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Oral-B Essential Floss

Oral-B Essential Floss

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Can’t recommend

While flossing thread breaks and unravels making flossing difficult. I Often have to use two lengths of floss during one clean. It makes the whole process of cleaning your teeth take longer than it should. I rang and complained about the floss - as I purchased a two pack I was offered two 50m packs. Friendly staff, but took a while as the person had to speak to someone else before offering a replacement.

Shreds too easily

It tends to shred very easily. The bits come apart. Sticks in my teeth at times, and some times really hurt my gums. The original texture does not hold well. Just a little bit of flossing and it will shred up. I wish Oral-B could do better. Might have to change brand.

Purchased in October 2018.

floss retracts and you can't retrieve it

The floss retracts into the container and there is no way that you can open it to unreel it. A shocking waste, and if Oral B thinks that is a way to buy more of its product, it is wrong.

Tears apart during use

It shreds during flossing, leaving shredded bits of floss stuck between my teeth. I then have to floss more to get the floss bits out. My teeth are tightly packed together, so maybe this won't be an issue if you have space between your teeth.

On the positive side, it's a bit stretchy, so it doesn't cut the circulation off as much when I have it wound around them.

Not recommended.

Worst floss on the market

Shreds to pieces and gets stuck in your teeth.The top falls off the dispenser constantly and it's frustrating to get it back on.
I am a frequent floss user and will never buy this product again.


No matter how cheap this is... i won't buy again because of the packaging. I had a horrible time trying to use this up because i couldn't dispense it properly. It's a good floss and isn't those thickly coated wax ones that are hard to wiggle in between teeth but there are others on the market that are like this and don't have horrible falling apart packaging.
Floss works great, contains more product inside than others.
The packaging is horrid. The lid came off and even when attached back the floss kept falling back down to the point where i took it apart and kept the floss and lid for cutting but ditched the packaging which is probably very unhygienic.


When the dispenser is working properly I think that it is a great product. I like that it is not flavoured. I find it to be a good thickness for cleaning between my teeth and seems to pick up left-overs. I have used floss in the past that is flat and/or shiny and they don't do anything whereas this product is quite effective.
Nice big container that takes a long time to use up. Good price.
You don't know when you are going to come to the end of the roll. Maybe some red warning marks or something would be helpful. Numerous times the container has opened up and it is difficult to get it back in the container neatly. Drives me crazy. I always just wait for someone else to do it.


Was my favourite until I discovered the waterpik so now I have no need for floss but of the brands available it is the best and most economical on the market.
I really like the big pack which makes it economical. I like that it isn't flavoured. It is easy to use
Several times the thread spool has popped out and dropped on the floor (which makes me worry about the continued hygiene of the product). It is easy to stuff it up.

Shreds fairly easily


A great floss that is readily available, easy to use and lasts a very long time. It's perfect for maintaining daily dental hygiene. I believe it is waxed and this allows it to slide in between the nook and crannies of teeth with ease. It is better quality than other flosses that I have used, and hence a little more expensive than other dental flosses that are on the market. Oral-B is a good brand for dental products and I would recommend this floss to others.
-Readily available in supermarkets, chemists and Priceline
-Lasts a long time
-Has a subtle minty flavour which gives my mouth a fresh and clean feel
-The floss can shred/fray if you are not careful


A great little product that really helps to maintain good dental hygene between visits to the Dentist - although nothing beats the scale and polish that a Dentist can do, this is what helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums. I use mine regularly and because it's a compact size, it easily fits into my toiletry bag when I go away so it doesn't take up much room and is very light. I've used other floss before but my preference is for this brand because I know that it does the job well.
Really does the job well


I am pretty particular about my dental floss and will only use this one if my particular brand is not available for some reason. While this is great value for money, it is somewhat lacking in performance. It shreds very easily and is so smooth that it is difficult to get a grip on. You pretty much have to wind it around your fingers a few times (and cut off the circulation) just to keep hold of it. A good product for those interested solely in the outcome and don't mind a slightly annoying process to get there!
good size, easily available in supermarkets and chemist alike, good value for money
shreds easily, too 'slippery'


This is an affordable and hard working tooth floss that is not too expensive and will last for some time. It is easy to use and I have not had a lot of problems with the floss breaking in the past. You can normally always find this product at the chemist or supermarket and for only a few dollars it does the job that it says it will. It also has quite a mild taste to it. Very easy to use.
An easy to use tooth floss that does the job and is readily available in chemists and supermarkets. Affordable.


