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Ekoworx Universal Surface Cleaner
Latest review: Ordered this product after watching all the advertisement and reading all the reviews. Had very high expectations but when I sprayed on fridge, the food that had fallen and hardened would not come

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer
Latest review: I love this stuff. My ceiling gets mould on it from the hot showers but every couple months I go and give it a spray and a wipe over with this stuff and it's gone. You don't even need to scrub hard.

OzKleen Shower Power
Latest review: I have used so many products and done the vinegar etc etc etc over 50 years and I have never found anything as AMAZING as Shower Power, some days I just spray on & come back five minutes later &

Selleys Soap Scum Buster
Latest review: To get the product as selleys has told me best to order a Box of 4 from Bunnings as they wont charge you freight. It's the best out

Power Force (Aldi) Mould Away
Latest review: Great product had some mould on some baby items that were in the shed for a while and it removes the mould with In 30 seconds would highly recommend this product for other

Earth Choice Toilet Cleaner
Latest review: I purchased this product because we are on septic since last moving house. It is ok as a cleaner, but when the nozzle that goes up under the rim of the toilet is also the top of the bottle and you

Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner
Latest review: theres nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cleaned shower and toilet, excepting of course if that shower and bath be cleaned with the greatest of ease and with a fresh orange scent.

Selleys Grout Stain Whitener
Latest review: I had dirty grout pn my toilet, laundry and bathroom floors. I bought a bottle of Selley's white for life at bunnings. Applied it, and did as the label instructed me to do. Removed it and scrubbed,

OzKleen Mould Power
Latest review: I tried spraying it on my mouldy shower mat.It made no difference at all.The people who says it works must have a vested interest in the company.I tried it twice....not working.,Would have the same

Exit Mould Stain Remover Trigger Pack
Latest review: Terrible I agree with all the other comments. Your hand gets drenched. I thought it was a design fault and took i back. Next bottle was the same so I changed it into the old bottle and sprayed my

Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom
Latest review: This little sponge is does a great job of cleaning your shower without chemicals. They don't last terribly long, but not having to breathe in or buy chemicals makes up for it. I have friends who

White King Toilet Power Gel
Latest review: Look, I'm not normally a fan of cleaning toilet even though I do it for a living. But using this gel is super easy. Put it on, leave it for a while, quick scrub and flush. That's as easy as it gets

Duck Fresh Discs
Latest review: Have been using these for years now and find them to be great. Always best to clean and dry toilet bowl before application for longer lasting effect. Sometimes degrade slightly faster during heat of

Turbo Scrub 360
Latest review: Forget this version 1 of turbo 360, the updated pro deluxe version has significant improvements. Version 1 of the 360 (shelf price $30-ish dollars) is under-powered but still works to clean

Easy-Off Bam Active Foam
Latest review: This is great! I had a lot of stains on the tiles in my shower. Used this and gave it a quick scrub and it was all gone. Just rinse with water after. Only this I would change is the depenceser. It

Easy-Off Bam Grime & Soap Scum
Latest review: Am pretty disappointed in this product. I sprayed on my tiles left for approx 5 minutes came back to wipe over and to find it has bleached my tiles leaving them all

Harpic White / Shine Bleach Gel Toilet Cleaner
Latest review: Some idiot has changed the cap design, 2 bottles have had to be cut open as impossible to open. We are changing to another brand after buying Harpic fo 25 years am now, thanks to some idiots new

Harpic Hygienic In Bowl Toilet Cleaner
Latest review: I have been using these for a while now since they changed from their caged tablets [blocks].Apparently because the cages were unhygienic.I will not be buying anymore now as the blocks suspended on

Bref Power Active Toilet Cleaner
Latest review: Last 2 to 3 weeks top. Not worth the money. It does NOT clean the toilet either. Wish I had read the reviews before wasting my money on such a useless product. The only thing it is good for is

Harpic Plus Bleach Crystals
Latest review: This not a non-toxic cleaner, and I don't use it every time, but every now and then when I notice the ring at the water line appearing, I use this product. Like others said, you just sprinkle it on

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