This "medicine" is POISON

My dog was given NexGard by his vet yesterday (February 9th, 2019) to help with fleas, and not even 24 hours later, he is incredibly lethargic and cannot use his hind legs. His appetite has diminished, and he doesn't wan't to drink water. My dog went into the vet completely fine (all he needed was his nails clipped and a flea treatment) and he came out SICK and UNABLE TO WALK. I highly advise you NOT to give this poison to your dog unless you are wanting them to get sick and become immobile. If he does not pull through, I will becoming back here and writing another review to advise people once again NOT to give this to your dog.

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Value for Money
Ease of Use
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Side effects on my cockapoo

The dog is 3 yrs old, always,given nexguard by the vet.
The last 2 months, she would shake, refuse food and water, hide and very lethargic 24 hrs after given the pill.
She is biting her paws and scratching her ears.
The vet has now decided to stop giving it to her.
Hopefully she wont have any long term side effects.
Do not use this product

Purchased at Vet office.

Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet Type:Dog

Total Poison

Used this product for about 7 months. It was great at killing fleas and ticks. Unfortunately it also killed my dog. What they don’t tell you is that the neurological chemicals that kill the fleas and ticks builds up in the dogs body resulting in a terrible neurological death for your pet. I gave it 1 star because 0 was not an option.

Purchased for $134.00.

Side Effects Death

Product doesn’t work.

I have had pets for over 50 years and never had a flea problem. But Vet changed her to Nexgard and now my home is infested with fleas.

All in one!

I give this to my two pugs. Great as an all round prevention. They don't have any trouble swallowing it. I haven't had any trouble thus far.

Unacceptable pet health. .

BEWARE, this poison Nexgard, appears to build up in some dogs bodies.
Proper, independent testing has NOT been done on nexgard, only tests done were by the corporation's scientists!
After the latest dose of nexgard on Jan 8, a new bout of compulsive scratching and itching started again, as with previous doses, leading to more inflamed red hot spots and red inflamed feet. After 2 or3 days I noticed one dog shaking for no apparent reason, then having difficulty walking with a noticably different and awkward gait. A few days later) complete disorientation, eyes madly moving side to side, with an apparent inability to focus, loss of coordination, loss of strength of hind legs, stumbling and then inability to walk and lethargy,
Two maltese shitzu sisters have been on nexgard for 5 or 6 months (doses). Each dose has caused outbreaks of red hot spots on their bodies and limbs, which they constantly chew at, and red inflamed paws, which they constantly lick and chew, and dry flakey skin, which they are also forever always licking.
The point being, that considering this chemical kills ticks and fleas which bite them once, what effect can be expected on dogs from the dog ingesting the chemical repeatedly? Unknown, and Untested!
This could explain reports of dead ticks on dogs 10 months after ceasing using this nerve poison.
Untested! ? What effect then on us dog lovers, people who pat, groom and even sleep with our dogs?

Why would a Vet refuse to consider that the product he sells has caused these problems, and instead diagnose a possible brain infection and prescribe anti biotics and charge $300.?
Is it because if nex gard is the cause there is no remedy?
Idiopathic is a word Doctors and Vets are taught at Uni; it means unknown cause.
Are Drs. and Vets idiopathic?

DON'T USE Nexgard chewables

My dog suffered notable hives, and vomiting, 5 months after her first chew, so after 5 chews. I changed her diet. My vet said Nexgard chewables were safer, less toxic than the topical. Therefore, I didn't consider them the problem. I reduced her dose to every other month to be cautious. When hives and vomiting returned, w/a strange cough, I ceased using Nexgard. It was too late. She had developed an inoperable heart tumor, after 7 chews, or 9 months. She died 2 months after diagnosis from heart failure, caused by the rapidly growing tumor. Flea and tick medication is for topical use only.

No problems

I have 5 huskies I order out of the UK I have not had any problems with Nexgard since they been on it

I guess it works but i am worried

After reading these reviews I am worried about the cumulative effects this poison may have on my very healthy dog. We live in the #1 tick hotspot of Australia (Sydney's Northern Beaches), and we've already had a cat die due to paralysis tick, and nurtured another through (he's currently down again with 2nd tick of the season). My dog hasn't yet had a tick on him, although he did transfer one to me one day. He wanders through the garden and has remained tick free all year. Is this due to the product? Or due to his breed - Rhodesian Ridgebacks are supposed to be more robust when it comes to ticks. Either way I am concerned about using this product non-stop so will halt using it at the end of summer. I also use homeopathic remedy in the water bowl of my pets (ixodes and ledum) which may or may not be helpful, but at least aren't poisons.

I have stopped giving this to my dog!

I haven't had a dog for a while and was told by the local pet shop that Nexgard was a good product. I noticed every time after I gave it to my dog she would vomit and scratch her skin and ears for days. I decided to do some research as I had a gut feeling that it was the Nexgard. After researching Nexgard on the internet I found hundreds of people in the same boat with their dogs having reactions to the product. I have stopped using the product.

