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Omron HEM-7600T

Omron HEM-7600T

4.7 from 3 reviews

Perfection to the core

I bought this machine HEM- 7600T (Made in Japan) from after thorough research. I was looking for a Blood Pressure Monitor hassle free in terms of handling, storage, accessories, accurate and tech friendly. After using twice a day for almost 3 months now I admit this is the best in its league. No chords No separate monitor No wrapping after monitoring No accessories only batteries.It captures your heart rate as well. Combined with OMRON Mobile app its amazing. After BP is captured in the machine one klik it gets transfer via Bluetooth to your app and APP gives you trend based on average readings( weekly/ monthly/ yearly). Hence no need to maintain diary. Go to your GP and show the App and if required one can export the reading chart and print the same as well. Initially i thought its very expensive (AUD200) but trust me its value for money. Its a wrap around arm model which is considered more accurate than wrist around model. From me **** STARS

Fantastic but...

Fantastic machine, for me the only thing missing is a decent carry pouch, the cardboard tube just does not cut the grade after a bit of use. Putting it back into the case and closing can be very frustrating. Omron..good machine, poor storage.

Excellence as expected by Market Leader

I have written some reports about tested blood-pressure meters of various manufacturers and especially about their hopeless or inefficient software to transfer data from the meter to the computer. Some of the software for some products is either not existing or does not work at all. Good news is that Omron has released an excellent product the HEM-7600T with a relevant app for either Android or iPhone. The HEM-7600T works with BlueTooth and it works perfectly blending in with Fitbit trackers and is giving the medical practitioner a very good overview about the health status of the patient. This is an excellent step forward to the often still lacking computerisation process between patient and the medical practitioner. There are two Omron products available working with BlueTooth and the relevant app. Both are excellent but I only have tested the very modern and very easy to handle HEM-7600. I highly recommend this product for everyone being willing to spend a little more money for something that is worthwhile to have and without being disappointed. Well done, Omron!

Questions & Answers

Omron HEM-7600T can test PULSE?
2 answers
Yes! It can test pulse and also irregular heart beat.Yes, for sure. It measures the speed of the pulse and records it in a statistic.

i bought a the HEM 7600T divice but unable to pairing with my Huawei p8 lite smart phone, any help?
No answers

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