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Presto - total waste of time!

Don't waste your time & /or money. Content is years old & other steaming services have better at a lower cost.

No AppleTV or Xbox Support!

How can this service not have an AppleTV or an Xbox app?! That alone is a total deal breaker for me. As Presto is owned and operated by Foxtel I'd expect a lot more for the money. Bring out the apps and lower the price and maybe people will leave other services but until then it's not something I'd use again.

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Hi Nick, Thanks for getting in contact. As Presto is shutting down at the end of January 2017 there are no new apps currently in development for the service. If there's anything else in particular we can help you with, don't hesitate to let us know. Cheers, The Presto Support Team


Presto is the absolute worst streaming provider. If i could give minus 5 stars i would. You watch 1 episode if you are lucky before "player error" or whoops something went wrong....what a load of crap.

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Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto. If there's anything in particular we can assist you with, don't hesitate to get in contact at support@presto.com.au. Cheers, The Presto Support Team

For technology as it is today - presto Is a Neanderthal

No auto play, only 2 devices never starts , technology is crap - way behind Stan and Netflix - program choice is good - -if u could watch them that is - keeps falling over won't let u log in - my biggest peave is no auto play - - in this day and age better quality is expected - will be cancelling ASAP - hung in there hoping for the lightbulb to go on with the presto team and to gain some improvement but it never came - - I'm done

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Hi toni, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto. If there's anything in particular we can help you with we can always be reached at support@presto.com.au. Cheers, The Presto Support Team

Presto Scam!! Half Star

Presto is the biggest legal scam out there. Try to unsubscribe after 1 month free trial and they say I have no membership with them but still take out monthly payment that can't be stopped. They have my bank details but no membership. Reporting Presto to ACCC is my next line of action. What they are doing is fraudulent. NOT HAPPY JAN.!

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Hi Shanksy, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto. If you can message support@presto.com.au and include any previous communications either here or by email we'd be happy to take a look into this matter for you. Cheers, The Presto Support Team

Just Horrible.

Signed up to the free trial and immediately know I won't be continuing subscription. The app for Samung Smart TVs is beyond awful. Search does not work correctly and displays totally unrelated titles. Only shows 3 programs at a time while browsing for something to watch. No "my list", no "recently watched".

To top it all off, the streaming is very poor with frequent pauses. Not even worth $0.

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Hi GCR, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto and sorry to hear you have had some issues. We suggest taking a look at our buffering guide (https://goo.gl/2EaIPC) to help with the pauses. Plugging a keyboard in direct to the TV will also help navigate the Samsung TV app. If there's anything else we can help you with you can reach us at support@presto.com.au. Hope that helps! The Presto Support Team

Greedy and Desperate for your Money

I signed up for a free trial to Presto to compare the content and service to Netflix. Signing up was easy, but that's where the good news stops. The interface is alright, but not as good as that of Netflix. Streaming content constantly buffers so the service is essentially unusable. Unfortunately I forgot to cancel my free trial to Presto, so a few months later I see that they have taken $15 out of my bank account. I get that it was my fault not to cancel my subscription, but it annoys me that Presto didn't send me any email to remind me that my free trial was ending and if I didn't want to be charged I would have to cancel my subscription. I guess they are so desperate and greedy for money they live of people forgetting to cancel their subscription. One thing for sure is that I'll never be returning to your awful service.

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Hi jay, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto. We've appreciate our customers' input and have passed your feedback onto the relevant departments. If you any particular further assistance with anything at all, we're always happy to help at support@presto.com.au. Cheers, The Presto Support Team

User interface is terrible.

I subscribe to all three movie streaming services and Presto is by far the worst. I have resubscribed briefly to watch two shows they have I want to see but I am reminded of why I have cancelled this service previously. I am unsure why these issues persist, it seems common knowledge that almost all users begrudge the fact that Presto is hard to navigate, doesn't offer continuous play and buffers half way through shows. It is slow, entirely un-user friendly and unless it steps up it's game, will never compete with Netflix irregardless of content. I live in hope that this merge with Foxtel play addresses these issues or you can have all the shows in the world, I still won't use your service.

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Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to leave us this review! We really appreciate your feedback and will pass your comments onto the relevant departments. Sorry to hear you've had a less than ideal experience with Presto. If you need any help with a particular error at any time, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly via email, Facebook or Twitter. We're always eager to help! Thanks, Presto Support Team

It is so bad, the frustration of using it almost resulted in divorce.

The interface is horrible. We have a free trial with Foxtel, but I have reset the password several times and entered the password countless times. If I get the password wrong it tells me, but when I get it right it does nothing. Even using the website is a horrible experience.

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Hi Max, Really sorry to hear you've had some trouble viewing Presto content! We're keen to get you up and running! All you have to do is email support@presto.com.au and let us know which device you're using. We'll go from there to have you viewing ASAP! Thanks for reaching out, Presto Support Team

Avoid avoid avoid. Greedy and dishonest people.

