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Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

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amazing cleaner

theres nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cleaned shower and toilet, excepting of course if that shower and bath be cleaned with the greatest of ease and with a fresh orange scent. delightfully fragranced and using natural ingredients I am pleased as orange punch with my choice to purchase orange power cleaner.

good product

good product, no bad fume as selleys mould cleaner. but however using both products selleys stand out on the basis of getting rid of moulds by a bit. So advise is if you are allergic for harsh fumes of cleaning products buy this, also it gets the work done.

No good

I used the Orange Power - the Green Cleaner - shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner and I had to cover my mouth and nose for the fumes. It is supposed to have - QUOTE: 'no harsh fumes' end of quote. This is not true. I will not be purchasing this again. It was pretty useless anyway.

Instantaneous Tremendous Results

For a long time I have been looking for and trying different products that take away soap scum and other contaminants from my glass shower screen but without any meaningful results. Consequently, I recently had my bathroom completely refurbished, replacing the old shower screen with a spanking new frameless glass screen professionally treated with Nanokote at the manufacturing stage. Disappointingly, even if I no longer use soap-based products in the shower, in a matter of 4-5 months scum and water marks started to develop on the glass in the form of a translucent film in spite of squeegeeing and drying with a fibre cloth after every single use.

Having brought this to the attention of Nanokote and following their advice, I used Orange Power (Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner) just once in combination with Chux Bathroom Duets (micro fibre cloth). Hey presto! all the ugly marks vanished instantaneously like magic restoring the glass to its original pristine condition! What an awesome product. I don't know why I did not try it before. It smells great too and leaves even the tiles and chrome ware sparkling bright. Thank you Orange Power. Thank you Planet Ark. Happy to recommend the product and support you all the way. Please keep up the excellent work.

The best I've tried so far!

I was looking for a specific shower cleaner because I wasn't happy with the result of anything I've tried so far.
It was a nice surprise: I don't find hard to breathe while using it as it would happen with other cleaners, dissolves hard water stains from the shower screens (I just leave it one/two minutes on, use a wet sponge to create a bit of a lather that I later rinse with water), does a good job on the taps leaving them sparkly, the spray noozle manages to cover a good area.
On the other hand, the only thing I need to mention is that I find it kind of useless on the mold that forms between tiles so I use bleach for that purpose (and keep smelling it in my nose for the rest of the day sigh). I don't know if they changed the package recently, but the label on my poduct is orange.

Awesome product

We have an old claw foot tub (probs more then 30 yo by now) which does get stained rather easily. Unless I have to, I just use a bit of soap and a sponge to clean it - it's not dirty, just build up of that greyish colour that you don't even notice its so gradual.

Well, we're selling our house and I wanted to get rid of it but we can't use bleach (our pipes can't handle it and neither can I).

I remembered using Orange Power before to get the bath clean so bought the All Purpose one - no dice. Smells great but didn't really do the job.

Realised I bought the wrong one - picked up the Shower / Bath / Tile one - Success! One brand spankin' new bathtub at your service. White as white can be. And it only took about 20 minutes :)
Works, good for the environment, smells great, works fast, easy to wipe off

So easy!

Well, what can I say. This is the first time I have used this product. I have to say that the results have been amazing! My glass shower screen had not only soap scum, but also water marks. The soap scum has completely gone and the water marks are barely noticeable. I think with regular use the rest of the water marks will disappear, I was really skeptical when I bought this product, thinking the claims would possibly be just advertising. However after using my only thought is.................. Why didn't I buy this earlier!
Incredibly easy to use. Just needed a little bit of scrubbing power............ but my shower was shocking!

Brilliant product

This works well, smells fantastic, and doesn't hurt my eyes, skin and nose like so many other cleaners have done in the past, such as bleach. My Mum and I both buy it for our showers because we both like it. It leaves the tiles lovely and shiny. I'm very impressed. I've recommended this product to my friend too.
It works well, smells great, is better for the environment than most other cleaners, it doesn't hurt your eyes, skin, nose etc while you're cleaning (like bleach etc can), it's Planet Ark, it's safer for the environment than most other cleaners

Great local product

I have to say that recently i have been looking into what more i can do to help our environment and that includes the things i buy to. I found this is Cole's and it was on special so i bought it and gave it a try and i have to say i love it it smells lovely and Australian made and owned. Its gentle on sensitive hands and skin and it really cleans the surfaces lovely and leaves a lovely scent in the kitchen after cleaning. I would highly recommend the only con i do have is like another reviewer my bottle fell over and i lost half the bottle as it had leaked out everywhere.
the price, smell


Great product, when I used to clean with other brands the house always smelt liked chemicals. Now it smells like oranges and I know that this product does not contain any harmful chemicals that will be left behind on the surfaces.
- Natural
- Price
- Australian made
- Natural smell
Once one of the bottles I bought leaked at the top, I tried tightening the head but it still leaked.


I use this once a week and wipe down the surface with a magic eraser the other days in the week and keeps my bathroom nice and clean. I really like how water seems to fall off the glass in the shower easier after I use this product. I think it works well if used correctly and would recommend.
Works well when you leave it on the surface for a little, and use a little elbow grease. I find it helps with water not staying on glass and leaving stains after subsequent uses. It's not too expensive. Australian made and owned. Environmentally friendly.
None that I can think of.


I may have to give this another try, but for me, it hasnt worked so far in the bathroom. It gets full points for having a great smell, but thats about it.
I read the other reviews on this product, and am suprised because I found that it didnt do much at all for cleaning my shower and tiles. It does have a great pleasant orangey smell, which is a relief from all those chemically overpowering smells, but for me, it didnt really work too hard.
It is a bit expensive and it didnt work well for me at all. I still have it in the house, just sitting there because it didnt clean anything and I have started using other products.


This is the best cleaner i have ever used it gets the grease and grime off the stove with hardly any effort it cleans up the surfaces in my kitchen lovely and it doesn't smell of harsh chemicals. It has a very pleasant orange smell to it. I would never use anything else now that i have tried this. Its really cheap in price to and i s always on special at coles or woolworths!
Love it!! its environmentally friendly smells divine and is a lot cheaper then the other leading brands. Available at all the major supermarkets now.
None at all.


I use this for my "everyday" (well, whenever I clean) cleaning. It's not just one of those feel good products- It does work, and it does clean off your normal build up of gunk, but I still have some chlorine bleach sitting around for those truely stubborn stains, like mineral build up or those weird waterstains you get in the toilet and sink. But for normal cleaning of the shower and bathroom? It's fantastic.
Australian owned, australian made, the natural scent (smells like fresh oranges, not synthetic!), gentle on the enviroment, biodegradable, GECA accredited (it's not just saying it's great for the enviroment, it actually is!) great brand you can trust (planet ark) good value for money... and of course, it works! I use this all through the house. I use this to clean my pet's stuff with, because of the lack of dangerous fumes- ammonia and chlorine bleach free.
I'm suprised it's not more popular.
I love everything.

Questions & Answers

retail outlets in Brisbane for Orange Power?
1 answer
All Woolworth's stores and some of the larger IGA independents in Brisbane.

Our floor tiles are cleaned with various products, but marks are left on the tiles, such as dog paw prints and footprints, although the tiles are supposedly clean, any tips?
1 answer
Have you tried using vinegar? Give it a go, it does remove scum left on tiles by previous cleaners, which we alternative between the two.


Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner
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