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Ozito HTE-550

Ozito HTE-550

3.4 from 15 reviews

Love this. Easy to use and battery lasts around 20 minutes

Light weight and really easy to use. We usually find the battery lasts around 20 minutes.

Trims so easily our ten year old daughter has been able to use it. Only use on medium sized bushes/hedges.

Battery can be used in other Ozito products which makes it most cost effective. Whilst is Bunnings 'home brand' we find Ozito a great brand for a good price.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Worth every cent

For the price you can’t go wrong with this trimmer. It cuts with ease and is not too heavy. The only thing you need to be careful of is that you don’t cut the cord however it is an electric trimmer. With the Ozito domestic guarantee I would not hesitate to purchase another one when this one retires.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Love it!

I have a garden of natives and this trimmer chomps through the grevillias with ease. It cuts through good sized branches on my shrubs without a problem.The only issue I have is that I get trimming and forget about the cord. I can say it cuts through power cords like a knife through butter. Thank God for a reliable fuse box.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


bought this hedge trimmer from homebase honestly what a bargain i have a large hedged garden and this trimmer did a great job its light and easy to manage great cutting blades honest cant fault it great price to far better than most hedge trimmers at twice the price total bargain i would give it more stars if i could.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Does its job well for price.

We needed a cheap headge trimmer for one bush in our driveway. We didn't want to spend to much money as it's only one small bush every few months. The trimmer worked as expected and provided a nice trimmed bush. I wouldn't recommend this tool if you are doing alot of work with it all the time, but for what it is and the price, its not bad at all.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Don't know whats the fuss is about

For what it is... a cheap hedge trimmer it does the job. I've used it on some big jobs on some big out of control bushes with thorns and all that lovely stuff, medium sized hedges and a few other jobs and could not be happier for the $74 I paid at Bunnings. Even used it on the 13 foot lemon tree to trim it down. It was either the Ozito or the Ryobi, chose this as it has a 3 year warranty. I was skeptical and thought it'd die within a few uses but it is happily chugging along after a few months of use at my house n my parents. Electrical while not as powerful as the petrol is not a problem, just a minor annoyance with the long cord falling out during jobs but it is fairly light and easy to use. Not fussed about the noise... if it is considered noisy I wouldn't know as I have not used any other hedge trimmers whether they be electrical, battery powered or petrol.

Overall, after a few months usage it is still running well with no issues. We shall see after 12 months use how it fairs, but the 3 year warranty is a bonus when it comes to such electric tools. Not too bad for its price tag.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


I am absolutely amazed at this hedge trimmer. I was not expecting much, considering it was so reasonably priced. I was going to be happy if it lasted for one seasons worth of hegetrimming, but it is still going strong. If it packs up, for that price I am quite happy to buy a new one. Its lightweight and easy to use. The only problem for me is that the plug keeps coming undone from the extension cord, must remember to tape it on next time.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

2 machines in 1 Week!

Bought one last week, used it today about 5min and it stopped, the trigger switch is jammed and will not pull in. I tried it on different points with no luck, went to Bunnings and swopped it for a new one, well, surprise, surprise, the new ones triger switch does not work, absolute rubbish.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Worked until the warranty ran out

This is the second Ozito hedge trimmer I've had fail. I previously had the smaller model which packed it in less than a year after purchase (suddenly started making a horrible low pitch buzzing noise and vibration). I decided to upgrade to the larger model as I had moved home and now had more garden.
For 2 years it worked fine, I constantly lubricated the blades to ensure it would also continue working. Then all of a sudden I felt the switch mechanism break. No more juice.
Pulled it appart and found that there's a pull cable from the back lever to a tricky little switching mechanism that had snapped. It is obvious from looking at it that the cable is being pulled at awkward angles causing it to fray.
Poor design has lead to a stupid failure. Why they made it so complicated is beyond me.
While I may yet be able to fix it I would not buy another. Who knows what will stuff up next.

