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Oral-B UltraFloss

Oral-B UltraFloss

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By far the best but can't find it now

The extra adjustable thickness is what makes it so effective. It's true what Dmitri said, it makes regular floss useless and a waste of time flossing and money. It picks up everything unlike every other floss and is gentle on your gums unlike every other. Why is it not available in shops anymore? All other flosses are so frustrating. They don't pick up the material or only some of it and are so harsh on my gums. Your teeth are too important to use anything else.

I would upload a receipt but want to buy some more so that I have a receipt!

Gives you extended time to save for your Dentist visit

Being a Person with teeth in need of repair, I find Oral B Ultrafloss valuable because with it's great ability to remove food particles in gaps where cavities have already begun, It extends the time I have to save money for a Dentist visit - before painfulness begins.

The only floss I've used for years.

This product makes regular ribbon floss seem useless by comparison. Cleans better, and removes food particles better.
Only gripes: Sometimes between tight, rough teeth, it will shred and leave a bit stuck in there. And every roll will jam at least once.
But I still wouldn't go back to the old floss.

Didn't work for me

I found the part that is supposed to be used sticks in my teeth so bad that I had to get first aid scissors to cut it away, one day. I tried using the ultra-thin section where you're supposed to cut the strand to size, and this just made mincemeat of my gums. Ended up with worse breath for the bleeding. Give me back the old-school minty waxed thread that I can measure myself, thanks.

After thirty years of flossing, this is my favourite

I was introduced to flossing by a dentist in St Lucia village near the Uni of Qld where I was studying in 1978. At that time dental floss was not even stocked by most chemists. Oral B was the only brand. It came in a tiny cylinder about as thick as your little finger and cut your gums quite easily. Jump thirty years and UltrFloss is a gossamer thread that tightens as you tighten it, making it easier to use. It has regular blue markings to indicate where to cut the thread. It's fail safe, easy to use and I've been getting great results from it.
ease of use, texture of thread, gentle on my gums


Oral-B is generally a trusted brand for dental health care, with most of their products efficient and doing their job. This floss is no exception, although I would prefer to measure my own floss.
It's a pretty good quality floss that doesn't break as easily as some other brands of floss. It also helps reaches some of those awkward spots that a toothbrush just can't reach!
The pre-measured strands can get slightly annoying, as sometimes I don't need as much as they give. And other times, I need more! As all flosses go, it's soemtimes difficult to reach the back teeth.


oral B tooth floss is a good floss, i have to floss my teeth more now as i am having dental work done, so i try to encourage my children to floss to prevent them getting into trouble with tooth decay so at least they may not need as many fillings that i had as a child and am still getting as an adult. I would reccommend everyone should floss at least once a day to get to the innersides of the teeth that tooth brushes can not get to,
Flosses are great to get out those pieces of food that get stuck inbetween your teeth.
difficult to get between the back teeth.


My overall opinion of the product I bought is very low! I ended up with shredded strands between teeth as a result of attempting to use it. I suspect I had a faulty example of the product, but it had two problems, the dispenser was jamming, and the actual strand of floss seems to have been only patchily coated with whatever it is that is supposed to hold the strand together. So not a good indication of Oral-B's level of quality control!
nothing - it was unusable!
When I first tried to pull the strand from the dispenser is was jammed solid. Had to pull it apart and untangle. Then when I tried it it tended to just shred between the teeth. I think the product I had wasn't waxed properly - if that's what it was supposed to be. It was a mixture of blue lengths, and then lengths of white fluffy loose strands - it was worse than useless!

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This is exactly as how I experienced it. I thought let's try a new kind of floss and it turned out to be a gigantic deception. Why on earth did they let the floss alternate between white fluffy loose strands, which disintegrated almost immediately when flossing, and astonishingly short not to mention extremely unwaxed harsh blue strands? When attempting to floss with the white strands, they kept sticking between my teeth when I tried to floss so not only lacks this product the ability to do its job properly, it also accomplishes the exact opposite result. If Oral B intended to produce such a useless creation, then I'd say good job!

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Oral-B UltraFloss
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