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Bayer Profender

Bayer Profender

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No good.


I gave this to my 6 month old and he completely lost his appetite and energy. Its been 24 hrs and he still wont eat without help. He went from running around and constantly yelling especially around meal times to sleeping all day and barely making a peep. I never thought id miss hearing his yelling so much. Profender is poison im just glad his reaction hasnt been as severe as other cats. I got this from the vet and I thought I could trust it but apparently they dont care.

Purchased in October 2019.


MJPSouth East Queensland, QLD

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No issue to date


I use this in conjunction with Advocate as not all products treat every single parasite. Advocate doesn't treat tapeworm, but Profender does. Haven't had any issues with Profender in the few years I've been using it on six cats. Every animal is different though.

Purchased in September 2019 at Pet Circle for $20.00.

Emergency vet trip 2 hours after use


2 hours after careful application to our cat she began drooling and could not stand up properly, she had violent tremors and deteriorated rapidly. Rushed to the vets and they placed her in an oxygen tank and straight on IV fluids. Avoid this poison if you can.

Purchased in August 2019 for $7.99.

My beautiful cat unwell after using Profender


I gave my 9 year old female house cat Profender prescribed by my vet because she had fleas and could have worms. She hasn't been the same since and it's nearly two weeks now. She's lethargic and looks depressed. She seems uncomfortable. I've taken back to the vet twice. The first time she had a very high temperature, over 40 degrees. The vet treated her with antibiotics and anti inflammatory. Also lactulose as she seems constipated although she's hardly eating anything. She's always been a lovable affectionate cat but now seems distant and disinterested. I'm really worried about her after reading the stories on this site.

Purchased in August 2019.

10 year old cats are having reactions.


The female has a large bald spot on the back of her neck where the medicine was applied. The male is lethargic and in some pain but this could be a result of the vaccines as well. The large dose Profender was applied by the vet three days ago. I do believe in routine de-worming but I am concerned. I feel the vet should have warned me of the possible side effects.

Purchased in July 2019 for $38.45.

My cat had a horrible reaction


Right after applying this to my cats neck (between shoulder blades) she started running around acting crazy. I thought it was just because I had put medicine on her neck. Shortly after, she was drooling and gagging and constantly licking like something was in her mouth. She was acting aggressive toward our other cat and started looking like she felt really bad. After having it on about 15 minutes she was just getting worse so I put her in the bath tub and washed it off. Luckily she seems to be back to normal after bathing her. The vet recently used this on my other cat and he did fine but I definitely won’t be using this again.

Purchased in July 2019 for $23.00.

Horrible experience


Vet suggested a preventative deworming. It’s 3 AM and my two playful cats are now very sick. All balled up, not moving. Unresponsive. Been trying to wash this stuff off using dawn for dishes. Will contact different vet in AM to see what needs to be done to reverse the effects. Do not use! This stuff is pure poison.

Purchased in June 2019.

First time user.


Like many others I read the reviews after I had used it. Glad I did or I may not have bought it. After years of torture to the cat and myself trying to force tablets down his firmly clenched jaws ... We will suffer no more. He was fine with application, was happy ( as happy as old cats can be) after and apart from a restless belly, 24 hrs on, he is his normal whiny, self centered, slightly crazy, ignorant self. Definitely recommend to those who have awkward cats.

Purchased in June 2019.

Do not give to cat.


Within 12 hours of first administering to our younger cat, he started having severe seizures, completely unresponsive, appears near death, we put it right between shoulder blades so he couldn't have ingested it. Obviously having a reaction to it because he has not taken any other meds and no other lifestyle changes.

Purchased in June 2019.

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He has died, approx 14 hrs from first admin it to him. We are shocked and saddened. Awaiting a call back from his vet.

Do not use


I bought this treatment from my vet and applied it to the back of my cats neck. He ran off terrified and all his fur on the back of his neck has fallen out. He looks terrible. I washed it off. I feel bad for using this. Never again.

Purchased in April 2019.

Dreadful product! I will NEVER use it again!


Purchased in October 2018 for $10.00.

Instant violent reaction after Profender


Purchased in May 2019 at Direct Vet Supplies for $19.99.

Profender for cats


Purchased in May 2019 for $12.00.

Hate it


Gave this to my cat today was from the vets was weighed for her so was ment to be right. Four hours later I'm at the vets cause she can't stand or walk properly without having to flop down on the ground she was then having really bad tremmers in both of back legs and could hardly walk. Then was sick 3 times in the carrier. And now has had to have her stomach pumped and on a drip and they still don't know if she is going to make a full recovery cause she still can't walk and having tremmers. She was poisoned/overdosed by the wormer even though she was weighed and given the right weight for her weight.

