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Optus Yes TV by Fetch

Optus Yes TV by Fetch

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Terrible experience

Optus fetch mighty box user. The picture quality was poor and often pixelated when YouTube or google chrome cast and Netflix never did. Paid good money to purchase tv series only to find I don’t own them once you return the box you lose all that money and the shows! Optus service was terrible, exceedingly long phone waiting and argumentative ‘help’ on the phone from Optus person. Worst part is they charge you subscription fee even though I did not use any of the items they provided under that subscription. I mainly watched sports which is yet another subscription. I wish Optus never got epl rights. Satellite picture with foxtel was always better albeit more expensive. I was also forced to get a mobile phone subscription (or internet or other Optus product) to get Optus sports. Optus network is terrible at my place. Overall a bad experience.

some good features

I have had this system for a few years good when working but have gone through a few fetch boxes. They are quick to send a replacement but always give the wrong code which means a lot of time on the phone sorting out

Only Good Experiences So Far

Too many people have complained about their Optus Yes TV by Fetch, but ever since i signed up for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, i havent been disappointed. The coverage has been great. I have a strong quality cable internet service which means minimum buffering or delays.


My son love the Cartoon channels and I love the Sports channels. And the free movies. All that and unlimited internet for the same price as other internet providers. I'm never ever changing Optus.

Absolutely crap

Keeps glitching have not been able to watch a single show without it dropping out beyond disappointing DO NOT BOTHER WITH FETCH TV!!! Optus don’t care poor support the number of reviews on this page alone should be sending a message loud and clear but Optus are not bothering to do a thing!

System should have gone live but has not

We ordered the full Optus Fetch, broadband. All the items arrived in a timely manner. Broadband works but that NBN so expected that. The Fetch box was set up, we had a confirmed activation code which did not work.
When you try and contact Optus, they try to push you towards 'the crowd', other customers that have had issues and overcome them. Thats all good but when it must be a technical thing, they cannot help.
Trying to contact someone actually from Optus is a nightmare, be prepared for lengthy and time consuming phone calls or even via the internet.
After waiting a week with no word whatsoever from Optus, I managed to speak with a lady who informed me that my system should have been operating from 14th Feb 2019 but it has not been connected.
When I asked when the system would be activated, she could not give me a date.
So, they are taking my money, but not only have they not connected me, they cannot even say when or if they will connect me!
Meanwhile, my money flows into their coffers!
This is truly an AWFUL, AWFUL service that has very little or no back up.

As a member of the Consumers Federation Australia, I will be forwarding my experience to the other members.

My view is quite obvious, any business that offers a service that they cannot provide should be banned from offering such service.

Be warned people, Optus are just after your money, they do NOT care about you. Try another provider!

Mike, Qld.

Absolutely crap

This is my 2nd fetch box and I've had it with optus. First box froze and wouldn't change channel. Called optus 4 times before finally got some info, they couldn't fix so needed to send it for a replacement. Waited 3 days for a new box and now that is frozen aswell. Fix your boxes up before u send replacements.
Then got charged a extra $400 that I'm not paying for apparently not sending the old ones back within 2 weeks even tho it was sent back 2 days after the new one came in. They really need to check their mail and see what gets sent back. I'll be disconnecting my optus fetch. Not worth my money

Avoid gen3 Fetch mighty box. Has real problems.

Had a gen 1 box for years and never a problem. It died October 2017 when it would no longer support system updates. The replacement gen3 mighty lasted until December 2018 (system version 2.21). Tech support marginally helpful. Multiple resets later it bricked itself January 10 2019.
The replacement box lasted 24 hours before it bricked itself.
Second replacement box was D.O.A.
Third replacement box arrived overnight. Fetch now tell me that I have to wait 24 to 48 hrs for the techs to extract their digits, provision the new box in their system & email me the new activation code.
Not at all happy.
These gen3 boxes have serious reliability/stability issues.
I'm currently setting up a Raspbery Pi as a media server & when my contract with Optus runs out in September, Fetch will be gone, (Fetch TV is part of my current contract with Optus, so I'm stuck with it for now) never to be included on any further arrangements I make with any Telco.

UPDATE Thursday 31at Jan 2019
The third box has been sitting here for a week. Numerous phone calls daily to Optus to get provisioned & activation code has proven fruitless. You only get to the front end filters, or a supervisor for the front end filters, NEVER to a hands on techie that might get things done.
Pull your fingers out - optus & fetch.
Your customers service really sucks the big one.

UPDATE 31/1/19
O-pooptus/Fetch box #3 is DOA also.
They're sending replacement #4.
What a pos equipment & support system.
DOWNGRADING my review to 1 star.

UPDATE 5/2/19
#3 deemed DOA on 31 Jan. Had no confirmation of replacement box order until Saturday 2 Feb.
Rang up & cracked up big time. Order got placed. Box arived 8am this morning. Still waiting for Fetch to supply activation code.
Any other company or organisation would be bending over backwards to resolve a disgruntled customers issues. Not the bozos in this sheltered workshop.

O-pooptus & fetch, your systems are futched.

convenient and easy use

I actually like how I can watch my free-view channels with optus sport and some other channels by fetch tv although their channel pack prices can be lowered.