Doesn't Work - My Dog Still Got a Tick Born Disease

My dog has been on this flea and tick treatment since a puppy (October 2018) and was recommended by my vet at his first puppy visit. I assumed it was doing the trick as I did not see fleas or ticks on him so I continued to use it for the last year and have NEVER MISSED A DOSE (NOT EVEN BY A DAY). My dog just had is one-year exam at the vets and after getting his bloodwork back they determined that he has Anaplasmosis (a tickborne disease). I spent hundreds of dollars buying this preventative only for it to not work. Not worth the money in my opinion as I still spent hundreds of dollars treating the Anaplasmosis.

Nexgard is pure poison!

My dog experienced itching, diarrhoea, lethargy and loss of appetite. Don’t give this to your dogs. Pure poison!! She was so healthy before. Nexgard destroyed her and made her sick.

I give these to my two doggies on the first of each month.

I have two maltese x jack russell dogs 12 months old. They were taking the >4kg tablets when younger as we have a concerning paralysis tick issue. Now big kids, they have been taking the >10kg tablets on the first of each month so I never forget.
I have not seen one tick on my dogs this spring/summer- praise the Lord!
I refuse to give synthetic tick control products, including this one, 5 stars as I believe any chemical(s) that can keep something as aggressively debilitating as paralysis ticks at bay CANNOT be totally benign to our canine friends. Also, the active ingredient apparently is part of the isoxazoline family of chemicals. If you do an online search of the news using the keyword 'isoxazoline' there are quite a few researched pieces that issue warnings on using products that contain these chemicals.
Unfortunately, for me, it is the lesser of two evils as I have had a dog die a cruel death from paralysis tick when I first moved here. I was not as educated on the IMPORTANCE of checking your pet daily. This MUST be done even if your dogs do take NexGard as nothing is 100% perfect.
One of my dogs has had no visible adverse reactions to NexGard tablets but one did vomit over 24 hours after ingesting a chew last month. Was it related? I honestly don't know. But they are generally very happy and healthy to my knowledge.
One last thing, my vet tried to get me to switch to Bravecto, now that the dogs are over 12 months of age, but this apparently is one tablet, to be administered, every 3 months. A chemical that lasts in the dog's body, liver etc. for 3 months must be quite strong I believe. I said no thanks to that. In addition, I thought I would forget a tablet once every few months then just having to remember to give one to each pet on the 1st of each month.

I hope this review is helpful for you.

Works great

I don’t know why everyone is complaining. All flea and tick treatments are poison, because they kill fleas and ticks. My dog is 11kg and has no problem eating these, and has no reaction. There is a possibility of a bad reaction with any medication, so why this one is getting so much slack, I don’t know. But it works perfectly for my dog

My Rottweiller survived a paralysis tick as I found it early the vets treated her with a strong does

Kidney Failure after 3 months of treatment, no health concerns prior. She started vomiting and then became lethargic and not eat

Caused my border collie to have seizures

15 days after his dose of NexGard, my beautiful two-and-a-half-year-old border collie had a seizure and 9 days later he had a cluster of five, cost us $700 to take him to the emergency hospital, where they put on anti-seizure medicine, and pretty much told us he would be on at the rest of his life. Hopefully, that won't be the case he had a slight seizure the day after the hospital visit, and I took him to our veterinarian who believes, as well as I do, that he was poisoned by NexGard. This stuff should be banned! And just because a dog is fine on it for a month or two doesn't mean it's not going she caused horrible at first effects.

Doesn’t work! Waste of money

This is expensive crap that doesn’t work. Both my dogs have ticks on them every time they go out! Looking for a natural antidote now! Don’t waste your time on this poisonous crap.

Can't live without it

My dog is very allergic to fleas. 1st day on this medicine and the fleas are gone. It is amazing!!! Can't say enough good things about it.

Made my dog vomit repeatedly

Bought this to try as an alternative to topical treatment but it made my dog very sick with repeated vomiting
Returned rest of pack to vet for refund and they said this was common

Nearly killed my dog

Caused seizures, cost a fortune and months to get him right, also caused his coat to develop grey patches which disappeared once we detoxed him, caused weight loss and sickness.

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Questions & Answers

Last night i gave my lab puppy her dosage of nexguard and heartgard chewables and within 2 hours her stomach bloated and she looked uncomfortable. After reading all of these reviews about people saying their dogs have been having seizures and such it has me extremely worried. Did anyone’s dogs experience these bad side effects from one single dosage and did it happen over months?
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My dog is 60lbs, on the weighy limit for two of the nexguards. Should I give her the 25-60lb chewable or the 60-120lb chewable?
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I have several boxes of the up to 10kg nexgard and have a 40kg dog. Can i give her 3 of the 10kg chewables? I have them from my dog that passed away and hate for then to go to waste...they arent cheap.
1 answer
It is based on weight, so shouldn't be a problem. You can check on each different box the ingredients amount relate to the weight range of the dog. They are too expensive.

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