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Oakley Kitchen Sink

Oakley Kitchen Sink

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It is well made, pleasing to the eye and beautifully conceived!

Exceptionally well made. Pleasing to look. It has great functionality and enormous storage capacity. The complaints of reduced accessibility caused by the glass/tech compartment on the top are unwarranted, a 180-degree flick and this stays open providing access. The central compartment is well divided and the main section unencumbered. The laptop access is secure and facilitated from both top and side. Overall extremely impressed.

Aesthetically pleasing - That is all..

I bought this backpack as I was heading across to the United States for a holiday. The first thing I noticed was the lack of space when packing as a carry-on for the flight. It just didn't hold as much as I expected.. I packed my laptop in the side compartment, a pair of runners in the bottom compartment a book, my travel documents, a hoodie and jeans in the main compartment and the bag was full. The front compartment was useless at this stage as it was being squeezed by the items in the main compartment. The side compartments would only be good for holding a packet or lollies or a very small bottle of water (i.e. less than 300mL). I'd suggest reconsidering purchasing this pack if you want some practicality..
Looks amazing
Useless compartments - Loss of practical capacity

Great face shame about the body

This backpack stood out from the crowd in the Oakley store and I really liked the look of it. It has lots of storage areas, dual access for getting at your laptop and plenty of options to sling extra gear from it if you wish to. The first thing I noticed in common use is that I use the main compartment the most and that flap on the top is extremely annoying, you need to hold it by the flap otherwise it does just that - closed.

The secondary compartment has lots of natty little storage pockets, but they are nothing special and there is no velcro fasteners in there so that if your pack has rolled upside down for some reason - all your carefully organised gear is now unorganised.

The side pockets are also aesthetically pretty with their velcro straps and serious looking zip pulls...but accessing these pockets while you're wearing the pocket proves quite difficult - no convenient place to put your water bottle unless you have one of those poncy bottles that you can hang off the pack with a carabiner, not a cycling-style water bottle that I have cupboard-loads of.

The flap does provide a degree of waterproofness and I haven't experienced any leakage to date. The main compartment is also segregated into an upper/lower compartment by a flexible wall type arrangement so you can have your dry clothes up top and put your wet clothes in the bottom (with drainage) - very handy - however, that flexible wall makes it very hard to find small objects and it sometimes takes a while to find the last pair of socks for the week as they've hidden themselves in the folds of the fabric.

Will I take it on my next overseas trip? Part of me wants to just to annoy the xray scanners at the airports, but the practical side of me says I'll be getting a lighter, more practical pack that suits my needs better. Lastly, the waistband strap, it's pretty serious but while handling the pack while not wearing it, the big metal buckle swings about and due to its serious heft creates quite a lot of noise and potentially damage.
Looks, waterproof, wet area, dual access for laptop
Accessibility, fiddly, poor design (useability), poor access whilst wearing, waistband/buckle

Poseur Pack

The Oakey kitchen sink is a "Poseur Pack", an urban backpack intended more for show than for hard work. Its fine for carrying a laptop and schoolbooks off the bus and into class, but it isn't an outdoors pack.

I have one (my wife bought it me as a present). I used it last year to do 58,000 miles traveling for work in 3rd world countries. It will fit as onboard luggage on intentional flights, and it is well made.

But I wouldn't like to hump it in the bush. It isn't particularly waterproof, its hard to put a waterproof cover on because of the metal junk, it weights too much (again the metal junk) and its not a good design. The cover flap falls back over the laptop, covering the main and secondary compartments. This makes getting anything out a hassle unless its a major "de-pack". Also its only 30L despite its size. Don't believe the "everything plus the kitchen sink" hype. It soon gets full. And its way too expensive for what it is.

On the other hand it impresses schoolkids.... The metal junk make it look very urban warrior.

I spend a lot of time in the military, and even more hiking and climbing. I have had more than my fair share of packs on my back - some good and some bad. I have a good 55L tan military MOLLE pack that I use these days for bush walking. I would have taken it with me on my third world work trips, but advertising yourself as ex military isn't a good idea in some places. It leads to lead poisoning. I took the Oakey instead.

There are far better packs, available far cheaper.

Worth $350

I spend a good part of my life with a bag on my back, and the Kitchen Sink has outlasted all other backpacks I've had by 2 years so far, and it still looks as good as it did on the day I bought it.

Its tough as nails, with steel zips and latches. There isn't a single tear or loose thread, no busted zippers, or even any scuff marks after 3 years of almost daily use.

There are heaps of pockets and compartments all over the bag. Even a hard moulded pocket on the top of it, which is good enough to protect sunnies or a phone. It can hold a 17" laptop.

All the times that I've been caught in the rain with the Kitchen Sink, the contents have never once been wet.

The Kitchen Sink is very comfortable to wear. It also comes with a removable 'utility belt'.

The only Con I can think of would be the price tag, but I honestly think its worth every cent.
All zippers and latches are steel. Comfortable. Very Waterproof. Tough, quality build. Lots of compartments.

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Oakley Kitchen Sink
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