I know I direct debit will be charged.
Therefore, I cancelled it on the day my subscription expired but the money was already charged from my credit card. I sent them an email on the same day but they refused to give me refund.
If they are a company with good customer service, they should have given me back $15. However, they were waiting 2 days before replying to my email.
Such greedy and dishonest people. There is not even a phone number for me to call.

I'm done with you, PRESTO. I have a promotion code but I won't use it because you are the worst company.

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Hi Liam, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto. If you can private message us here with your account email address we'd be more than happy to take another look at your case and our previous interactions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Like renting a scratched DVD over and over again

Presto has great content but terrible user interface. It would be very rare to make it through a whole program without the streaming freezing or completely dropping out, regardless of what device I used. Often I had to log out and restart my device 15+ times in one sitting. It was so frustrating - it was like renting a DVD, driving all the way home, putting it on only to find halfway through it was scratched... then driving back to the store to get another one... only to find that was scratched too!! Fifty shades of terrible. Stick to Netflix or Stan.

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Hi Whitesox, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto. Can we confirm you've taken a look at our buffering guide ()? This guide will ensure all your devices and network are set up optimally to stream Presto. If you are able to follow this guide and find you're still having difficulties afterwards, let us know and we'll help you from there! Cheers, The Presto Support Team


Don't waste your money people. Presto have removed a show I was half way through watching. It's sad that channel 7 and foxtel make it so obvious that they've invested **** all into Presto. They've just created something extremely basic in order make money. Don't even get me started on the functionality...

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Hi Tim, Thanks for taking the time to review Presto and sorry to hear you've had some issues. If you can message support@presto.com.au with the series you were trying to watch we can confirm whether it did indeed expire (it may just be experiencing issues on your device) and if it has expired, whether we'll be getting it back. Hope that helps, The Presto Support Team


Just can't watch anything with out having to re start it all the time. Netflix and Stan work 100% on same device iPad Air but this presto really need work. It's not worth anything if it's not working.

That's no good to hear, Mark! Are you able to send through an email to support@presto.com.au and let us know the error message you're receiving? We're really keen to investigate this issue for you! Thanks in advance, Presto Support TeamAll i want to know is how to cancel it ? Thanks ps im sorry about this poor review and this is the only time i have ever reviewed anything on line in my life.. but this is so poor when compared to other products with the same features that i just had too .. i will look again in a year and see then


Tried to join presto on their 1 month free trial but everytime I attempt to login error AS4044 appears telling me I have no account yet if I attampt to register again it reads account already exists. Total waste of time. No surprise the business failed...

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Hey there! We're keen to help you out here so you're still able to enjoy your free Presto trial! Please ensure you are singing in on a PC or laptop in order to complete your account set up and if you continue to have trouble just email support@presto.com.au with your account email. We'll sort it out for you! Cheers, Presto Support Team

Stole my money.

Stole my money, horrible customer service. Wouldn't give a refund. Avoid these crooks. Oh and the log in process on smart TVs is horrible.

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Hi there Fergo! We're very sorry to hear that you've had a less than ideal experience with Presto. We've passed your comments onto the rest of the team and appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. If you ever change your mind about leaving Presto or would like any further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch via support@presto.com.au. We're eager to help! Thanks, Presto Support Team

Terrible. Just a waste of effort and money.

Used Presto for the first time tonight. The site or its servers just keep crashing. I can't load ANY content. I watched two episodes of a series I was interested in following but after that there was an endless "Loading Symbol" on the screen and the image quality itself was poor. To make it worse, you have to shut everything down and log back in again to access the menu. But literally nothing that I chose would play. Words cannot convey my loathing for anyone who had anything to do with this fiasco of a "product".

Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to write this review. It's no good to hear you've had some trouble with Presto content! We're keen to help you enjoy your Presto experience so would love for you to contact us directly via email (support@presto.com.au) or Facebook/Twitter and let us know which device you're using. We'll go from there! Thanks, Presto Support TeamPresto, I just logged back in today, managed to watch three more episodes of The Walking Dead and now the site refuses to load. Again. I have modern Sony UHD televisions and a modern router with excellent transfer speeds from my ISP. This is NOT an issue about the devices used by the consumer (me) but the servers on your end. For the last few HOURS I've had a black screen with a Loading Icon from Presto in the middle of it. [EDIT] - i just turned my television back on 4 hours later and NOTHING will play. Seriously Presto: What the heck? I wish I could upload images to show you what 'acute disappointment' looks like.

So many UI issues

If it's not the app - it's the website. Always crashes, can't remember the last place. In terms of Stan or Netflix - this one just can't keep up in terms of user experience. I won't be using after trial. Shame because the content is good.