Less repeats

sick of repeats. Taking all the good channels away kids programs great but the lifestyle programs except for the reno shows are crap. the scifi channel repeats so
many of the shows star trek atlantis stargate over and over again
My husband does like some fhe sports show but all the american football etc no. The doco channels ik but too many repeats

Not the best but better than freeview

I thought it would be just like having foxtel, but I was wrong. My boys love the kids channels and I like the music channels but that's all its good for. It plays up quite often and needs to be reset which is super frustrating, but it is handy to have, because I don't own a smart TV, I can still watch Netflix and Stan


Wouldn’t recommend at all. Terrible connection and super hard to trouble shoot. Keeps dropping out with highlights and premier league games

Best 2 channels gone - why???

Where is Funny and TV Hits channels. Only 2 worth watching are gone without warning and being replaced with Disney baby channels - what the hell!!!! - NOT HAPPY - should have stayed with Telstra and got Foxtel instead

Best Two Channels Going. WHY!!!!

I can't understand why Optus would take away the best two channels. They are the only ones I watch. I am so dissappointed with Optus for doing that. There are other stations that should go. I don't even rate the other channels.
I would like an explanation from Optus as to why they are going, and how they came to this decision????

Can't live without 111 funny

I'm so mad and sad there taking 111 funny n TV hits it's my favourite channel ever I convinced my husband to get it for me now it's going I'm upset n angry maybe if we all complain to the right people we can get them to put it back on.

Optus Doesn't give a damn about customers

Subscribed for 2 years on new NBN package with optus that came with a variety chanel, trying to reduce costs i thought it was good as it had the couple of channels i watched on foxtel with it.
6 months into a 2 year subscription optus has removed espn, 111 funny and TV hits from this package and is replacing it with a kids package great mine are 17 and 19 so no good rang them up and basically got told tuff crap we don't care
Optus can get screwed as i will be cancelling all services i have with them as i now have a service i am paying 4 but cannot use
Guess i'll now have to get netflix
Bet if i broke their contract they would be up my butt in a second, but as a big company they do what they like and too bad for the consumer

Fetch tv

Love fetch tv ,,,but my bedroom mini box have problems,,can't sign in ,,there sent me new box so fingers crossed,,

Poor Experiences.

My housemates and I decided to get a home internet connection with Optus (not sure why as we all have never had good experiences with the company) and were offered Fetch for free for the first six months and a "small" cost afterward.
We were informed of what Fetch is, what it offers and the add on's and extra costs for movies etc.
We asked all necessary questions to make sure we knew what we were signing up for and even got a receipt number for the call in case we needed to go back on anything if things didn't go to plan.
The box arrived at the house but we never knew about it. The postal company left the box down the side of our property with no notes on the front door or in the letterbox so there was a delay in it all and we only ended up with two months free by the time we found the box with the fetch console.
Setting it up was a disaster as the Optus internet connection was constantly dropping and we couldn't access it (a whole other story on why people should avoid Optus internet, we are now with iinet and have NO issues :) just a handy tip).
It took six hours one day before we gave up connecting it and a further three the following day.
It would randomly start and stop all the time which began to be a problem.
The shows offered are a great variety but A LOT of repeats.
It is definitely not worth the money if you don't like to watch repeats of episodes on shows you have already seen.
For example; they played the same episode six times in one day, again the following day and again before changing it up. We were also charged sometimes for movies we never watched or even clicked into.
We now have foxtel which is a lot more expensive but WORTH all the content and extras.

Pretty poor, bad user interface

Not all premier league games are out on demand. The interface is poor and could be made into a simple list instead of oversized thumbnails.

Stay witn Foxtel

Joined to reduce my tv costs. So after 6 months of 'savings' I'm going back to foxtel so basically at square one but with 2 months of frustrations of needing to reset the Fetch box every night as well as having a crap Optus modem that requires me to use my old iinet modem for a reliable wifi connection. Absolute rubbish.

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Questions & Answers

When would Closed Captions be available on Fetch? I have slight hearing loss & this would help a great deal.
2 answers
HI. Closed captions are available. If you turn on the 123... button on the top left of the remote, the word Text will light up on the Info button. You use this to toggle closed capriond on and off. EnjoyHi Many thanks Rob Having access to subtitles enables me to enjoy watching TV without putting other people in the house having to deal with increased volume levels particularly at night when they are trying to sleep

i have a Mini TV Fetch box.Will i be able to watch A-League games season 18/19 .Are there any charges at what cost p er month.What else is included.Can i record games with the mini box?.If not please advice how it can be done.Asked by John Damianidis 21/08/2018
1 answer
Don’t know, No, nothing, no, buy the Fetch Mighty. All detailed answers are covered in the website anyway or ask Optus naturally.

when and how do i get the code no that connects the box to system?
3 answers
Press Menu button on remote Use “Right” arrow on centre of remote to get to “Manage” Scroll down to “Settings” and select. Use arrows ro navigate to “User” and select Scroll along top row to “Activation Code” and select Select hi- lighted “Show Code” Hope this helpsWhen you sign upanswer is above

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