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Stihl HLA 65

Stihl HLA 65

3.5 from 4 reviews

The hedge trimmer is good, quiet with no fumes, AP 180 battery is of poor quality

I have the HLA 65 and AP 180 battery. The weight, no fumes and quietness of the HLA65 make it a good hedge trimmer. The only sign of wear is in the battery catches on the battery box end not working easily as should. I maintain a home with over 36m of hedges as well as a number of smaller hedges and cut them 3-4 times per year, i.e., so not a commercial user.

Reason for the Bad review is that the AP 180 battery failed after less than 50 charging cycles. It is well short of the "...up to 1200" as stated. (https://www.stihl.com.au/battery-faqs.aspx) My research on Li Ion batteries indicate that the expectation is 300 to about 500 charging cycles using good Japanese cells so the exaggerated manufacturers claims are plain nonsense and are potentially misleading.

The battery was always fully charged before use. It was not stored in the charging cradle between uses. It was never dropped, rained upon or left on the sun and it was stored in my garage. At less then 50 charging cycles, my experience is that battery life is way off the 10 years I should have had and I feel I have been let down. My review of the AP 180 battery should apply to the AP 80, AP 100, AP 200, AP 300 and AP 300S as they all what appears to be the same battery box, just with different capacity 18650 cells.

The Stihl agent told me that Stihl batteries are like glass and so are very fragile. I would hope that is not the case but if they are, heaven help the commercial users then. The agent said there was no come back as the batteries were out of warranty.

Purchased in March 2015.

Battery works a treat

Purchased the HLA 65 along with the battery belt to use in place of my Petrol Kombi Hedge Trimmer. Being a contractor I was somewhat hesitant about its performance, but I have been pleasantly surprised with its power, it stands up to work and with the AP300 battery I am able to get 2 full complexes trimmed (approx 3hrs of trimming) out of a single charge. I purchased this for weight as my elbows have been suffering with my petrol trimmers and even with the battery in this is an awesome unit. Highly recommend anyone thinking about moving to battery to do it

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Electric surprisingly good

Bought this to trim bottlebrush shrubs and it does a good job. I use the AP300 battery and it did 3 trees plus a hibiscus tree before running out of charge. The charger takes a fair while to charge. I bought the still brand lubricant and find it makes a good smell and stops the cutter from rusting.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Love the product but don't bother purchasing the carry bag.

The Stihl HLA65 is fantastic, I have no complaints with it however, don't bother purchasing the Carry Bag ($80.00). Having purchased a Stihl carry bag as listed on page 73 of the current Stihl catalogue and as recommended as a carry bag suitable for a HLA65 we now find this tool does not actually fit in the bag. Very disappointing.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

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HLA 65
Power SourceBattery
Price (RRP)$419
Blade Length500mm

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