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Pilates Power Gym

Pilates Power Gym

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Easy to use but small.

I have found this machine easy to understand and use. The included DVD has great tips and exercises to do on the machine. The only hassle is that the machine bed is quite narrow and short. I am only small and just fit on with comfort. I think anyone tall or large would struggle.
It is a sturdy economical machine and with the strength cords that adjust easily, you can tailor the strength level to suit yourself. It is a great addition to my exercise regime.

Great machine

I am loving this machine! I am new to the world of Pilates and with a back injury I have to be very careful as to what I can do. Pilates lessons are very expensive and I wanted something that I can do at home whenever I feel like it. The Pilates Power Gym is set up in my spare room and I use it most days. Sometimes I go through the whole DVD exercise routine, other days I do a ten minute arm or leg routine. The machine is well made, easy to use and as a beginner, I am really starting to feel the benefits of strength training. You can adjust the level of the exercises by taking off/adding the cords and adjusting the incline. There are exercises for arms, legs, abs, bottom, back and neck. It's like having a whole gym at my house!
Easy to use, well priced, adjust to right level
It's not as easy to store as promised.

I love the power gym. It's brilliant. Use it every 2nd day in conjunction with my treadmill. My only complaints are the columns for the bands near the headrest are too close together and the other is only getting one workout DVD. Otherwise brilliant!!Hi. Thanks for reviewing this product. Do you mind telling me how tall you are? I'm 175cm and have read another review from someone my size who said she kept hitting the rad stops on the machine despite the company's claim that it was suitable for people up to 6'2". ThanksI have just received my Pilates Power Gym and straight away noticed how narrow the carriage is. I am a small female and I just fit on the cushioned bed. I think anyone tall or large in size would struggle to workout easily as there is not much room either in length or width.

Luv this as a reformer

This arrived quickly and practically fully set up. I needed to add the foot bar and insert the arm/foot cables. It is so easy to use and the workouts are fun. There are enough chords to provide enough resistance but I would imagine for gym buffs this may not offer enough of a strength training workout.

It does not take up much space when working out on it but the tv ad says it is easy to store and can stand upright. This is not true. I have to leave it lying on the floor. I wish they would improve the product so it stands up and takes up less room when not in use.

It does offer a great workout and I really enjoy using this product. I wish it came with more DVDs and workouts. Also annoyed about the price. On the amazon website, you can find that this product costs much less than what it costs here.
Easy to use and came set up.
Wish it had more DVDs/workouts to go with it and a bit pricey

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Sorry - that should have been "HARD stops"...

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy replacement leg straps with the extension cord for my Pilates power gym in Australia
No answers

I am in Queensland,Australia and would like to purchase the bounce board for my Pilates power gym is this possible and where?Thanks Larraine
2 answers
Am assuming you have the genuine article. Go to the PILATES POWER GYM web site - based in California. They have a full parts and accessories list with prices. I purchased some replacement cables last year for my unit which I purchased in 2006. Had to be careful as there have been model changes and my unit discontinued but parts available. They use US post which can be a problem sometimes. Had a few communication problems but all good in the end.Thankyou will get in touch with them

Where do you get replacement bands from?
2 answers
https://pilatespowergympro.com/outside_us/ Info on replacement parts.Go to the PILATES POWER GYM website. Based in California not far from LA

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