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Philips Avent Classic

Philips Avent Classic

SCF169, SCF170, SCF172, SCF174, SCF176 and SCF182
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Baby is soothed with this dummy

No problems with the dummy. Certainly a huge help during teething time as my baby is soothed by the dummy. She goes to sleep with it. Even when chewing the dummy during teething, there haven't been any leaks. No problems keeping the dummy in the mouth. I would highly recommend!

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Hi there, that's a lovely comment. We're very happy to read your little one is soothed by the Avent dummy! If you have any questions or you'd simply like to share something with us, please know we're also available 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter. Have a great day. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Not the Best.

I used these dummy's for the first 6 months. They do the job as long as you hold them in. Bubs found it difficult to keep the dummy in due to the flat teat shape. When she got bigger she managed to put the whole dummy in her mouth, it was stuck and needed me to retrieve it. After this scare I changed to a more traditional dummy and haven't had any issues with keeping the dummy in or it going in her mouth. Disappointed I didn't change brands sooner. I would not recommend these dummy's

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Hey Kait, Thank you for taking the time to write your review and sorry to hear about the issue you experienced. Please know that the safety of you and your child is our main concern and we take this very seriously. We would like to forward this message to the relevant team and we will send you a private message to ask for your contact details. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Functional but need to replace frequently

Functional but needs to be replaced frequently as teat seems to wear near the plastic base. My baby enjoys using them and I like that they are orthodontically designed.

Bubs loves them!

I've been an early childhood educator for many years and have found most of my clients prefer these dummies. Naturally, when I had my own baby I opted for these myself. My son absolutely loves them and refuses to take anything else! A bit on the pricey side but I feel I have piece of mind using orthodontic dummies as they won't cause problems for future teeth. I also use the avent bottles (another client favourite) and they too have been fantastic so far :)

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We're delighted that you like these! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Dummy snapped in half my baby ate it!!

Hi there avent, I would like to let you know my daughters dummy has snapped in half and she has potentially swilled it!! The doctor can't find it because it's see through and are not sure whether to wait for it to perforate her bowel or just randomly go hunting for it. I use all your products from bottles, teats, electric sterilizer and I swear by your products however I'm very traumatised that the hard plastic could be snapped by a baby and now is potentially putting holes throughout my infants intestines and bowels.

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Dear Jessica, We’re sorry to hear what has happened to your daughter. We hope she’s okay and understand that this occurrence may have been upsetting for you and your family. We take any incident claim very seriously as the quality of our products and the safety of families that use them is important to us. Kindly contact us directly at philips.product.review@philips.com so we can further investigate your situation to help understand what has occurred and to see if there is anything we could do.

Highly dangerous

I've used this product for the first 6 months, gotta say no problem. But as soon as my baby became 6months old i bought the one which is recommended for 6-18 months. He was using it as teeter sometimes and playing with it. The biggest problem with this product is especially with the one letting air flow is that it's base is not too big so if a 6 months old baby or olde can easily put the whole dummy it in his mouth and would try to swallow it or obstruct his airway, my son stopped breathing!!!! Now its shape is slightly elliptical , but it can even go fully into a baby's mouth transversely!!!
It's very dangerous! Very dangerous!! Especially you would never want to leave it in your child's mouth while you are not around for a sec , or esp if your child is active and plays with everything!
Do not put your child at risk!!!!
Please consider other products if you find, make sure you consider appropriate design that aren't bad for their teeth and aren't causing obstruction of airways or can't get fully into the mouth!!!
I will put the matter to philips avent company as well!

highly dangerous, babies can put the whole dummy in the mouth even transversely despite eleptical shape of base and will cause a gag...even death!!!!! , expensive

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Dear Rose, We hope that your son is well, we understand that this must have been upsetting for your family. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the families who use our products, which is why all of our soothers are rigorously tested for safety and compliance and all our products meet the Australian Standards. If you could please email us your contact details (philips.product.review@philips.com) we would like to discuss this further with you.

Waste of money !

What a terrible product. $13 for a pair of useless dummies. I bought 4 of them and my son used them for a week only. I though he does not like dummies but when changed to happy baby dummies realized that this product is useless.
3 pieces of Happy baby dummies = $4.75 at coles
I don't recommend avent products at all as I had the same problem with avent bottles which caused reflux for my baby.

useless and unacceptance by babies

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All Philips Avent soothers are orthodontically correct, with a collapsible symmetrical teat that respects the natural development of the baby's palate, teeth and gums.Our soothers are all BPA free with a soft, taste and odor free silicone teat. The product meets all health and safety standards, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference when selecting the soother that is right for your child

I hate them. Beware!

I never write reviews but I felt compelled to come on here and write this. My 4 mth old loves his dummy but it constantly falls out. I wish I never gave it to him. I think this type of dummy is one of the worst for falling out. Now he goes to bed crying all the time as it keeps falling out. I stand by him for about half an hour trying to hold it in while he prepares to doze off. The poor thing takes a long time to fall asleep as he's interrupted with the dummy falling out so frequently. So he goes to bed between cries and relief from the dummy. Pram and car rides are horrible. I now don't take him in the pram if he's due for a sleep as I will constantly have to stop pram to reinsert dummy and sometimes he can't sleep because the dummy won't stay in long enough. Always crying throughout. Although it soothes him, it also works him up by 'teasing' him. If I. Could turn back time I never would have bought this dummy. I have ordered a wabbanub front the US (a toy with dummy attached made specifically because these dummies are so bad at staying in) so I hope it works.

