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Ozito PXCHTS-018

Ozito PXCHTS-018

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Hack away

Received for christmas as yet to use the hedger but have put the pole trimmer to good use. At first l found a little awkward to handle, but with a little getting use to. Was soon handling it like a utube pro. What i havent been able to do on most occasions and thus causing me to rate the product lower is get anything that comes close to a clean cut on any green wood. These branches are to high to be able to clean up with a hand saw, so hoping no disease or fungicide gets in. I would recommend this for anybody who potters about the garden and prunes back here and there. For a professional gardener however, it will very quickly make you look unprofessional

Date PurchasedDec 2017


Great product, cuts through hedge in no time! Battery lasts without having to charge which is a bonus! Got this along with a pole saw, havent used saw yet. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to make their life easier in the garden, saves so much time no more pruning by hand!!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good for basic home tasks

I got this with the cordless 36V lawnmower and have had no worries at all. I only have a small hedge about 12m long in the backyard which this sorts out really easily. If you need to cut any branches more than 2cm wide I would shop elsewhere, but for my purposes this is perfect. Can't argue about the price too.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Much better cutting than I expected.

I've got a 10 year old mains power Ryobi which certainly is powerful and cuts well, but is heavy and extremely difficult to use at anything other than horizontal, even with the button on the grip taped in the on position to avoid wrist damage. (don't try this at home, it's dangerous)
Having bought a few Ozito tools over the years and found that for normal home use they work fine I thought I'd give the hedge trimmer a go.
Certainly works well on box hedges and is a treat for trimming large diosmas, which I use to do with clippers and it took ages. It's like giving a baby a haircut with a No.4 clipper.
Battery life is good, it's light and easy to use and with a five year warranty it's hard to fault.
I've given it 5 stars because even though it's not as good as some of the more expensive models the price makes it excellent value.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Very impressed

I have a few of the Power X Change tools by Ozito so I thought that I would risk the hedge trimmer. The expression never trust a farmer with a chainsaw comes to mind. I attacked my yard with gusto and was surprised that it actually cut through branches that fitted between the shears 7 to 10 mm. I was able to completely trim all of my shrubs and trees on the one charge from the large battery. I fully expected it to manage a third or less of what it did. I would happily buy on for a gift for someone as well. Plus the warranty is excellent too.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Cuts out after 20 seconds

I fully charged this Ozito rubbish and on the first use it's overload protection cut out after 20 seconds before I even touched the hedge. Then had to wait 5 mins for it to cool down before it generously allowed me to use it for another 20 seconds. Not Happy.

Very surprised at its awesome performance

Let me start by defining my experience. Haven't trimmed hedges before the weekend, so its my first time. Not sure what the hedges were but they were mature (10 years) and the branches i cut were up to 7mm thick. And lastly i also have a Stihl HS81T that i used at the same time.

This little electric trimmer, i really didn't have that much of an expectation to be able to cut through much more than the 'tidy up' phase of clipping the fresh growth to keep the shape. Have a hedge that hasn't been shaped for the last 5 years probably so pulled out both my trimmers, petrol and electric. The stihl powered through them, but we know that. The ozito couldn't get through the thickest stuff which i really didn't expect it to, but surprisingly cut through branches about 4 or 5mm thick on this older hedge. Where there was a larger clump of thick branches it didn't perform that well either. But it really surprised me when it got through all of the side growth (had trouble with the top growth on the thick stuff, but i did take off about 1 foot) and the ease at which it did it. If you have well maintained hedges or a young hedge this will do the job no issues. If you keep on top of it, this unit will be all you really need. Also if they are thicker and need a major tidy up i think these would do most of the job and you would be able to get away with a set of hand trimmer (scissor like) for the thicker branches and this would then take over if you keep on top of it.
Very happy with the performance of these and the lightweight.
All ready have some other ozito Power X Change units so have the battery ready to go.

Questions & Answers

What is the cost with Battery and Charger?
1 answer
Comes with, purchased a few years ago, but from memory the whole thing was under $50

How can it be sharpened? Who should I take it to to have it done?
2 answers
Ask in Bunnings, I noticed ozito sell a power tool that does sharpen blades.Hey, Sam, This may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J9lGRE1k_Q There are also quite a few businesses who maintain power tools. Cheers.

Why does the green light flash when I put it on to charge?
1 answer
The charger flashes green to show the power is on. I have had it flash green when I have put the battery incorrectly inserted the battery to charge. The battery wasn't located into the holder on the charger properly.


Ozito PXCHTS-018
CategoryHedge Trimmers
Power SourceBattery
Price (RRP)$89
Blade Length460mm

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