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No Strings

No Strings

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Proof Nostrings.com is a dishonest site

According to United States Census records the town of Gustvaus,Alaska has a total population of 428 people as of 2016, 37% of the 428 people in the actual town are females yet on the nostrings.com website there are almost 200 women that are available in the age group of 35-55 yrs of age, making these numbers absolutely impossible to be accurate, proof this site is totally fraudulent. Adding to these already illegitimate numbers is the fact that of the 154 total females in the actual village 17% of the females are under the age of 18, leaving approximately 129 actual total women of the age 18 or older. The mathematical facts are of the total number of people in the village being 428 & 37% being women equals 154 & of the 154, 17% or (25) are under 18 years old. Leaving 129 total females 18 years of age or older. With these actual numbers according to the U.S. census it would be impossible for 198 women between the ages of 35-55 to actually even exist. Gustavus,Alaska was not the only village with these fraudulent numbers. For further proof substitute Gustavus with any other small population village or town with a total population of under 1,000 total residence in any state or even a low population country, example (Canada). I did not try any large urban center because of working with numbers in the hundreds of thousands or millions would be overwhelming. With that being said, I do not dismiss the probability that because of the sheer volume of larger cities that the chances of success would increase a higher probability of success.

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Thank you for a great review

Full of scammers

Its says 100% free to use all the features on the site. Then asking $10 dollars to unlock the profile forever . After paying $10 just after one hour banged me for no reason . Just stealing people money that's all

0 Stars if I could

Full of scammers!! I've chatted with three members who all have asked for money. One basically straight away, another after a couple of chats and the most disappointing was after a week of chatting thinking that you had a connection then the excuse for money came.

Your'e kidding??

Couldn't believe it!!. Everything to suck it to you paying for more. After that absolute crap. False profiles, prostitutes and slags!

Not worth it

Can't delete pictures or even account.Login problems, password not valid constantly. Can't login with new password as that's invalid too.

Recently redone and better than ever

I recently rejoined this site after seeing that they updated to a completely new redesign. It looks great and I was surprised to see it is still free to use. It has a much easier to use interface and you can search for people in your area by distance that are online and it shows them in a big list. They have apps too but can't comment as I am not using them.

Don't understand the bad reviews

Joined a few weeks ago and it's been pretty good! In that time I've met 2 girls. I did get a lot of no replies but I kept trying and bang it happened. I think people just need to be a bit more patient and some manners go a long way fellas :)

be warned!

No strings has great potential as a site but unfortunately during the time I have been using it I have received perhaps 10 or so contacts from various women and 90 to 100% have all been Scammers it must be very frustrating for the administration. And I don't know if there is anything they can do. So be warned!

Worst website ever

Joined and couldn't even get to the viewing stage. What an embarrassment for a dating site. Just the way the rest of Australia is going

Aussies can't even sign up on new android!

Upon hitting the "register"button, on an Australian mobile phone and as an Aussie, you get the message line "You cannot register, this site is for Australians only". You mean like people on Optus mobile phones? Dimwitted to the extreme. Probably designed by hipsters.

Austraia's No Strings Dating Site Review

Beware of no strings dating site. The site is very poorly managed and maintained. It is also very poorly set up and constructed. I found most of the features do not work at all and some work very inefficiently. I found i could not read other members messages and i could not return a messag. Why? There is absolutely no text window to write in.
What i did notice... You cannot delete your account when you discover you are unhappy with the sites features and poor performance.
It appears that the sit was halted halfway through its construction.
There appears to be very little security on it.
Beware before giving away your personal details.
The idea of the site is great but ti doesn't work.
Features don't work. messaging doesn't work. You cannot text. You cannot delete your account.

Free Australian Dating site and apps

I was a member of a few paid dating sites for years but I never got that much interest so I thought I would look for a free australian site. I found this one which only has australian members, although not that many yet which is the one downside. It is free though and because it only has australian members the people on there are 'real' and I have talked to a few in my area but haven't met any yet.

One thing that is great though is that it basically has everything I used to pay for and an app for my phone which the other paid sites I was with didn't actually have. It is also promoted on the page to message the owner with feedback and improvements on the site which I like because it makes you feel part of the community and if it is missing a few things, which it is you can message them about what you would like.
Australian, Free, Good community, Friendly, Features, People, Phone Apps
Could have more people

Questions & Answers

I want to delete my account and my review how do I do it ? And how can I contact the support team directly . Where is your phone contact number?
1 answer
Heads up: if you have premium service, cancel it 1st. I just wanted out, so I spotted in the “questions asked” section “deactivate your account” so I followed the steps. It’s location is in a drop down window under settings, YES I did it but didn’t realize premium service had to be canceled 1st. Once I closed my account I couldn’t get back to close the premium service. I had to finally cancel my credit card to stop these crooks but it took 3 billing cycles = 3 months of payments. One final note: if you noticed all the reviews only three were positive and the three positive reviews were overseas, bottom line if it’s an overseas company don’t even try it. THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER ON THE SITE.

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