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Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI

Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI

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My last 400 was a better bike than this one. I would not buy another 500ho because of the heavy steering. But I will still buy another polaris. They are still very good and they do update their bikes regularly unlike some other makes. I have owned other brands in the past. I have been buying a new ATV every 4 years since 1982.
This is the third Polaris I have owned. Total Km travel on them 40,000. Very smooth ride, very good ground clearance with bash plates. The front box storage is very useful. Lots of power and very fast bike. Very stable and handles very well. Polaris are the best at a stable and safe ride I believe. Thats the main reason I have had three. Very reliable no problems.
Very heavy on fuel. Nearly too heavy in the steering, mine has optional front nude bar. This is why they have realeased a new sportsman with power steering. You must use low range if going slow, otherwise vari speed will overheat and shorten its life. Work on centrifical action and if motor is not reving enough then there is low pinch on belt and it will slip causing excess heat in unit.

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