Purchased in February 2019 for $16.00.

I’m very concerned


My vet administered Profender to my 9 week old kitten. Shortly after we got home Oliver began to vomit. He threw up one live worm. Then the diarrhea started....and the vomiting continued. He drank a lot of water but refused to eat. Every time he drank, up it came. The next morning he appeared to be much better so I didn’t contact the vet. However he has never returned to “normal.” He’s 11 weeks old and he acts like he’s 11 YEARS old. He doesn’t play, he didn’t regain the weight he lost while he was sick, he’s not an active kitten anymore. I’m devastated. He’s seeing the vet tomorrow and I hope they can give me an answer as to what went wrong. Please don’t let your vet dose your cat or kitten with Profender. It’s nothing but poison!

So far, so good. Bought direct from a Vet.


Purchased in February 2019 at Veterinary clinic for $21.00.

Two weeks and tons of squirming tape worm segments still in stool


I applied the medication to the back of my cats neck just as the vet instructed but it didn't kill any worms, and in the two weeks since application there seems to be more squirming tapeworm segments in his stool, which contain the eggs that he licks up again.

Purchased in January 2019 at Barclay Hills Animal Clinic for $25.00.

Never again !


This product was suggested to us for all of our cats. We will never administer again. After a few minutes our one cat licked the other (before we could get to him) and began running back and forth foaming at the mouth .. We cleaned him up and gave fluids. He seems fine now but will watch very closely and be calling the vets in the morning to let them know. This was a very scary situation to witness.


MichelleNew castle

My cat passed


I gave this to my cats 1 is ok the other one passed away within 30 hours i am heart broken wish i never use this



Cat Foaming at the mouth


Do not buy this product. Within minutes of application, my cat started foaming. Like others, I wished I'd read the reviews and side effects first. A little foam would have been bad enough but this was freaky scary. Gave my cat a bath right away (minutes ago). He seems calm right now but I'm still watching him closely.

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Can you use this if a cat has a wound from being scratched?

3 answers

Do not put this product near a wound! It caused both of my cats to lose the fur on their upper backs where the Profender was applied. The large pink spot on the female cat does not look healthy and I am considering taking her back to the vet in case of infection.


Thanks Kelle

john west
john west

dont use it at all there are other ways to de worm cats and dogs without making them sick

A A.

A A.asked

Does anyone know if Profender has after effects?

My mother treated our kittens with this a few months back just as a preventative measure.
I didn't want her to use it at all after I read the reviews. But she thought it was fine. They never had any adverse reaction at the time, but one of our cats keeps getting mysterious, reoccurring infections. She first had a sore on her ear which went after a course of anti biotics, and various trips to the vet.

This was a about a month ago and now she has the same thing again but much worse, on her ear, the back of her neck and her paw and face was swollen. The vet keeps giving topical treatments, steroid injections and is only now referring her to a skin specialist.

They can't figure out what it could be other than a possible allergy but I thought it was worth considering the drug could actually be the cause? The dermatologist could cost thousands once this is over, they are insured but a lot of things haven't been covered in the insurance.

She doesn't go out and is very well looked after so this has been very strange – Has anyone else noticed anything like this, months after using Profender?
-Thank you so much in advance

No answers

Sandy B

Sandy Basked

Two kittens were literally dumped at my front door about two months ago...too young to be taken from their mother. I've fed them extra good food, & a milk substitute for cats. One has always been a little scrawny & underweight, but has eaten well & had a high energy level. Lately she's not been as active, & is not eating as well, & I've suspected (or worried) that perhaps she was wormy, although I haven't seen any worms...but am seeing that membrane in her eyes now. I went by the clinic about a week ago and got their work medicine, which was Profender, but have yet to administer it because I'm not sure that she weighs two pounds. With her obviously not feeling up to par, I had decided to administer it a few minutes ago, reluctantly, but decided to first see what reviews I could find on it. Now I'm afraid to put it on her, but don't want to let her go untreated. Is there another product that is safe & effective, that anyone knows of? I'm concerned. Thanks in advance!

3 answers

I would use Drontal, it is just as effective, cheaper and I don't now anyone who has had reactions like with Profender. If you search around the net there is official information from Bayer that Profender shouldn't be used on sick cats, I don't know why this isn't included in the information leaflet in the box... it would have saved me a lot of heartache.


I would give her an oral worming tablet of some sort. When they are kittens the pills are easier to administer.


Please don't give this to them. Trust me.

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