Very happy with Netflix!

I mean... why not?

Netflix has a range of different movies, shows, anime, etc. I truly do love Netflix. BUT, my only complaint is the English voice-overs of foreign shows, like maybe they think it's helpful? but actually it's quite annoying and I would very much appreciate it GoNe. I can read the subtitles with ease, but these voice overs are ruining it.

P.S To the person who invented 'skip intro', bless ur soul, you're a legend.

Great variety

Have had netflix for 2 years. Love the variety and getting some feature movies. Downside that no longer have disney and would be great if they got licences to other shows that are on foxtel

Keep cancelling series I am in the middle of watching !

Real pain when I am watching a series and go back to continue watching...Its CANCELLED.. They have my email, the know I am part way through. Please let me know !!!
Lots of B Grade Movies, Foreign Films & Series

Like it better thanfoxtek

New movies new shows like everything about Netflix the only show they don’t show is Wentworth then there are other different types of movies series and tvs how’s so werehappy

Can't live without my Netflix

Streaming quality is good.
Streaming quality is better than other services such as Stan.
Runs on surprising little bandwidth.
The range of material is good. I love shows like Bleaky Blinders and Travellers.

Netflix be fooled customer, thief

Beware of Netflix, they charge customer even it’s been cancelled service, never save your cards on system, they are thief..it’s worried things to have the account, stay away using them

Netflix charging for service they have not provided.

I had a Netflix Account from Jan 18-Jan 19.
However, I noticed that I was receiving notification of payment from Paypal after closing my netflix account.
Today I called and spoke to someone at netflix.
It seems that I had initially opened an account with a misspelling in my email address, an then two days later opened an account with the correct spelling.
Now the operator told me that you would have gone back to log into your account but not being able to log in, would have created a new account.
The operator confirmed that there has been no usage on the account with the wrong spelling, but that they can only refund me for 6 Months - being Nov 18-April 19. But they cannot refund me for the Jan-Nov 18 amount.
I know that if I had paid more attention to my bank account I would have realized that I was being charged twice instead of once. However, I do not know how NETFLIX can justify charging someone for 10 months when all the facts put together clearly demonstrates that there was no intention by the user to create two accounts. One has clearly not being logged into or used at all.
Furthermore, I have been told (by the same operator) that NETFLIX has no internal dispute resolution, and that I have to lodge a complain with PAYPAL.


Netflix is good when there are things to watch. But when AUS is getting new seasons at least a year after America, it's no wonder there is so much illegal downloading!

Save your time and money

always crashes,won’t reload. Don’t purchase or even use free trial period as they charge you anyway, for something that doesn’t work. Save your time and money try something worth it

Great, but....

With the exception of limited content due to international licensing (which I Netflix cannot be blamed for, the only issue I have with Netflix is that they force foreign language shows and movies on us. You read the title and the synopsis, thinking "this looks good", only to discover once you've started, that it's a Hindi, Turkish, Spanish or whatever show. This really bugs me. My settings are set to "English", but that's not what I am presented.

They should set up a foreign language (with categories of course) section, so that people like my wife (with her own profile) can watch foreign language titles if they so choose.

I've complained to Netflex, which basically told me to suck it up.

Netflix - I do not want foreign language titles forced on me!

I Walked Away After 8 Months.

In August 2018, I decided to see what all the fuss was about, regarding streaming tv. On my birthday I signed up to Netflix. Easy to join. I found the amount of shows that was on offer to be very good. And the $10 per month cost was more than reasonable. I started "my list", & by early this year, I had 500 things on it. Wasn't allowed to add anymore. I was a bit disappointed with this. Why can't "my list" be endless? Since joining last year, one thing has really been bugging me.The messy, crazy, 'un-user friendly' interface! I describe myself as being very "technologically challenged". When online, I need something that's very basic & simple to use. Netflix, your interface was just making me more & more irritated every time I had to navigate my way around it & it put me right off! I'd had enough in April this year, & opted out. I'm on Stan now. Stan's interface is much more to my liking. Hallelujah! Very simple & easy to use. Netflix, you need to do something, & make your interface much easier for people like me to use! I may return one day if you do. In the meantime, I'm enjoying Stan immensely. I'm finding their tv shows/movies to be really good. And best of all, their interface really agrees with me. Which means that I don't get irritated anymore. Oh! And one more thing - the "my list" on Stan is unlimited. I posed a question to Stan regarding this. Very nice to hear. Take note, Netflix bosses! :)

Netflix Australia is CRAP

I subscribed to Netflix as a source of quick, a choice, entertainment and aside from occasional subtitled and unsubtitled series or movie most options are vanilla. .... I am going to cancel subscription get better choice from FREE SBS on demand .....

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Questions & Answers

Is anyone else experiencing trouble with Netflix today 22nd may 2019 cannot get movies to play or even contact them.
2 answers
Yes!!!! not loading anythinghave you been able to contact them

Why does my TV monitor not show all episodes of Dynasty Season 2
1 answer
Are you looking in the section Continue watching my shows? Sometimes if you've been watching it will show there but not in programs... Then see the three boxes down bottom on right you should be able to click on there if not click on season 1 and it should show other seasons

Why was Chasing Life taken off Netflix? I love that show & I wasn’t finished watching it. Will it come back on Netflix?
1 answer
No sorry, buy the DVD

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