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Oscar Razor

Oscar Razor

4.8 from 40 reviews

Great product

I have been using Oscar razors and shaving oil for a number of years. I have a tough beard and I shave daily. Prior to using the Oscar products I used the numerous razors from the local supermarkets. The razors were expensive and didn't last long. I also had trouble finding a shaving cream or oil that wouldn't irradiate my skin. Since using the Oscar products I haven't looked back. I'm on the shaver plan so I get sent a new set of blades every three months which means one item I don't need to put on my shopping list. I think the blades are value for money. I use each blade for seven days; however I reckon I could get longer from these excellent blades. I also use the Oscar shaving oil which doesn't irritate my skin. Both are excellent products. I would also recommend their shaving gel.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
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Thanks Jim, I'm thrilled to hear you're such a fan. Cheers, Oscar de Vries

Excellent product and good value

I have been using the OSCAR razor now for just over three weeks. I am a daily shaver. Excellent shave, blades last much longer than Gillette Mach 3 blades I used for years. I experimented with how long I could keep using one blade - I was still getting a decent shave at 14 shaves.

Purchased in January 2019.

Causes Irritation No

This is without any doubt, The Best Razor that I have ever used

I have tried numerous shavers over many years, many that are far more expensive than the Oscar Razor, but after using the Oscar Razor for the first time, I was immediately very impressed with how smooth and easy it is to use and even more impressed with how sharp the Oscar Blades are and then on top of that, the wonderful, smooth results are shaving. I love the Oscar Razor.

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Thanks Rob, that is high praise indeed :)

Oscar Razor Review

I tried the ozcar razor sample pack and this is what i found. The razor itself is very good and very heavy which i like. However both the shaving gel and the moisturizing gel While they both smell good and cost twice as much as my regular shaving gels are not so good in producing A frothy lather on my face making the shaving experience Very poor because the razor did not produce a smooth shave But a very blunt one and the blades became very blunt quickly. I have finished using Both the shaving gels and neither one is any good. I will not be Buying any more shaving gels from oscar razor. As for the razor blades left over l will try them with my regular gels and hope thay Will last longer but only time will tell because l hate shaving and Only shave once a week !!!
I tried the oscar razor with my regular cheap shave gel from woolworths for the first time and l hate to admit it but it was very good !!! I will now continue to use oscars razor from now on because the shave was quick and smooth and l might even start shaving twice a week !!! Well done oscar razor !!!

Purchased in December 2018 for $28.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
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Thanks Vlado! We're so glad to hear you've found the combination that works for you :)

Great Products, Great Customer Service

I've been an Oscar customer for a while, and had a minor glitch with my order, I think they fixed it before I finished typing the email letting them know. Great Product, Great Customer Service!

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Thanks Larry!

Good product with a reasonable price

Have been using this product for a while and have no complaints about it. Have suggested to a friends too.

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Thanks Koti!

Sheer Brilliance

Oscar Razor is the best razor I have ever used. Excellent product and first class customer service. Do yourself a favour and try it - you won't be disappointed.

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Thanks Brad! We so appreciate the support :)

Excellent product

I have been with Oscar Razor for a while now and would recommend them to anyone; they provide great quality blades and reliable service.

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Thanks Benjamin!

Excellent quality!

Recently tried these after looking for an alternative to my current subscription company and found them to be so much better in terms of quality and gives a smoother shave. Would recommend!

Awesome quality for a fraction of the price

I've been using Oscar Razor for 2 years now and I'll never go back to pay-as-you-go Gilette razors. The quality of the shave is top shelf and it's a super easy and efficient service that costs a lot less. The team at Oscar are also legends and helpful whenever you need them. It's an absolute no brainer to use Oscar!

A couple of knicks.....

Great razor handle and obviously far cheaper and more convenient thanks to postage. Razor quality isn’t as good as my old Gillette though but hopefully this will improve with time. I’m really impressed with the use of beehive which was a big reason for me choosing Oscar razor. Keep up the great work!

A great product your Oscar Razors

I have been buying razors for my husband for a very long time. When I heard a advertisement on the Radio about Oscars Razors. So went online and pick the the razor and replace Blades so my husband could them a try. So since he has been using them he said he gets more shaves out of the one bladeof the Oscar blades then his old one he use to use.And price of thems are really great .

Good value

One of the better subscription model razors available in Australia. Provides a smooth, clean shave. Good website, back up and sales service. Overall good value for money and have recommended it to others.

Get one now

high quality and smooth finish with all the convenience of a subscription. Great value for money, a must try for anyone who shaves and is sick of the traditional razors

Great razor

Fantastic razor smooth finish no cuts if you haven’t got one get one.
Great service don’t have to go out of the house the razors get delivered.very well organised company.


Perfect. Leaves the major brands dead in the water. Blades last ages and the handle feels so good in the hand. You definitely get your money's worth with this razor!!!

Super sharp super slick.

OSCAR razors are as good a razor as any but it’s the convenience of subscription that makes it so appealing. There’s always a sharp new razor ready for use. Value for more excellent

Triple play

Oscar Razor offers a fantastic service - great value for money, so convenient and an undeniably high quality product. With the triple benefits of cheaper, better and more convenient, it's a winner!

most consistent shaving

I have used all the electrical and blade razors available and find Oscar to be the most consistent razor available and the new version just raises the bar with the product available .

The Oscar Razor is great

Well I really liked the original Oscar Razor and was surprised when the new one was announced. Even better, more stable razor head and better lubricant strips for a smoother shave, don't even need a shave cream for a smooth shave. Longer life too.

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