This tooth floss will last for quite some time which is handy. It is not too expensive and leaves a nice taste in hour mouth. On occasions it has broken away but generally it is a really good product that is priced well and available everywhere.
Pretty easy to use and comes in a good sized container. The product does last for a while due to the size of the floss inside. Leaves your teeth clean and is pretty hardy and doesn't break too easily.
It can on occasions come apart while you are using it but other than that no complaints.


It has a nice flavour and is easy to use. The larger size pack makes it comparable in price to other brands. It is similar to other brands and doesn't have an outstanding attribute to put it a step above any other floss on the market. It does its job of cleaning between your teeth and other than shredding if you use the one piece for too long, I think this floss is okay and I would recommend it to anyone who asked.
Easy to use
Can shred it you use the one piece for more than half your teeth


This is good if you're targeting specific areas in your teeth, I'd recommend using one length of floss for the top and bottom set respectively to prevent shredded floss.
This product has enough floss to last you a very long time - I'm still going! It is a tough floss and does not break easily. I find that whilst flossing, it manages to clean in between my teeth better than other flosses around.
The tough floss can be annoying as it shreds if you have sharp areas around your teeth. I find that the floss becomes stringy after you've done half the set of your teeth and by the time you're done, you have shredded floss and sometimes shredded floss in your mouth.


It is a pretty good floss, it tastes nice, is easy to use, and basically does everything that the packet says it will do. The worst thing about it is that it is quite pricey, and there isn't a huge difference between this floss and any other floss you can buy from the supermarket. It lasts for quite a while though, so the price difference isn't too much of a disadvantage.
It is easy to use, and it has a nice flavour, while some flosses can taste a bit like straw. It also doesn't make the gums bleed.
A little bit more expensive than most flosses, and sometimes it splinters and frays.


Overall I really do like this product. This product is easy to use and cleans your gums well. Sometimes it frays but thats ok just get another strand because the roll lasts for ages! I would highly recommend this product to any one who is serious about getting their teeth clean. I will be using this product again.
This product does what its meant to do. It is easy to use and i love the flavour. Also it cleans out those gums very easily.
This floss is a little bit more expensive than the others so pick it up on special.


It's taken me 28 years to start flossing regularly. Wish i started earlier in life because it really is good for your oral well being and oral health to floss. This Oral B floss is easy to use and really cleans well. It has a nice and clean flavour to it as well. I find that sometimes it does fray a little bit, but it's not usually a problem. There's so many different types of floss out there but this one is good as it is simple and it works
Kind of the gums and easy to use
Can sometimes fray


I like the product,it is easy to use and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and light. However it is more expensive than some other floss so it is up to you whether you want a better quality for a little bit more in terms of price. I have tried most of them and I do believe its better to buy a floss that doesn't hurt your gums (so it is waxed fully), rather than worrying about the cheaper price which equates to a cheaper quality as well. So go for it!
the clean flavour
it is more expensive than others


Since I used my first roll of this Oral-B Essential floss and quick happy with it, I started to buy economical roll (less than $5) which can last a long long time. when travel, I just buy a small roll which can be easily fitted into my hand bag and carry around. This product is trustworthy and I am happy so far.
Very good dental floss. I can easily clean in between my teeth without too much difficult (other brand of the dental floss sometimes get caught between teeth and split, very annoying).
There isn't any big problem that I can think of. Only occasionally after pull out a piece of the floss, the end can withdraw back into the case/box, which you have to open the case to pull the end out before you can use it again. this may be something can be improved.

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Oral-B Essential Floss
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