Doesn't stay in, causing mum and nub much distress

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Hi Leah, Thank you for your review and i'm sorry to hear of your experience. All babies are unique and different and that is why we offer a wide range of soother sizes, shapes and colours that are suitable for various stages in your babies development. Our orthodontic teat is symmetrical shaped and respects the natural development of your baby's palette and teeth. Philips AVENT soothers meet all Australian and International safety standards and are available in sizes ranging from 0-18 months. The age brackets on the soothers should be used as a guide only and maybe the next age bracket soother might be better for your child as it has a larger teat and maybe easier for your child to hold onto. Kind Regards

great soothers

Love these orthodontic soothers.
My son will take these strait away.
I tried other models & different brands but he will only have these.
I love how it doesn't cover his nose where as other models do. I love the plastic container they come in, I also love the plastic covers that cover the soother.
Only downside is that ants can crawl into the plastic soother.
This is probably the only Avent product I like & Ive tried lots!
fits my sons mouth well, I like the plastic case & the covers that go over them
only downside is ants can get into the plastic soother bit

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Hi Laalaa14, We are really pleased that you like the Philips AVENT Soothers. The plastic cap on the soother does keep the bulb clean but unfortunately ants can have a tendency to crawl into the soother bulb via the air access point on the guard. You might like to consider storing the soother in a small, plastic container or even a zip lock plastic bag. Alternatively you can store the soothers in a sealed container in the fridge, this will keep them as sterile as possible, however if sterility is not an issue, then a sealed container on the bench is definitely the way to go. Kind regards,

Excellent dummy!

We bought a couple of different dummies when our daughter was ready to try them and the Avent ones are the only dummies she takes. They come in different sizes and I love the fact that they have a clip on cover, which fit all stages dummies. Dummy is not too big or too small for the babies mouth, it's just right and it's orthodontic. They also come in a nice range of colours/themes.
Shape, orthodontic, clip on cover, nice colour range

Great dummies

I started by bub on this one because I got a free one in a show bag! She took to it ok when she was ready and we have been using this brand ever since. They are really durable and even now that she has teeth, to this date still hasn't bitten a hole in one. They can go in the sterilisers (the avent ones anyway) and don't get water on the inside of it when you clean it,

Good dummy

Great pacifier with good shape for babies mouth and cover for dummy that comes with it. Orthodontic approved and easy handle for baby to grasp. Was not to bulbous for babies mouth. easy to clean. Different patterns to choose from and same look as age group increases.


I have been happy with these dummies since Day 1. My son has progressed through the various sizes and has been able to easily replace the dummy himself because it is symmetrical.
My infant son loves them and hence I love them! The big plus is the fact that the nipple is symmetrical, hence, when bubs is old enough and can put it back in themselves there is no "right way up". I also think that the characters on the dummies are cute!
It isn't the cheapest dummy on the market but mine haven't detoriorated at all through use. The recommended replacement time frame is quite short - the dummy still looks like new! There is a temptation to use them for longer than recommended!


Great product and the only dummy my daughter will use, price is reasonable considering that they do last a good amount of time.
These come in fun colours, and I have found because they are a collapsible nipple that they don't go flat. I have only had to replace due to age, not for wear.
Only negative I've found is when you wash these dummies in warm water the water does actually get into the nipple, so you need to make sure you squeeze it all out when rinsing to ensure no water is in the nipple.

Questions & Answers

Hi, our 5 and a half month old baby has been using the 0-6 month air free-flow soothers till now. I tried to find the same soothers for the 6-18 month range but could only see the classic version in most of the places. I noticed that with the classic version for the 6-18 month range, the shape of the base is not symmetrical in that only the top is cut for the nose and the bottom is not. So if my baby takes the dummy out herself and puts it back into her month upside down, the wider bottom part could cover her nose - not sure when she would become smart enough to learn that there is only one way up. I thought there must be a reason to this design so would someone please tell me why? (Models SCF182 and SCF170/22)
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Hi there. Fair point! We've enquired with our Avent team and they told us that the 6 – 18 classic have been out in this original design for over 30 years. The guard is enlarged from the 0-6 mth version to help prevent the baby putting the whole soother in there mouth, but the small cut away section for the nose has been retained, as customer feedback indicates that this soother works very well. In more recent times we have released the free flow soothers, these have extra air flow for babies with more sensitive skin and are also cut away top and bottom so will work better for babies that are manipulating the soother themselves. The classic soothers will not restrict breathing if put in upside down, that is why the air holes are present, but if this is a concern, then the free flow will give additional peace of mind. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Hye.recently i bought avent pacifier for 6-18mo for my second child..is it normal that he will have fishy smelly kind of saliva which d odor is soooo bad? pity my kid.initially we thought he is having some sore throat but nope.d odor resolved after we changed back to his old pacifier..is it only my kid prob or product problem..coz im one of avent user since 5yrs ago n never had trouble with d bottle or teats.thnx-sareena,malaysia
1 answer
That sounds very strange Sareena, our team would like to get in touch with you to see how they can help out. Would you mind sending us a private message here on this website with your contact details so they can reach out to you? Thank you! Kind regards, the Philips Australia team.

My baby is just over 5 months and currently using the 0-6 month dummies. Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that his dummies are leaving a red indent around his mouth especially if he is sucking on it. I'm seeking advice as to whether I could perhaps swap to the 6-18 month dummies a little earlier?
1 answer
Hello, Just to confirm for you, there is no issue with moving up to the 6 - 18 month older age group soother at 5 months. The age is a recommendation only.


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