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Omron HEM-7320

Omron HEM-7320

5.0 from 2 reviews

Excellent With Suprisingly Long Battery Life

I have the NZ version (7322). Been very impressed with the unit. I bought it after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and does a great job. Battery life is very impressive as use it every day and still going strong 6 months later.

Easy Fit Cuff - Very Accurate readings

As a health practitioner I've been using Omron for years due to being the only electronic blood pressure monitors that give consistently accurate results.

Purchased this one to replace an older model for home use - same great accurate readings with the benefits of a memory function for past readings & the easy-fit pre-molded cuff is awesome.

The standard cuffs from Omron are way too small for any mans arm and they're very hard to fit accurately - these pre-molded cuffs are large enough to fit most mens arms (except body-builders) and stay put whilst being super comfortable and easy to fit.

Just remember that you have to either have your unit serviced every 2 years by Omron to maintain accuracy (they have to be recalibrated) or you simply throw your old 2 year unit out and buy a new one (do not rely on results from a 2+ year old unit as it will not be accurate at all).

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