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Ekoworx Universal Surface Cleaner

Latest review: Surface cleaner works well but not a customer friendly company, if you wish to purchase extra glass cleaning cloths, you have to buy a bundle of 4 or more mixed clothes, and then you only get one

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer

Latest review: Fantastic. It really does the job! Like ALL mould removers, make sure there's plenty of ventilation and wear eye protection and gloves. I bought this product at Woolworths Skygate, so it was even

OzKleen Shower Power

Latest review: I'm a professional cleaner. Thankyou for this amazing product it removes limescale with much morecease than many other previously tried products. If you've given a bad review you are obviously inept

Selleys Soap Scum Buster

Latest review: This is the best shower cleaner I have ever used - I don't believe Coles don't have it anymore. After reading another review, I guess off to Bunnings I go so Coles that's more business you

Power Force (Aldi) Mould Away

Latest review: I buy this product regularly and like it however, when I used a relatively new bottle the bottle severed from the neck and fell to the floor. It splashed and completely ruined my top and trousers,

Earth Choice Toilet Cleaner

Latest review: I purchased this product because we are on septic since last moving house. It is ok as a cleaner, but when the nozzle that goes up under the rim of the toilet is also the top of the bottle and you

Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

Latest review: theres nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cleaned shower and toilet, excepting of course if that shower and bath be cleaned with the greatest of ease and with a fresh orange scent.

OzKleen Mould Power

Latest review: Brought this product to spray on mould that appeared on painted walls and ceiling due to leaking. The spray nozzle only has one setting, other spray nozzles can have a spray and stream setting. The

Selleys Grout Stain Whitener

Latest review: So long as you clean and dry your grout beforehand this product is PURE GOLD!!! Transformed the grout between our subway tiles in an en-suite masterfully, both in the shower cubicle and vanity

Exit Mould Stain Remover Trigger Pack

Latest review: Used to be a great product, and still is. Trouble is applying it. What the f##k did they do, hire some American consultant to re-invent the wheel? Keep the contents but go and buy a $2 trigger pack

Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom

Latest review: Spend the $5-6 on this item before buying expensive gadgets. What it did: 1. Removed lead pencil markings from wall but don’t rub too vigouroudly otherwise the colour of the paint will change. S

White King Toilet Power Gel

Latest review: Look, I'm not normally a fan of cleaning toilet even though I do it for a living. But using this gel is super easy. Put it on, leave it for a while, quick scrub and flush. That's as easy as it gets

CLR Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner

Latest review: Disappointed as I felt it made very little difference and used it multiple times. Followed the instructions as advised, wasted of money unfortunately, also has a very strong odour even with fan

Duck Fresh Discs

Latest review: My review is the gel that looks like the flower of life. Why is it a flower of life change the design of the gel. I do not like the flower of life being put in a toilet and washed

Turbo Scrub 360

Latest review: I'm lazy and live alone rarely clean by shower, so when I do it's festy...I mean really bad. So basically I get my shower cleaner trigger pack, spray the whole thing down and then go nuts with this

Easy-Off Bam Active Foam

Latest review: This is great! I had a lot of stains on the tiles in my shower. Used this and gave it a quick scrub and it was all gone. Just rinse with water after. Only this I would change is the depenceser. It

Easy-Off Bam Grime & Soap Scum

Latest review: Our cleaning business has used this for 10 years cleaning over 5000 showers with ease. The new bottle is a major fail, it's not removing hardened soap scum at all....

Harpic White / Shine Bleach Gel Toilet Cleaner

Latest review: Now I am cranky!! Cranky enough to get on here and make a comment!! I cannot open this product, I am one of those older people mentioned elsewhere. I wont buy again until you make the changes

Harpic Hygienic In Bowl Toilet Cleaner

Latest review: I have always used toilet blocks from different companies but this one was a complete waste of money. It lasted only 4 days. On day one the water was so blue and concentrated but after day 4 it

Bref Power Active Toilet Cleaner

Latest review: If I could give it zero stars I would. Does absolutely nothing and lasts a week tops. Do not buy this product it is a waste of Money. And expensive

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