Not worth 2 bob

Went for about 1 hour,light work,then would not work on extension lead but would work from power point,the wireing is not australian standard ,all these ozzitos 550 should be pulled from bunnings stores,ozzito did not care,bad bad do not buy.contacted jen from ozzito she said that funny we have never had any problems,that was a lie as the internet is full of bad reviews on the HTR-550

Cheap & unreliable

Used it just 4 times (40 min each time) and the engine packed it in. Last time it caused the circuit breaker to trip, and died after that.
I would not recommend this trimmer if you have extensive hedges to trim on a regular basis. I will be looking for a more robust model to do the job.

Fan disintergrated

This is a noisy and cheap trimmer that is able to do the job of trimming hedges. Unfortunately the electric motor packed it in after just over a year of use. I would not recommend this trimmer if you have extensive hedges to trim on a regular basis. I will be looking for a more robust model to do the job.
The Ozito HTR - 550 is inexpensive and will do the job on small hedges
The fan that cools the motor down disintegrated, the trimmer now makes an even bigger noise.

Cheap, but it works fine.

Bought one from Bunnings on the basis of these reviews. As others have mentioned, it's inexpensive, and 'creaky' plastic casing makes it feel cheap and noisy for an electric trimmer, but it works just fine. It has slightly longer reach than the trimmer I was replacing, but its less robust construction meant it's lighter.
Inexpensive, long blade, light weight, handy rotating trigger handle, circular safety grip, and 2 year warranty. Added bonus - lighter but longer than our previous trimmer, so my wife is happy to use it while I hold the ladder ;)
Thin hard plastic casing seems fragile. Noisy at 99dB. Blade brake isn't as quick as advertised. Hanging hook/hole catches on thicker twigs. Cheap carbon brushes used will wear out.

I occasionally call a professional to deal with some taller hedges. All of his 2 and 4 stroke trimmers are quieter than this electric Ozito! It's still used regularly, well oiled and running OK, but I find it difficult to believe it's not faulty. I've taken to using hearing protection - makes the task much more relaxing.It finally failed today - surprised it happened suddenly (gears stripped?), but not surprised really. This Ozito cost about $60, did a lot of smaller 1-2m hedges 3 - 4x a year and lasted almost 3 years. A professional hedge trimmer we call annually to do a huge 3m high boundary hedge wanted an extra $120 to do just half of the smaller hedges, so the Ozito certainly paid for itself. Might spend a little more on a quieter trimmer tomorrow.


only model to buy....longer blade, less bending....rotating handle
fantastic idea....replacement warranty....super price @ $60.00
been using 9 months regular basis .. totally recommend....probably if it goes a trimmer is a trimmer but the rotating handle puts in a different class
easy to use....light...does good clean job....inexpensive
wife not interested in this much fun

Why Pay More When this works fine?

Being impressed with better quality products I was hesitant to buy this one as it is low-end price and is noted in other reviews as "seems cheap". Comparing it to the products at Bunnings - never the ultimate comparison - the blades seem softer and a bit more crude and the plastic less robust. Based on the two other reviews, why not have a go with one? Outcome is that it does the job to a good standard. It is intelligently designed with the rotating handle and dead man grip to suit. Is light and easy to guide. With a 2 year walk-in warranty it is hard to beat. A $250 equivalent might be built better but probably would not provide better service to justify the price difference; and could well need fewer sharpenings over time - but for the household this is good. Why not 5 stars? Everything is relative and for $250 you will get a better product.
Light, rotating handle, well designed grips. Low cost..Son did all the trimming as good fun!
It feels cheap, but I got over that quickly since it works a charm.

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Just got one. It works well.

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Hi, Smoke coming from the motor. Any suggesting . Thanks
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I replaced the blades on my OZITO HTR 550 and in the process, the internal pressure switches popped out. Which way do they go back in?
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Sorry, but not a clue. For future, anytime you take something apart it is good practice to take a photo of it beforehand.


Power SourceElectric
Price (RRP)$79
Blade Length450mm
Release dateJan 2010

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