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Hey Joe! So sorry to hear this. Our website shouldn't be crashing, nor should our app. Please email us at support@presto.com.au with your affected device, your issue and whether you're using any surround sound or any other bluetooth devices with your Presto app (particularly SONOS speakers) and we'll resolve your issue in no time! - JS @ Presto Support

No new movies

Presto is a waste of money, same movies for the last 2 months with maybe one of 2 crap movies added. Better selection of movies on free to air tv. At a friends house looking at their Netflix and so much better. Time for a change I be thinking.

Hey there! We're merging with Foxtel Play on January 31st 2017. As a result, new content acquisition will be minimal for our last few months of independent operating. On the positive side, when Foxtel Play launches on January 31st, it will have one of the biggest and best content libraries out of all Australian streaming services! :) If you have any other questions, feel free to email them through to support@presto.com.au - JS @ Presto SupportSo do I get a discount for the next 2 months and how much is the new system going to cost?

Same cost as Netflix and Stan but not worth 1 cent

Consistent pauses [dial-up flashbacks] and can not keep track of what you watch...stops mid episode and then resumes from episode 1 of a season regardless of what episode you were watching. Very disappointed.

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Hey Shelly :) This shouldn't be the case. Could you please email your issue, affected device and download speeds (which you can test at www.speedtest.net)? You can email us at support@presto.com.au - we can then troubleshoot your issue using this information. We understand you may have sufficient internet speeds, but we still need this information to proceed with troubleshooting. Looking forward to your email! - JS @ Presto Support!

Don't bother

We've been trialling the different streaming services over the past year or so. We tried Stan first as we got a free subscription, and were very pleasantly surprised. The interface worked well, the streaming worked well (we are not on NBN)... everything just worked. We next tried Presto, and its just terrible. The user interface overall is vastly inferior to the competition, and when you hit "play next episode" it will play the last episode from the point you finished - EVEN IF THAT IS LITERALLY 1-2 SECONDs! And then you can't escape the video interface to choose the next episode. That feature just does not work. It logs me out constantly for no reason, it is difficult to find content because the sorting is strange, and it is a pain to navigate to the previously viewed content to pick up where you left off. We've also encountered the mysterious buffering issue on and off.

Also - this may be a matter of preference - but the movie and tv selections on there are just not interesting to me. My family only found one show of consistent interest and quality - Mr Robot.

Its just a very poor service and you can tell foxtel have done a half-@r5ed job at it because they want to keep their monopoly on the payTV market. Current subscribers beware - they are about to move to a new pricing model which is significantly more expensive than the current rates (and Presto is already more expensive than the competitors).

Honestly, this is not worth even bothering with a free trial subscription.

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Hey Anon-ymous! So sorry to hear you've encountered these issues. Could you please email support@presto.com.au with your issues, affected device/s and your email address. We'll refresh your account and provide you with some troubleshooting steps so you can resolve these problems! Thanks for your patience and understanding :)

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Want to change devices but an error message keeps coming up. Been trying since yesterday afternoon. Whats going on?
1 answer
Hi Tracy, Thanks for getting in contact, we're keen to help you out. If you can either message send your account email address to support@presto.com.au or to us via private message here on Product Review, we'll be happy to take a look into this matter for you and help you out. Cheers, The Presto Support Team

I am asking you to please cancel my subscription AGAIN!! I unsubscribed in September,,, however I've just realised after checking my visa statements that you are continuing to charge me.. also $15.99 at that, which I never ever agreed to????? I have sent you my email addresses explaining the problem on your Presto "contact" page .... I'm not happy. Why did you not cancel my subscription when I asked you and continued to bill me double the amount I originally agreed to. Please explain????
2 answers
Contact customer service and forward them the emails where you requested to unsubscribe. I will never get my money back but you might. They told me if I had made the request before the auto renewal they would have given me a refund.Hi Judy, Thanks for taking the time to contact Presto on Product Review. If you've sent an email to support@presto.com.au about your issue we should get back to you shortly and be able to help you out. Alternatively, send us a private message here on Product Review with your account email address and we'll be happy to look into things this way for you. We look forward to getting this resolved soon. Cheers, The Presto Support Team

Can Presto work on a Samsung smart tv?
2 answers
Im unsure as i use a chromecast to stream to my tv from my phoneHi Amkeker, we're happy to clarify this for you! Presto is currently compatible with a 2012 to 2014 models on Samsung Smart TV. To confirm whether your TV is a compatible device, feel free to provide us with the model number of your TV. This can be found on the rear of the device and will look similar in format to this – ‘UA32H5500AW’. Feel free to also check out the rage of compatible devices on our Devices Page > presto.com.au/devices. We have a range of streaming devices available listed on our Devices Page for customers to stream Presto from. Hope this helps!

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