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Onix (Aldi) 10.1"

Onix (Aldi) 10.1"

2.1 from 17 reviews

Was Pre-Owned

We were NOT TOLD that this tablet was PRE-OWNED. It had someone elses details in it. We restored it to factory reset & returned it. If purchased again the buyer should be told it is NOT NEW. These have poor sound ie not easy to hear, very low volume even on loudest setting. Also very slow for a quad core even on general internet browsing.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Purchased 2 for my girls for Christmas, both since been returned, green andriod monster - no command, unable to power off/shut down. I was not the only who returned theirs after christmas, was advised a few people return theirs with same and different problems few days after christmas. 2 very disappointed girls

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Simply perfect

Works perfect in all aspects. Excellent for my needs. Definitely recommend. I love it. Battery life great too. Glad I stumbled across this product! Thanks Aldi. So much better than previous products with same price tag. Accessories available on ebay with is an absolute bonus to me! Great stuff! :)

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Aldi 10.1 inch Tablet. I just wish that I'd read these comments before buying it, but then again, I bought it on the first day it was on sale, so there wouldn't have been any Reviews by then anyway. The worst piece of technology I've ever bought! It may have been cheap, but I didn't expect it to be this bad! Cheap is one thing, but to just throw away $100 is another. I even had to return the first one a day later as the touch screen didn't work properly. I also found that the screen scratched sooo easily! Both the first Tablet, then its replacement BOTH had a noticeable scratch on the screens within 24 hours & I am not hard on mt things. I've had my Samsung Galaxy for almost 5 years & not a mark on the screen & never had a scratch or crack on phone screens either, so it's not due to careless use. It certainly wouldn't be any good for children as they wouldn't be able to play even basic games on it, & the screen would be damaged in no time, even with very careful users. The replacement is so slow and it also hangs constantly. I haven't even been able to open FB or Messenger on it, let alone watch YouTube. I don't know if it's a software or hardware issue, but it really isn't good enough. I also found that only some of my podcasts would play on this tablet .. & intermittently at that! I'll be returning this next week & will pay the extra for a decent Samsung model again! VERY DISAPPOINTED - I expected better of Aldi!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Aldi Onix 10" Tablet

I Took it back after 24 hours of purchase. The photos were poor, the sound poor, and it freezes. Wish I'd read the reviews before purchasing. Why does Aldi still have it on their shelves if it had been discontinued? I then paid another $20 for a better one at Officeworks.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Get what u pay for

It’s only 100 dollars if u want a good tablet got to spend more money. . Can’t complain about when it that cheap. Get what u pay for. I got it for my two year old daughter and it will do until she is older. And if she cracks the screen it was still cheaper then a galaxy

Date PurchasedDec 2018

This is perfect!

I don't know what everyone's complaining about. I got mine from work $100 and it works and it runs fine.
It holds its charge even with the wifi on. No other issues. A tablet will only freeze and carry on if fill the hard drive up with a huge Amount of games and other crap. I've had no issues best $100 iv ever spent. If you don't like you're Onix tablet from aldi. I will Gladly take your tablet free of charge and free shipping within Australia and western Australia. In its box with charger cable and everything it came with in box. Do not give me a call if it is cracked or physically broken in any way. Here's my number +61435807822. Thank you.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Poor Product

this is a bad product it is slow, has a bad screen resolution, doesn't have any updates for the firmware and the touch screen sensors are so bad that sometimes you have to tap several times before it works. The cameras are shocking because they take baaaad photos. It doesn't hold charge well and the sound quality is also poor.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Worst Tablet available

The Onix 10.1 inch Tablet is not worth buying. There is a reason why this product is being discontinued. Blurred screen literally. Gives you a headache. Thin lines through middle of the screen. Past review's have stated that there's a slot for a sim card, this is not the case. There is a TF card slot. I would save your money or go to office works which is where I was going to get theirs until I noticed this one reduced to clear at Aldi for $79.99 reduced from $99.99 whereas the one at Officeworks is $90 I bought two for my youngest two children for Christmas a year ago and they are working better than this one which is three day's old.
Terribly disappointed with Aldi because usually their product's are very reputable.. Next time I'll read the review's prior to purchasing.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Purchased yesterday going back today

Only $ 69 but disappointingly not even worth that. Terrible screen very grainy. Took a photo and could barely make out the subject. Can't get to set up google as it crashes continuously. Nothing good to say really. Will reset and return as soon as the store opens.
Like Aldi generally and their food is top class - then they sell Chinese crap in the middle of the store which trashes their reputation - I don't get it.
PS> Re-set button didnt even work.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Not worth even the 88$

Had mine for a week had it up where I mean no one can get it we grab it down and the screen cracks right away grrr not happy with this and will never never buy again..... and to think I was going to get the screen fixed oh hell no 200$ to get it fixed.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Had for a couple of years

Had this tablet for a couple of years, after first one dropped. Have used in truck as navigation all over Oz, lots of dirt, rough, dust roads & vibration.
Has travelled OS on many trips. Been great.
Works fine. Agreed slow, but for the $89 I paid, you don't get a Ferrari.

Has sim card slot & inbuit GPS, so can navigate off grid ( where we mostly travel).

Not sure whether current one has these features, if they did, I'd buy another.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

poor tablet

Very slow poor memory does not hold its charge not a good product just as well it is discontinued also very difficult to find the opening to fit the charger. It is slow but for the price paid it was worth a try but not to be repeated again in the future

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Lasted 2 months

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas thinking I was a good dad and all. But you get what you pay for. Or rather you don't get anything really. The buttons on this stopped working only 2 months after she opened it. Imagine the dissapointment. All sensitive data in it. It was a gift so have lost the receipt otherwise I would return it. Should of spent an extra hundred or so and bought a samsung. I always learn the hard way.

Don't bother

Has android and able to download good apps. Cameras uselss. But the battery life lets it down. Extremely poor and takes a good 12 hours to recharge using 24v. Very poor.

Useless Battery Power, Takes forever to recharge

Purchased the Onix 10.1' at Aldi, what a bad decision this product has let ALDI down and i now cannot trust them as a brand top sell software products, The battery power is no good on the Onix, our boys had used the Onix tab for less than 2 hours and they went flat, i also charged them up late evening and it took allnight to charge them back up, i ended up turning them off at 4.30am at 80% the 3 tabs had been on charge since 9.30pm..and that next morning again in a little over an hour they went flat, this was supposed to be a christmas present.. not a good look ALDI

Cheap and nasty

ALDI Australia are hooked on cheap Chinese products. We purchased the Onix 10.1 ($89) tablet (Nov. 23. 2016) because the ALDI 9.7 ($249) tablet we purchased in May 2012 is broken. First the speakers stopped working then the on/off switch jammed in the off position. So I opened the case to have a look. I ran a computer business for 17 years and worked for Unisys before that so I know this stuff. The product is made up of different manufacturers subcomponents hand assembled in small workshops. Assembly uses double sided tape to hold things together - Samsung do the same in China. The tape had come loose on the speakers, the mainboard Power microswitch had failed. Incredibly the new 10.1 Onyx tablet is well below the old failed 9.7 in build quality. Its screen was dim and off colour at most angles. While specked as IPS (In Pane Switched) it viewed like a TN (Twisted Nematic) - the cheapest LCD display. So returned for refund 26th Nov. You get what you pay for.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Questions & Answers

My tablet got lock i would not recurrent it.please help me how to recurrent it?
No answers

Can any sim card fit in or do i have to buy a new one
No answers

Can you play Roblox on it?
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Price (RRP)$99.99
Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Size10.1inches
Expandable StorageYes

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