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Phil & Teds Highpod

Phil & Teds Highpod

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Love the Phil & Teds highpod high chairs

We have twins and have used these high chairs from infancy until they turned three-and-a-half. They are adaptable, user-friendly, easy to keep clean, comfortable for the child, and aesthetically attractive. The chairs adapted as the children grew older and have served us well for many, many feeding and leisure times over the past few years.
Adaptable, user-friendly, easy to keep clean, comfortable for the child, and aesthetically attractive
Large footprint, not so good in limited spaces.

Ok but has its flaws

I picked this highchair mainly because of its looks (Bad reason I know!) It is simply stunning with the black and white design and matt silver stand. It is very simple, stylish and elegant which fitted my house perfectly. Unfortunately it's not as practical as it is beautiful.

It has a very very large base meaning you have to have a big space to put it, rather than normal highchairs where the footprint is just the same size as the actual chair bit. This made it tricky to find a space as it sticks out A LOT. It also makes it hard to sit your own chair up close to the high chair, and you end up having to lean in which isn't good for a post-pregnancy back!

The tray is useless once baby is eating finger food. It's so shallow that the gentlest movement from baby pushes food all over the floor. It needs a much larger lip like most of the highchairs out there have. This is definitely the biggest downfall. There is an attachment which increase the size of the tray area but not the depth, so this doesn't help.

The fact that it has no wheels is not a major issue for me as we don't move it a lot, although it would certainly make moving it around a lot easier as it's quite awkward to move due to the large stand, although it is light.

I do like the fact that it has a one-hand recline, is easy to clean, and the insert can be taken out and rinsed down in the sink. It is not very soft though so don't buy it expecting a nice soft padded chair for your baby! It is certainly style over comfort here. I also like that the whole 'pod' reclines so the baby stays in the same position. Rather than just the back reclining and the baby ending up awkwardly slipping down the seat if its reclined.
3 Recline levels and baby stays in the same position i.e. it's not just the back that reclines, the whole 'pod' does, one hand recline, easy to clean
Massive base, useless tray

Gorgeous Design!

I've had this highchair since they were first released in 2010. I chose it based on it's modern design and because it looked easy to clean. I haven't been disappointed! My favourite features are that it has a one handed recline, interchangeable trays (I bought the additional large tray) and removable seat insert.
Modern design, telescopic height adjustable, no wheels mean 4yo can't push baby around in it!
Would be nice if the bar between the legs was attached to the seat rather than the tray.

Wish I had waited...

We bought this chair while I was still pregnant, and wish we had waited till she arrived. The most frustrating thing about this chair is the base - it's so long and wide, it's difficult to pull in close to your chair whilst feeding. But above all, I wish I'd waited because then I would have realized that wheels would have been extremely handy!!! It may be fairly light to handle, but pop a six month old in and it's almost impossible to drag her around - would love to able to pull her into the kitchen while she's happily playing in her chair....
Looks good.
Expensive and very annoying that it does not have wheels - wish I'd thought of that one!


We love it. Very fashionable and easy to keep clean. Would buy it again. IF we had the money would have brought a bloom but this high chair we love as like all the other Phil & Teds things we have brought.
We love the reclining position. Our daughter is 5 moths old. She has good head control, but find it really good to have it reclines when feeding. She sits in it every morning while I am getting the big kids ready for school. Super easy to clean.The tray is easy attached or detached. the harness easily adjusted to be high or low.
If anything I would say it has a wide base so you need a bit of room, Wheels would be good but it is very light so easy to move around. Have to be careful when putting on the tray not to catch little fingers

innovative highchair

We bought this as a replacement for our ikea highchair after having trouble keeping our 8month old baby in it (he would turn around, and waste time biting the sides and be too free to escape the spoon)
First time in it, he sat happily munching on fruit for 30+ mins while I had a cuppa. He was nice and secure during feed time which made it much easier. The slip proof legs make it near impossible for my bub to scoot around pushing it!
easy to clean, funky, secure
tray detaches easily, would be improved with wheels

Questions & Answers

How does the buckle work?I bought second hand and am now wondering if missing a part?2 straps with 2 clips on each and a single attachment at bottom??help!
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Yes you must be missing the piece that clips to the bottom. It’s a detachable padded buckle which The two shoulder straps then buckle into :(


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